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I Edit NSFW things for Mugen and other things (Edit not Make)

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2020-09-02 18:47:31

    Ive always pondered, on how you even made these Futa Mugen characters, like (how they work with different people and stuff). I just want to create a character or my self. Dont worry this isnt a spam account. ( just and idiot) I am just a stupid person who doesnt have any kind of money to afford things to make any kind of Mugen character, ( or futa Mugen characters Aggressors/Victims and such). I just want to make some for my own.

    I Think you confuse me whit “Futacharsmaker” i only make victims

    victims are not so hard to made since they dont need a specific code

    you only need a photo editor like potoshop/aesprite fighter factory

    you can download just a victim from hentaicharsmugen and copy the Group of sprite code of that char

    all victims have the same code for be compatible whit a certain agressor

    code an agressor is more dificult you need know have sfw mugen knowledge for that 


    For those who are still using tumblr i make you guys know that theres a site similar to tumblr that allows porn so i will be active not only in twitter but also in the site called newtumbl

    i still dont know how anons can make me questions in the new site so meanwhile you guys can still use my tumblr for send questions ( is the best option since allows everyone whitout a account send a question or even requests)

    Send questions requests here 1:https://masterfaps.tumblr.com/ask ( YOU DONT NEED A ACCOUNT)

    Send questions requests here 2: https://curiouscat.me/Fapmaster19 ( You need a twitter account)

    LINK of the newtumbl:https://fapmaster19.newtumbl.com/


    I'm having trouble getting the ahegao state of your characters to trigger with TOBF, are there any easy ways to edit your characters to always have the state active? if not can i at least get a hint or 2? Please and thank you!

    tobf needs to cum 5 times or more in the submissive char,

    also for edit that state the agressor needs be modified for that,

    im sorry but i dont know how to change that state for be active instantly 

    a little trick i know is single vs simul ( you can use watch and CTRL + 1 for control the cpu by yourself) tobf vs 2 same submissive chars thats the only easy way i know for trigger ahegao quickly as possible


    Excuse me? Could I maybe have the links for that Tepig and Mienshao you showed earlier?

    gonna say it again, they where edits they ask me i dont remember who have them and i never upload them in mediafire i have still the sprites but sadly i need repair pc for get them back sorry


    Will herm/male Renamon have a BJ/Self-animation (I call that when X characters encounters itself, also, i recall one that, if put affectteam = B, the dash clones could be targeted by it, and well, they either didn't leave, or create another "copy" of the Original fighter, any idea what causes that?

    Im not working in a Male Renamon Agressor, they where just concepts and comissions they asked me to make...


    Have you ever considered doing mugen animations or characters as commissions?

    I did comissions time ago for free ( they asked and i was, im not gay but, k sure i make that for you lol)


    This is not my nsfw version, someone just ask me to nude her in all her victim states or make her look “sexy”


    Also the Tiny Toons video was Requested it was not my idea

    “Hey Can you make this and this? but at the begining make everyone think is just a normal gameplay?”

    SURE im free so i can do it


    The reason i didnt charge anything is because i cant promise things to give to their respective time Because

    1._ I have 20, so i still study and live whit parents ( also i need a fucking job quickly) so i cant be in computer the whole day

    2._ homeworks, workouts,others irl things etc

    3._ some personal problems whit brother 

    5._ AND MOST IMPORTANT i cant charge money for sprites that arent mine

    Theres the reason i open a DONATIONS option in my twitter


    sometimes i can accept make custom animations but i cant promise give them each day because the five reasons given above

    All the agressors compatibles whit my victims edits ( Chars whit a “★” means that they have a exclusive Pose that others agressors doesnt have)

    [ Brian-jmax ( ★ full nelson)



    DongHwan ( ★ cowgirl)




    Tobf  ( tower of bloody fighting) ( ★ threesome in ahegao states)


    https://mega.nz/#F!49cHmTwL!Nqg69P8iUHT1DUgvDitDvw!1wtGwD5T ]

    [ remember see the upload date for get the most updated version ]

    NO DOGhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/p5q9ivfyctr0xss/towerofbloodyfight.rar/file

    [ A Version whitout voices ( except roxy she still moan)  and whitout kuromaru ball the camera guide is replaced whit kuromi in the sky whit a arrow ( my personal version i use in my videos)

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/yoe6eahbl9pgbig/towerofbloodyfightmute.rar/file ]

    A Version whitout voices ( except roxy she still moan)


    [ AUTHOR SITEShttps://twitter.com/gettag2 https://www.patreon.com/gettag ]

