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    Do y'all remember when Lindsay did that interview about Ruby's "final form", and she said this:

    I have theorized that the God of Light went to the same world that RWBJN fell into after leaving Remnant. I base this off the fact that the way the he teleported off of Remnant looks very similar to how the people who fell into the void vanished: in a cloud of golden dust.

    I got to thinking: Say they do run into the God of Light on the Other World. Ruby likely has some words she'd like to share with him. After she's done, he remains an arrogant ass, as gods are, but he decides to teach Ruby a new way to use her eyes, to help even the score.

    Well, what if the God of Light teaches Ruby how to tap into past silver-eyed warriors' - and his - power (think: one for all)?

    Since silver eyes seem to be a hereditary, albeit extremely rare, gene, the magic of past silver-eyed warriors runs through her veins. As well the fact that all of them being presumably connected through the God of Light.

    And what if when she next activates her eyes, the light takes the shape of his dragon form? And this is her "final form" that Lindsay talked about.

    We see here that the first two times Ruby activated her eyes, the flash of light came out in the shape of wings.

    What if there is more to that? What if her flashes can potentially take on a full shape of something - or someone?

    Perhaps the God of Light's dragon form?

    It would make sense and be appropriate, considering that he is the creator of silver-eyed warriors. It would make sense if he was somehow still linked to the power, and that's why the light takes on his form.

    If you think back on it, both times they activated as a result of her emotions; what if she was subconsciously tapping into the power of past silver-eyed warriors and the God of Light? Her raw emotions tapping into this ancient power.

    This could be hinted at from the very beginning of the series, in the song This Will Be The Day.

    Take a look at these lyrics:

    "We are lightning,

    Straying from the thunder,

    Miracles of ancient wonder."

    That line about ancient wonder seems just a tad out of place, in comparison to the rest of the song.

    Also remember that an instrumental version of this song has played 3 out of the 4 times she's successfully activated her eyes - Atop Beacon Tower, during the Battle of Haven, and attempting to strike down the Hound.

    And then during the talk she had with Maria in Volume 6, the score Silver Eyes plays in the background, which was a soft, instrumental mix of This Will Be The Day and Red like Roses. It's also when Maria pointed out that the God of Light had silver eyes, and therefore could make the educated guess that all silver-eyed warriors somehow came from him.

    It might also explain why she inflicted so damage on Cinder when she first activated her eyes at Beacon, and why she did such a number on the Wyvern, completely turning it to stone, where it has remained like that since the Fall. Whereas the Leviathan barely stayed petrified for more than a couple minutes before it started breaking free.

    It had been so powerful because she had subconsciously tapped into the powers of past silver-eyed warriors and the God of Light himself, with no way to control it.


    TL;DR - What if RWBYJN run into the God of Light in the Other World and he teaches Ruby how to tap into his power - and the power of past silver-eyed warriors. And what if when she activates her eyes, the flash of light not only becomes much more powerful, but also takes the shape of the God of Light's dragon form?


    Orca just became my favourite DC character for doing what I’ve wanted to see someone do to this worthless oxygen thieving twat since she first appeared


    I despise Punchline as a character much like I despise “people” like her in general

    So seeing Orca beat this worthless piece of garbage unconcious with a sink brings a smile to my face


    Some would call having a physically very big person with superstrong beating a person with no superpowers unfair… But since said non-superperson is someone who targets and indoctrinates vulnerable people online into violent, extremist terrorist groups, I say fuck ‘em.

    Sometimes you just wanna see an awful person getting beaten with a sink.

    Orca’s also on good terms with Cass, but that probably won’t tie into the other stories though.


    The best part is the fact that out of the two of them Martha Stewart was the one who went to prison.




    Wiiiiild. He did commit murder (in self defense - no judging) and America‘s Best Housewife was sent to jail because of insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. This is wiiiiiild 😄😄😄


    also he has every right to make fun of kanye west considering snoop has had a successful career for about two decades including his own cookbook and appearing in movies whereas kanye is a flat earther who had to crowdfund another album because he ran out of money despite kim kardashian being with him, not having the money to produce another album should be the metric when you know you can tell a musician has failed somewhere in either money management or actually being a musician rather then a famous trainwreck


    snoop dogg is a good man who loves cooking, nature, and supporting the dreams of young children in poverty. kanye west helped get trump elected.


