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    Cum Eating Cucks

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    This is what you want, isn’t it? Don’t you want to be a creampie eating cuckold? Don’t you want to lick another man’s cum from your wife’s pussy?

    I want you to say it. Say “I want to lick another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy.”

    I know you’re masturbating. I know you’re jerking your cock while you think about cleaning cum from her cunt. I want you to say it. Say it out loud. Declare that you want to clean cum from your wife’s pussy.

    Did you say it? Good boy. I want you to keep saying it as you look at these pictures and read my naughty words. I want you to keep declaring your desire to clean cum from her pussy.

    The more you masturbate to a particular thing, the hotter it becomes. You’re making grooves in your brain. Your programming yourself to be a cum cleaning cuckold. Isn’t that beautiful?

    How would you want to do it? Would you want her to sit on your face and let all the hot semen drip into your mouth?

    Would you want her to spread her legs and let you dig in to clean her pussy at your pace? That would be fun, wouldn’t it? You’d get to spend as long as you want between her legs, licking her lover’s semen out of her cunt.

    What’s most important is that you ingest another man’s cum. Think about that for a second. You want to swallow someone else’s semen. You want to lick it from your wife’s pussy, take it on your tongue, and then swallow it. You want to be a cum eater. Isn’t that right? You want to eat cum, right?

    It’s good that you’re willing to admit that. It’s good that you know your place. You’re going to make your wife very happy. Look at that beautiful girl above. Look at the smile on her face. Look at how happy she is to have a man between her legs, licking cum from her pussy. That’s what you want your wife to look like, right? You want her to be happy as you’re busy cleaning jizz from her cunt.

    It would be hot if she took control, wouldn’t it? “Get on your back and open up. You’re going to clean my pussy, cuckold.” Wouldn’t you like to hear her say that? Wouldn’t you follow her orders? Wouldn’t you love to have a mouth and face full of cum?

    A mouth full of another man’s cum is what a cuckold deserves. It’s your place. It’s what you need. You need to clean that semen. You need to lick it all up. You need to admit that your place is to lick cum out of your wife’s pussy, not to put cum inside her. Be a good boy and admit it, out loud, for me.

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    Es würde kein einziges Treffen mit einem anderen Mann geben, bei dem ich nicht sein Sperma aus der Scheide meiner Frau lecken werde