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    "Okay, stud. That's a nice first run. But ... it needs work. First things first, stop acting. Okay? Seriously. You're standing at a closet looking for some shorts. That's IT! Nothing more."

    "Next up, Darling, this little back-and-forth thing you're doing with your ass? It's not the answer. You are stacked, baby. STACKED! We LIKE what we see. We seriously do! We don't need you to slut that butt back and forth like some kind of eager hooker on 14th street."

    "Finally - the walk. Honey - it's JUST a walk. If you need motivation here it as: after considering your clothing options and embracing the whole nudity thing, you decide you need your Morning Jo - so you head to the kitchen to brew a cup. Or water! You're thirsty! Whatever! So....just walk. JUST WALK! Don't sway it, don't sex it, don't do ANYTHING with it, because whatever you're doing now, Toots, is just WAY TOO GAY! Bang! There goes the illusion."

    "Oh God - don't cry. Don't cry! Look, honey, we know you practiced that walk but .... you don't walk that way in real life, do you? No - of course you don't. So just walk like you do in real life."

    "Big hugs now, honey. There you go. You can do this."

    "Don't think, do! Don't act, live!"

    "Now again - from the very beginning. You're thinking of shorts - then ... NUDITY! Then - COFFEE!"

    "Breathe, baby. You got this. YOU GOT THIS!"

    "On my mark everyone."

    "Okay, Naked Guy in Bedroom, Take Two: ACTION!"

    Starting the New Year With a Bang

    I forgot to post this here, but I wrote a New Year’s Eve story based on this micro story and photo I posted on Twitter.

    I popped the bottle early, and sat sipping from a glass of half-decent champagne on the couch as my stepdad’s grandfather clock ticked away the last minutes of the year. I had the big show on the TV, but even if I wouldn’t be caught dead in Times Square, it just made me wish I were back home in New York as planned before my canceled flight.

    Holidays with the family weren’t so bad, and snowy Michigan was beautiful, but it would have been nice to start the new year with a raucous kiss instead of a quiet evening. Mom and John had gone to sleep a little after ten. Both my sister and John’s son, and their families, had dispersed in the days since Christmas, so it was just me left to celebrate alone in the big sleepy house.

    I shut my eyes and sank back into the deep sofa under a blanket, feeling the fizz of the wine on my tongue before letting it slide down and fuel the growing buzz in my head. Even after two and a half years at NYU, I was still a lightweight when it came to alcohol, but tonight I didn’t mind at all. It was a good way to dull the somber evening.

    I glanced at my phone again, but my messages were still unanswered. Patrick and I weren’t dating exactly, but we were something. Something enough that we’d planned an evening together, one he was now undoubtedly having with someone else. I had no illusions about the romantic potential of a man who’d bang his own student during office hours, but he had a big dick and a thrilling wit. Even if he wasn’t likely to be my future husband, I could still dream.

    The crowd’s excitement rose on TV, drawing my attention. Two minutes til midnight. I thought of tasting fine champagne on Patrick’s lips, of feeling his strong hands gripping me as the ball dropped, and my own hand idly wandered down to the growing bulge in my pajamas.

    “Ahem,” a voice came from the kitchen. I startled to my feet and blushed when I saw my stepfather smirking back at me. “Sorry to interrupt, bud. Just grabbing a glass of water,” He said, scratching at his bare hairy chest as he held up his empty glass. John was tall, looming over me at 5’6”, and burly as a bear. But above all, the hefty package in his snug boxer-briefs made my eyes widen. I’d caught fleeting glances of him undressed in the hallway before, but never clearly enough to find myself dreaming of him bending me over the island counter.

    “It’s nearly midnight,” I remarked, picking up a half-empty bottle from the coffee table. “Champagne instead?”

    John glanced back toward the bedroom, thinking for a moment before he shrugged, “Why not?”

    One minute til midnight. We met halfway between the living room and the kitchen, and my heart thumped faster in my chest with every step. He was a raw man, not unkind but quite unrefined, of the sort I rarely met in Manhattan. I felt small and soft, emasculated standing closer before him as he accepted a healthy pour with a mischievous grin.

    “You’re a bad influence,” he chuckled, patting my shoulder. His palm was warm and meaty, and I thought of how it’d feel cupping my ass.

    “You have no idea,” I countered, boldly reaching to run my fingers through the fur on his chest down to his belly. His eyes widened a bit and it was his turn to blush.

    Thirty seconds til midnight. John relaxed when I drew back, tipping a mouthful of champagne between his lips, a few drops clinging to the thick fur on his bottom lip. We stood a bit awkwardly until he moved to stand behind the couch and I came up close beside him. It felt good to smell a man, to feel the warmth radiating off his powerful body. It was nice not to be alone.