    [Kuromaru ( any version is ok but this is the best kuromaru in my opinion) 


    https://hentaicharmugen.com/chars/126/kuromarulite ]

    this version is the best for the suspended congress pose 


    Minotaur  ¨( ★ most of he positions are unique)




    ( Minotaur EASY CUT is the same Minotaur everyone knows but this version allows you perfom the fuck moves whitout doing combos or any complicated commands of moves.... also minotaur easy cuts is compatible whit himself when you grab him  transform in a minotaur monster girl)

    Birdie ( ★ FaceFuck/front blowjob)



    MURAKAMI MOB ( ★threesomes and alot of positions)








    any futa variant



    https://hentaicharmugen.com/chars/216/futacr-r-mika ( ★ cowgirl)



    [author site  https://twitter.com/CiroRawse ]


    Do you have a list for your aggressors? Can't find most of your characters on the Char Mugen site.

    (They arent my agressors) i forget make a list of where people can get the compatible agressors for my victim edits, also i still not upload any char in hcm because time and problems but before leave just a reminder that all my edits full and wips are here http://www.mediafire.com/folder/pcxhhwyyc9cf6/WIP_VICTIMS https://twitter.com/Fapmaster19/status/1168590813879816192?s=19 COMPATIBILITY LIST https://twitter.com/Fapmaster19/status/1169694916466937856?s=19


    Your +18 edits are great, so, is it possible to see one character of Kazecat?

    Remember this? https://masterfaps.tumblr.com/post/185131061381/your-planning-to-do-one-of-kazekats-character well on twitter kazecat says no and im no body for stop him lol


    Ever thought about a male renamon or a shemale/futa ?

    pokemon digimon -/=\- Futa ( atleast they have tits or they are 100% female chance)

    if you mean a victim No

    but agressor yes

    i even make concepts time ago for male and female 




    female again


    the idea of this is something like a deceit


    the idea is simple ( saying this because maybe i will not be able to finish it in time MAYBE) theres two options renamon teleport behind victim and rika digievolve renamon to  taomonTaomon use her cards for tie victim

    now option A rika leaves and taomon rape

    B the same for taomon but rika had a camera

    second options in case taomon doesnt rape Taomon make  this  behind rika


    rika expresion   leaving her have fun   ( this apply for female and male)


    other version is the same but kyubimon for just give feral content

    i dont know about coding so in case someone really makes an renamon agressor male or female maybe i could make the animations before rape

    since is boring see agressor only grabs and fuck emotionless ( this can happend if the author onlys know about renamon and digimon cuz porn and internet and not anime manga or videogames)

    New rules

    Since i gonna give each char more than 32 victim position and more of 7 agressor compatibility lets gonna put a nerf to the TEAMS

    as you know teams where made for focus work on those chars from their respective teams, but this also make i dont focus in the other chars because im being busy whit one of the char from a team

    so i gonna put a way for balance the team and the random chars edits

    remember this thing?

    look the date 

    all the work i made was only focused on renamon lucario and krystal but i reach a point for only focus on renamon anthro and there was the problem, everyone is waiting their turn for get their own edit at this point they never will get it

    this is my solution

    every monday a team will be choosen randomly for be edited until wednesday

    the rest of the days each char will be edited each day (keep in mind that there will be days when I will not be able to edit my apologies because real life things)

    a little reminder that every char done will be uploaded to the WIP victims folders


    and of course i will let you know wich poses  they have available

    thanks for you time


    Is there a guide on how to add characters?

    https://youtu.be/oSdlh9VPobU talking seriously sometimes authors are lazy and put a different name of the folders from the def file if you copy the name of the char folder in select notepad ( data folder) and the char doesnt appear in selection open the char folder and copy the .def name and change the folder name whit the def name and put that name in the select notepad that is again on data folder


    Thanks. Also. You had an interesting animation of Vulpix and Braixen in a style similar to other Pokémon Mugen characters. With what seems to be some unique poses. They looked quite nice, so I’m just wondering, do you plan to make and release them as 18+ Characters, too? Or was that just for fun?

    Vulpix yes afterall would be a shame just threw the sprites like that ( yes they will be used on that vulpix recolor char). and braixen well there isnt a char of braixen ( asagao doesnt count,) so no idea, is a maybe, BUUUUT i feel someone going to make a braixen soon I DONT KNOW NOTHING but Maybe someone is doing her Maybe~

    about "for fun" more like for test No mugen Animations, and my rusty sony vegas skills that i didnr use them since i was a kid doing "loquendos" and some mk vs sf endings to random characters

    in mugen