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    i scrolled past this an hour ago and thats when the winston/hanzo drama started happening so im obligated to reblog this to dispense with the bad energy. sorry


    Sorry y'all can’t risk it


    Feeling it tonight.


    I can’t take the chance, y'all


    can’t risk it


    Finals is coming up and I got a concert tomorrow, I’m not risking it


    Aint riskin


    No risk!!!… haha


    Not chancing it on this specific week


    I’m not taking any chances

    Various retail shops by AZB, a Japanese architecture firm headed by Etto Francisco Ohashi & Takamaro Kouji Ohashi (1999-2000)

    “Austere, cool and futuristic, α-compiler looks like a spaceship that’s just landed on the pages of a Japanese sci-fi manga. Clad in easy-maintenance FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic), the off-white building steals the show in downtown Akita. AZB wanted to create an ultra-simple form with no superfluous details and, using the traditional culture of Japan as a point of departure, to sketch an image of the future. Automatic sliding entrance doors that slant backwards are, according to the designers, the first of their kind in Japan. Most display units on the first floor are made of stainless steel, including the honeycomb shelves. Certain units are incorporated into the surface of the floor, while others resembling large illuminated refrigerators line the walls. Everything is rounded and soft.”

    Includes images of these works: α-compiler, α-assembler, and azb2000 (Akita & Kanazawa, Japan)


    I can’t believe there are already people complaining about the combat in the new Star Wars movie looking too similar to the Prequel trilogy rather than the original trilogy.

    Like, do I need to remind you what the the combat looked like in the originals?

    “Careful now Vader, we don’t want to break our lightsabers.”


    I watched this last night and this gif isnt even slowed down