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    BOY FARM JOURNAL: Keeping a boy in place

    “Sometimes while riding a boy it is necessary to pull his hair to keep your balance and give him the complete, full benefit of your cock in his tight ass. As you thrust forward into him in a wild bucking bronco style his cute pink boy pussy, still tight but now moist, warm and wet, will bounce back happily to greet you appropriately in rhythm. It’s almost isometric. While in the saddle your thighs and your abs will get a good workout. Pulling the boy’s hair will also take the whimpering and moaning youth’s mind off of the large intrusion in his anal cavity and thus distribute his concern or discomfort evenly between his invaded pussy and his scalp. The boy is your fuck toy and don’t you forget it. He will thank you when it’s over.” Big Mike McCoy, The Boy Farm



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