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    Retiring my account, fixed download links

    My first post was 5 years ago!!!

    Even though I stopped being active for some time now I still see so much activity on this account!

    The Sims just doesn’t do it for me anymore and I’ve been so busy with school. I may be back if and whenever Sims 5 comes out. Looking back, not only has my CC making skills gotten much better, so has my photoshopping! Theme Series is my favorite thing that I’ve done while I was here.

    I’ve had so many meaningful interactions here and this community is so supportive, so thank you to everyone who’s been interested in my work (seriously 13k followers that’s unbelievable!)

    I uploaded all my CC onto one folder (broken links will remain broken on the individual CC link so look in the collective cc folder)

    I moved on to virtual photography so if you’d like to follow me you can find me as @bibpanana on twitter.


    Before and After

    It’s easier to spot the differences if you click the image and use arrow keys.

    This theme was portrait and I think it’s really pretty though boring. But simplicity is sometimes nice like in this case.

    Compared to my previous edits this one took only two or so hours to make. Usually my edits take a couple days. From finding all the right CC, making the poses and setting up the scene which is a lot of work but the end result is always worth it.

    The amazing 70s hair is Lenny by @simstrouble.

    Before and After

    It’s easier to spot the differences if you click the image and use arrow keys.

    I went to an art museum recently and this one painting had a satyr doing stuff I honestly don’t remember. Ever since then I’ve been inspired to make a Theme Series post featuring one.

    I really wanted to show his face because he’s just so pretty but I also wanted to show the knife and ultimately the latter told a better story.

    For my next one I plan to buy Island Living and make a couple based off that, maybe one where a guy is stranded on a boat and of course something with mermaids :)

    The Girl Known as Daisy

    “Picking flowers were Daisy’s favorite past time. As she picked more and more, she found herself going deeper into the woods. Mother warned her not to go past the thickets but of course she ignored her warning, “but all the prettier flowers are out there!” Daisy said.

    She squealed, pointed out a daisy and gleefully hops towards it.

    A bush rustled behind her and a peculiar man popped up from behind the tree- a half naked hairy man with the legs and horns of a goat. Despite his hideous features, his face was warm and inviting. He held up his hands and with it a set of elderberries, so plump and juicy it stained his fingers.

    She put her hands up and tried to grab it, missed. Inching closer, she held out her hands once again, and missed again. The third time she reached towards the berries and...

    I plan to make a lot more Theme Series posts because I really enjoy making these. It’s gonna take me a bit to relearn how to use stuff like photoshop and blender for poses but I’ll manage :)

    First up I made this gorgeous satyr, inspired by this video showcasing video game graphics.

    The scene may be similar to the Woodland Traveler. I get a lot of my inspiration from art from Gwent (which I’ve been playing a lot of these days) in terms of composition and theme.

    hey guys i’m not dead :)

    I didn’t realize that it’s been 1 and a half years since my last post- I just had no interest in playing the Sims and on top of that I’ve out of school trying to get into one for the past year.

    But now I’m starting my 2nd semester of nursing school! With my current schedule I might have some more free time and I feel like playing again.

    I saw all your messages and I wanna thank you for all the kind words and I’m gonna fix all those broken links soon :)

    I haven’t played since they released Get Famous so I have a question for you guys-

  • If you could pick one, which pack would you get? Discover University, Island Living, or Get Famous?
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    Darlene and Sammy’s first day of school officially begins. 

    Darlenes crush looks at her direction and her friends are convinced his charming smile was meant for Darlene. She of course denies the possibility but turns as red as a strawberry.

    Sammy takes in his surroundings as this is his first day in a new school. Completely overwhelmed at the sight of all the social circles, he makes a beeline for the door as he feels “these are the longest 15 minutes of my life.”

    Christmas Shopping: First Love

    part 2 here

    Barry took the kids out shopping. This time, he wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation and let them pick out their gift. However, he’s surprising his husband with a very special gift.

    Darlene opted to go with his dad butSammy went ahead and browsed through the enormous selection of toys. His eyes immediately focused on this one section: voidcritters. It was at this moment that he would catch em’ all™.