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    Mistresses are stronger than we are


    Some women have got a strange power on men.


    When they say: “Don’t tell me you’re not ready, my boy!”. 


    We don’t laugh……but just obey to them


    They bring us just where they want.


    As hard is their fantasy’s world, we like to deserve them.


    And sometimes they accept to give some strong pleasures than no other women do.


    …or even very strong and very hard pleasures. Everything depends to her.


    And I can say they are stronger than men…


    …and I know why, and you?

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    She Loves to Tease Your Locked Cock


    “It’s not too tight, is it cucky?” she asks while clicking the lock in place.

    “No, it feels good,” you answer.

    She stands and grabs your ass, pulling you tight against her body. She kisses your neck and cheek, moving towards your mouth. She presses her lips against yours and her tongue gently dances with yours.

    You feel a surge of desire and your cock tries to fill with blood. You groan into her mouth. You feel unexpected pain.

    “How does it feel now? Is it a little too tight?” she asks with a devilish smile.


    The first night you wake up just once with pain between your legs. Your cock is desperately trying to get hard, but the chastity device ensures it can’t.

    She rolls over and presses her naked body against you. “Does it hurt?” she asks while her hands move between your legs.

    “Yes,” you say.

    She kisses your chest and caresses your balls. She runs her fingers over the device holding your cock, teasing you. The pain grows. You desperately want to get hard but you know it’s impossible.


    The next day you’re watching TV when she tells you to strip. “I want to see my cock,” she says.

    You stand and strip off your clothes, showing her your caged dick. She smiles as it comes into view. Your willingness to wear a chastity device for her makes your wife so happy.

    “It looks so cute,” she says while giggling.

    No man wants to hear his cock referred to as cute. The humiliation of it turns you on though. Again your dick tries to get hard. Again it fails. Again you feel the pain of chastity.

    “I love that you’re doing this for me, cucky,” she says, using the pet name she’s grown so fond of calling you. “I love that you’ve given me control over your cock and I love that you’re sacrificing orgasms for me. It makes me so wet.”

    She stands and pushes a hand into the waistband of her panties. You watch as she slips a finger into her pussy and pulls it out. She lifts it to your mouth and says, “Taste my wetness.”

    Her finger glistens with her juices as you open up and take it into your mouth. You taste her. It’s delicious. Again your cock tries to get hard.


    She falls to her knees in front of you. “Do you want to feel my mouth?” she asks. You can see the key to your cage dangling between her breasts.

    “Yes,” you say. “Desperately.”

    That makes her smile. She likes that you’re desperate. “Do you deserve to feel my mouth?” she asks.

    “No,” you answer.

    “Why is that?” your wife asks.

    “Because I don’t make you cum when I fuck you and only a man that makes you cum deserves the pleasure of your mouth,” you answer. It turns you on to admit that your cock isn’t enough to make your wife cum when you fuck her.


    She surprises you by taking your locked cock into her mouth. Immediately you feel the warmth and wetness through the plastic. It’s a blowjob, but not really. It’s a tease.

    It still turns you on. You feel a surge of pain in your loins as your cock tries to get hard. It rebels against the tight confines of your chastity device, but to no avail. You won’t get hard again until she decides to unlock you.

    “Does that feel good?” she asks. “Does a chastity blowjob turn you on?”

    “Yes,” you say. It does. It hurts, but it turns you on. Knowing that you don’t get to enjoy the full pleasure of her mouth turns you on. Knowing that she’s denying you while taking your locked cock into her mouth turns you on. She really knows how to tease you.


    “Maybe I’ll keep you locked forever,” she says while flicking her tongue over the tip of your locked cock.

    “Please don’t,” you plead.

    “Why not? Doesn’t this feel right?” she asks while grabbing your little locked cock. “Look at how little and useless your dick is in this chastity device? Doesn’t that seem right to you? It’s almost as useless to me when it’s fully erect, so why shouldn’t I just leave it in the cage all the time?”

    You’re pretty sure she’s just teasing you, but it’s not clear. She could be serious. Maybe she will leave your cock locked in there forever.


    “Maybe if you’re a very good boy I’ll let you out and give you an orgasm from time to time. You’ll have to earn it, though,” she says while caressing the cage with her delicate fingers.

    “I’ll do anything,” you say.

    Your wife smiles. “I know you will. Would you like to do something for me right now?”

    “Yes, please. Anything you want,” you answer.

    She sits and spreads her legs. “Worship me,” she says. “You’ll be doing a lot more of this from now on, so you better get good at it.”

    You fall to your knees and move between her legs. Her pussy is perfect. It’s wet and as your tongue moves inside her you feel the heat of her desire. You taste her juices before moving to her clit and rhythmically licking her. You want to make your wife cum.

    “That’s a good boy. Worship me, cucky. Make me cum. Earn your way to an orgasm,” she says through low, sensual moans.

    She won’t set you free after this orgasm. It won’t be a one to one trade off. She wasn’t kidding about making you earn your freedom. You’ll have to be a good boy and work for it. You’ll have to show her that you’re dedicated to her pleasure before you’re allowed any of your own.

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