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2022-06-24 12:07:38

    Scott and Pearl’s breakup: absolutely appalling, heart wrenching, tragic. Must be rectified immediately.

    Cleo and Martyn’s breakup: delicious, drama filled, beautiful. Spite jumping for damage. Passive aggressive comments while at Bdubs for dinner. Martyn got the donkey in the divorce. Wishing desperately to destroy the other, we lose, but you’re going down with me, hand in unlovable hand.

    The beginning of Double Life was so fun, I had to do fan art. It’s loosely based on the Imagine Me & You poster.

    I tried to do a simpler colouring style, because my normal colouring takes AGES, (although this still took a pretty long time) I’m interested to know what people think of that.

    I also really like this crop even tho it misses out half of my work...

    [ID: three images. All contain loosely rendered hands on a grey background. Image 1: Etho and Joel. Both hands are drawn facing away from the viewer, Joel’s hand has his fingers slightly splayed. Both have a yellow string in tied in a clove hitch knot. Text reads: Etho and Joel: Clove hitch knot. A boating knot that is quick and easily formed, but easily comes apart. — Image 2: Impulse and Bdubs. Their hands are drawn as if about to shake hands. Both have a green string tied in a true lovers knot. Text reads “impulse and bdubs: true lovers knot. Mostly decorative, still stable. Yknow, cause they really go for the whole ‘soulmates’ thing. There are three different knots with this name, it’s not relevant, just neat!”— image 3: Tango and Jimmy- both are drawn as if reaching out for something, both have a yellow string tied in a double constrictor knot. Text reads “Tango & Jimmy: double constrictor knot. Used in sutures. Incredibly strong and stable, to the point where it can damage and disfigure what it’s tied to. Nearly impossible to undo without cutting it. End ID]

    Ideas about design, knot tying and “soulmate” relationships :]

    here’s the original post for context , and the previous post!