    Fifteen seconds til midnight. He fixed his gaze on the TV, standing stiffly. For a moment, I regretted touching him—a glimmer of stolen pleasure that might sully this friendship with my mother’s husband—but then I saw the shape of his cock snaking down his thigh beneath his underwear. It was enormous, and growing.

    Five seconds til midnight. What would happen? I wondered, heart racing as the crowd counted down and the ball descended.

    One second til midnight. I clinked my glass to his, and sipped as I whispered, “Happy New Year, John.” Fireworks went off and the crowd cheered. John faced me with a smile, gulping down another mouthful of wine. His eyebrows rose when I stepped forward, my shirt pressing to his gut, and rose onto my toes to press my lips against his as the sound of the TV faded into the background.

    He took a sharp breath through his nose. His muscles tensed, but he didn’t pull away. Our arms hung awkwardly at our sides, but our lips didn’t part. He shut his eyes and I did too. I don’t know what he saw behind his eyelids, but it relaxed him. His mouth engulfed mine before closing again, snug and wet against me. His hand came to cup me at the small of my back, sliding under my shirt until I felt coarse fingertips against my smooth skin.

    John let out a little groan, gripping me. His tongue pushed forward, parting my lips to probe past them. He was an aggressive kisser, and I could taste the champagne as his tongue grazed along the insides of my mouth. I was taken aback when he stepped forward, pinning me between his body and the back of the couch, and ran his fingers along the waistband of my pajamas. His fat cock throbbed against my flat stomach and I felt a wetness blossoming through the fabric of my shirt.

    He pulled his tongue from my mouth and our eyes opened, fixing on each other as the reality of the moment set in. If that was all this had amounted to, it would have been enough, but John didn’t release me as he emptied the rest of his glass down his throat and tossed it aside to grip the back of my head and say, “Happy New Year, buddy. I think we ought to do a bit more celebrating. Don’t you?”

    I nodded my head in a daze. John grinned as he said, “Good boy. I always like starting the new year with a bang.” Feeling his cock against me, my ass ached to be filled as I imagined it would be a big bang.

    Happy New Year

    I hope you’re able to accomplish everything that you want to.  A better mind, a better body, a better soul...or even if you just want to spend more time on the couch in comfy clothes (or no clothes at al!) watching your favorite TV shows.

    Whatever your goals are - or if you haven’t even thought that far ahead, yet - here’s hoping this year is better than the last.  Happy 2022 to you!


    Hi, merry Christmas. ? Is this the only site you post?

    Merry Christmas to you, too. I hope you had a nice one! :)

    I also have an account on newTumbl, but I don't post anything there that I haven't posted here on Tumblr.

    Having said that, I spent a lot of time a couple years ago, reblogging all of my Tumblr posts on my newTumbl account, meaning that some of my old posts that were censored by Tumblr a few years ago are viewable there.

    My newTumbl account is viewable here. If you don't already have a newTumbl account, you won't be able to see most of the posts unless you sign up for one. Most of my posts are rated X and can't be viewed by those who aren't newTumbl members.

    Otherwise, I don't post anywhere else. Just Tumblr and newTumbl. :)


    “...and often, because they’re so far away from their wives or girlfriends - or, in this day and age, even husbands or boyfriends - and unable to get the kind of physical attention and nurturing they desire, these twin beds easily push together so the cadets and their bunkmates can give each other the kind of companionship that they each crave, if you catch my drift.  Incidentally, it’ll be another week before the new batch of cadets arrive.  After we finish filming this tour of the campus and barracks, why don’t you send your cameraman on his way and we can swing back by here so I can provide you with a first-hand demonstration of the type of bonding our trainees have traditionally partaken in in rooms just like this one in barracks and dorms all across campus throughout this academy’s long, storied history dating back to 1906?”

    Disclaimer: This is a fictional story - nothing about the story or the person in the attached photo is true - purely fantasy. The writing is inspired by @maturedadsandmen as they have written many fictional stories. Please, go to their page and check out some of their work. Happy Holidays guys!

    Your phone buzzed and saw you had received a photo attachment along with a text from your stepdad, Brian Peterson. You saw that the text read, “Does this make you want me?” followed by a photo of him completely naked in the master bedroom’s bathroom mirror which was just a couple doors down from your room. The photo had made you utterly flabbergasted as you saw he was getting in shape with his pecs taunting the photo and his flaccid, yet big member downtown. You couldn’t believe your eyes as Brian wasn’t even hard and he looked to be about five or six inches of pure man. As your eyes reveled in what had been bestowed to them, you heard the text tone that there were more texts to follow.

