Homework for Freaky Girls Only

    I’m logging off but before I do I should give you something to do while I’m away, right? 

    1. Play with your nipples, lick them if you can, and squeeze them until they’re rock hard. Rub lotion over your tits and down your waist. 

    2. Place both hands palms facing down on your labia majora and slowly massage in opposite directions with a firm pressure. Thats, right; you don’t get to fully indulge your pussy just yet. 

    3. Slowly trace both hands up your body and over your tits. Arch your back and firmly squeeze one breast as you suck (deep throat if you’re talented) two fingers. Slowly trace your fingers across your lips and slide them back in your mouth. 

    4. Starting at your clit, lightly trace those wet fingers all the way down your succulent pussy and back up. Slowly, spread your lips and run two fingers down the length of your vulva.  Now taste your pussy. Yeah, you taste that good….

    Now comes the fun part. If you’ve been a good girl, give yourself 5-10. Bad? Double it. Add more every night you do your homework. 

    5. Legs wide and clit exposed, lightly slap your pussy; but don’t go easy on yourself. The softer you slap your pussy the harder I have to. So be a good little slut and discipline yourself properly. It should sting enough for you to need to massage your pussy in between slaps. 

    After you’re done punishing your pussy, you should be dripping wet. Massage your pussy one last time then slide two fingers down your pussy and back over your clit. Spread the wetness all over your pussy and enjoy making yourself cum. You deserve it 💋


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