    seriously though check out his cookbook its beautiful

    and filled with lgiht humor, legit cooking, and charming life stories


    Whenever I think about snoop I remember that episode of cribs where he lived in an unusually modest house compared to everyone else on that show, spent the entire time with his young daughter hugging onto his leg and dragging her around as he walked. He even talked about how he didn’t want his kids to be musicians and that he just wants them to have a chance at a normal life / he doesn’t wish music career drama on anyone

    The dude is mega down to earth for having a networth of 135 million dollars and staying relevant for longer than some of the top charting musicians have been alive


    he says he keeps a supply of poptarts in the house for his nieces/nephews and grandkids but admits theyre really for him and then goes on to discuss what selection of condiments your fridge should have to jazz up leftover takeout hes one of the most thoroughly human humans ive ever known of


    Doesn’t he also coach football for kids, and stops smoking during the season to set a good example for the kids?


    all these people going on about how Hozier is the peak representation of musical soft masculinity when Snoop has been out here rocking the smoothest braids and most hype manicures for decades


    Have you seen his Planet Earth voiceover video? It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Man knows nothing about otters


    Plizzanet Earth is a joy. Here’s the playlist:


    Why has no one ever told me about Plizzanet Earth oh my god


    Snoop is legit; don’t come for him. 


    He also did an episode of Storybots and my kids adore the computer man. Which is wild to me. Cuz I remember gangster rap Snoop. And we love and support Snoop in this house.


    Love him, great man


    plizzanet earth


    Hozier is the peak of good white masculinity. Snoop is the peak of good Black masculinity, and on top of what Hozier does, Snoop adds something a lot of Black children never get to see—you can be a man, you can have “cred,” you can be cool, and also know how to make cookies. (Hozier is great, but he’s never been cool a day in his life and he freely admits this. The two of them have very different kinds of good masculinity both culturally and personally.)

    There’s this idea—and the tweet opening this thread exemplifies it—that being “gangsta” means being self-absorbed, materialistic, and violent. Snoop is just like “nah, I have bling and street talk and I’m higher than a kite and also I love my kids and cooking and FUCK your toxic masculinity,” and that’s an important message. You can have the look, if you like the look, but you don’t have to be a stereotype to have the look.


    Ah yes, the RWBY cycle.

    • Make a few chill volumes if you can call volume 6 and 7 chill
    • Make one volume that goes ape shit.
    • Make the kingdom they're at the moment get destroyed.
    • Kill a bunch of characters.
    • Kill Penny.
    • Just make it heartbreaking.
    • Make RWBY Chibi.

    So... RWBY chibi costs about one Penny then?


    Get the fuck out of here


    Well this chibi cost 2


    Dear Vector Prime, I understand that the Rescue Bots were assigned to Griffin Rock, but what were they doing when Unicron was starting to wake up from his slumber? What about when the Autobots were forced to scatter after the loss of their base and leader?

    Dear Chronology Curious,

    Like most of the Earth, Griffin Rock suffered greatly due to the awakening shudders of Unicron. Fortunately for the human inhabitants, the Rescue Bots were there to mitigate the disasters that took place.

    Hurricane-force winds and tidal waves assaulted the island, and while most humans were carefully seeking shelter within their homes, the Burns family and Rescue Bots went into action. Blades risked his life together with Dani Burns to take the weather machine into the heart of the oncoming storm, using the experimental and temperamental device to counteract the supercell and calm the worst of the winds. Meanwhile Boulder and Graham went into action building earthworks to hold back the waves.

    It was left to Chase and Heatwave, along with Kade and Chief Burns, to investigate the reports of strange activity at Mount Magma. There, strange and toxic lava seemed to be emerging, glowing purple in the darkness. The Rescue Bots had had no experience with Dark Energon before this, but still knew of the dangerous substance, and were able to warn their companions. With Boulder busy elsewhere, the two bots needed to dig a trench by hand—at least until Kade and the Chief were able to find some nearby construction vehicles, and they were able to divert the channel of Dark Energon-infused lava into a nearby quarry.

    When the disaster ended, Bumblebee arrived to take the Dark Energon away for processing, although the Rescue Bots did notice he seemed more subdued than usual, and was noticeably quiet on the whereabouts of Optimus Prime. On a side note, I suspect that the violent quakes from Unicron’s rousing weakened the cavern ceilings of Wayward Island, eventually allowing their prehistoric inhabitants to venture out into the surface world.

    As for the destruction of the Autobot base and the rise of Darkmount, I believe at this point Rescue Bots were busy dealing with a group of Mister Pettypaws infesting a tree, and the fallout of this resulting in Kade being cloned.