    “Oh my gosh, Frankie, I didn’t mean to send that you – it was an accident. Please, erase and forget that I sent you that.” You cringed at the fact that your stepdad had called you your kid name “Frankie,” but you still couldn’t get over the fact that your stepdad for who you knew your whole life was a total stud! Well, sure, you knew he was a tall handsome man growing up that you looked up to and grew to admire as he made your mother happy, but over the years and as you finished college in your hometown, you noticed that their happiness had faded, and it looked more as if they were okay living as roommates. When you hadn’t responded in a few minutes, Brian texted again, “Frankie, did you see my texts? Forget about the pic alright?” You hadn’t caught on to it until now, but you just realized how hard you were in your shorts. It could have cut through the fabric right there when you heard a knock at your bedroom door.

    “Frankie, it’s me. I’m coming in, alright?” You couldn’t cover yourself with your covers when Brian burst through the door only in his towel, but you noticed that just as quickly as he entered, the door had been shut…and locked. Your eyes locked with Brian’s for a brief moment when you saw his look at your tent. You saw him smirk then returned his gaze to you. “Aha, I can see someone’s awake” The play on words didn’t slip, but you were speechless, yet curious at the same time. “Frankie, I know you saw the photo I sent you and text messages, you have read receipts on…

    Shit really?? Then why did he ask if I got his texts?

    “Seeing the situation you’re in, do you mind if I help you out?” Your own member had twitched at the thought of your stepdad giving you a helping hand and had formed a noticeable wet spot.

    Wait, wait, what did he just say? “Frankie, I know you know your mother and I are no longer in a romantic relationship with each other. In fact, we’re quite amicable with just living as roommates. She’s my best friend and I’m hers, but we both agreed that both of us make each other’s lives smooth and easy and don’t want to find or want others… Well, except me… You see, I’ve always seen the way you look at me, and the glances you take when you think I don’t notice, and I find it cute. I actually thought I’d take a chance with the pic I sent earlier and said for you to delete it, so I’d have a reason to come talk to you.” He had come to the end of the bed and you could now see that there was a bit of a bulge in his towel.

    Finally, you found words the voice, “Y-you wanted to talk to me?” He gave a soft chuckle, “Well, not exactly…” Keeping his gaze, he came to stand in front of you and reached for what kept the towel from falling. “Your mother just left for work and I called in sick today. I was hoping we could, hang out,” and with that, he let his towel fall to the ground with his eight-inch member pointing straight out with a bit of an upward arch. It was now just centimeters from your face and even though he had just showered, you could still smell his man scent. “So, what do you say, Frankie? Wanna have fun?”

    Season’s Greetings

    If you’re celebrating Christmas or if you’re celebrating a different holiday, I hope you have a joyous holiday.  Even if you’re not celebrating anything at all, have a wonderful day.  Whatever you’re celebrating or not celebrating, may you be able to spend time with family, friends, and other loved ones.

    And, if you happen to be on your own today, maybe you’ll find a way to entertain yourself.  For instance, you could always take a deep dive into your favorite gay erotica Tumblr blog and revisit, rediscover, or discover for the first time some stories and other posts from the past.  (Hint, hint...)

    Take care, everyone!  :)


    The Best Gifts Don’t Always Come Under The Tree

    It’s tough being married to a law enforcement officer.  And, not just a regular law enforcement officer, but one who works for a government agency.  Scott worked a fairly uneven schedule and always kept long hours at work.  Not only that, but he was forever having to pack and leave at the drop of a hat.  He’d be gone for weeks at a time, only able send me brief, generic, “Hey!  Just wanted to let you know I’m okay.  Love you!” texts.  I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving that we were actually in the car, a mile away from my parents’ house for dinner, when he got a text that he had to pack and report to the airport in an hour and a half.  That’s how unpredictable the job was.

    Even though he wasn’t able to talk much about what he did for a living, I knew he was doing important work.  That’s why, two years ago, when we were in the Turks & Caicos two days into our honeymoon, and he received orders to fly back to the States for the job, I didn’t even bat an eye.  Sure.  I was pissed.  But, after ten years together at that point, I knew to expect work to interfere whenever we’d plan a fun getaway together…never mind that we’d just gotten married.  So, I spent ten days of a “twelve day, eleven night” stay at a fabulous and extravagant resort - IN the honeymoon suite - by myself.  At least I ended up having a good time.  Before he left for the airport, Scott gave me - as a parting gift - a hall pass for the rest of my stay.  He’d caught me admiring a few guys staying at the resort and told me I could have some fun if I wanted…as long as what happened on the island stayed on the island.  So, by the time I headed home, I’d spent a lovely week and a half having occasional fun-time with the on-staff tennis pro and a DILFy guy who was there on an extended stay with his wife, celebrating their 25 year anniversary.

