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2019-02-07 16:33:39

    My fantasy

    I am bisexual women.. I easily turn on by women boobs.

    I have fantasy…

    I become a master and I have 3 slave. 2 guys 1 women.

    1st me and the lady do the lesbo action. I will lick her. Play with her boobs, seduce the man slave. Then i wanna see those man slave fuck my lady slave real good! The man should satisfy the lady slave until she squirt. I wanna see the sperm all over her body.

    I wanna hear she moan. I wanna see her turn into the monster.

    The man slave need to make sure the lady flat!


    The 3 of them give me the sweet revenge, i want them to rape me!

    I love force sex so much!

    However, will my dream come true?