    So, after twelve years together and two years into our marriage, I was majorly disappointed - but not shocked in the least - when Scott received an assignment to fly out of the country three weeks before Christmas.  We stood in the doorway as he left to go to the airport, regret on his face.  “Don’t look at me like that, Will,” he said.  “As long as we’ve been together, you know I can’t turn down these assignments when they come up.”

    “I know,” I replied, reaching out to clasp my hand over his shoulder.  “But at this time of the year?  I thought…”

    He interrupted me.  “I know, Babe.  But what my job is…  Those things don’t take the holidays off.”

    I sighed heavily.  “I know, I know…  Will you at least be back by Christmas?”

    “I don’t know.”  He reached out to touch the side of my face, lovingly.  “And you know, even if I DID know, I can’t tell you.”

    I grinned.  “I know.  You can’t blame me for trying.  I don’t suppose I get a hall pass this time around, do I?”  That had become my standard issue question to Scott every time he was called away for work, just to tease him.  I gestured in the direction of the house next door.  “Jim’s been pretty down in the dumps since Lisa left him and I’ve been thinking about offering my services to put a smile on his face.”  I said, referencing our next door neighbors.  Lisa had divorced Jim earlier this year and ran off with his now-former best friend.  I’d always had a thing for the guy, which Scott knew.  So, I always liked to throw out Jim’s name, playfully at times like these.

    Scott laughed and lightly shoved me, playfully.  “You do that and I’ll run off with YOUR best friend when I get back home.”

    “I’ll tell Darian to pack his bags and be ready,” I chuckled.  My best buddy since high school had a huge man crush on Scott and would probably be only too willing to let Scott sweep him off his feet.

    After our laughter died down, Scott pulled me to him for an extended bear hug.  As we parted, he looked into my eyes.  “I know this isn’t the ideal way to spend the holidays, Will.  I hate doing this to you.”

    “I know you do,” I tried to smile at him.  “And you’re right.  It’s not ideal.  But, we’ll have a special celebration when you get back.”

    He wiggled his eyebrows at me.  “Oooh.  I like the sound of that.”  He leaned in and, with our bodies still pressed together in an embrace, we kissed.  The soft, romantic kiss lingered and started turning into more.  As our lips parted and our tongues started getting in on the action, I felt my husband’s cock harden through his pants and I’m sure he felt mine.  Grudgingly, we parted from each other.  “Grrr.  I’d better get going before this goes any further and I miss my flight.”

    “I wouldn’t mind that in the least,” I joked.

    Scott teasingly rolled his eyes before reaching down to grab his overnight bag and then leaned back in for a quick kiss before he crossed onto the porch and down the walk to his car in the driveway to head out to parts unknown.

    The three weeks leading up to the holiday were a blur of loneliness and me doing things to keep my mind off of missing Scott.  I decorated the house, put  up a tree, and even held myself to a promise I’d made to watch a Christmas-themed movie each night after I got home from work.  Friends did their best to help me keep myself occupied.  I’ve never gone out for drinks with friends as often as I did those three weeks.  I also had well-intentioned friends invite themselves over to binge watch a few TV shows.  December turned out to be a not-so-sucky month, after all.  I still missed Scott like hell.  But, I appreciated that my friends cared enough to spend time with me.

    As much as I appreciated the love I was being shown, I tried my best to get out of it when Darian and the rest of the guys invited me to a Christmas Eve party at the bar that used to be my favorite hangout before Scott and I married.  “You know you’re gonna have fun once you’re there, Sweetie,” Darian cajoled me.  “So stop with the Eeyore act and say you’ll come.”

    I knew, in the end, I was fighting a losing battle.  There was no use arguing with Darian once he had his mind made up.  I was GOING to be at the party whether I wanted to be or not.  It was for the best for me to slap a smile on my face and be there with bells on!

    The party was nice enough.  I was having a good time.  The company was good.  I’d even gotten cruised a couple times…even though I was certain both times were missions of mercy set in motion by my friends.  But, as much of a guy about town as I’d been before Scott and would’ve enjoyed a celebration like this if it were happening years ago, after two years of marriage, all I wanted was to spend time at home with him.  Being out at a bar didn’t feel right. 

    I’d just ordered an Old Fashioned from the bartender - after a night of being plied with exotic cocktails made from trendy liquor, I just wanted some good old whiskey - when I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket.  I got a pleasant surprise when I checked and saw a text from Scott waiting for me.  Before I even read it, I knew it meant he would be on his way home.  He’d sent the text from his own phone.  When he was away, he never contacted me on his personal phone in case the signal would be traced.

    Hey…  Looks like I’m outta here soon.  You’ll be seeing me before u know it.  Tell Jim he has 2 days 2 move his stuff back over 2 his place.  Love u! XOXO”

    I knew the routine well enough by now to know that his message meant he was probably at some sort of military base overseas, ready to catch a flight back home.  He’d be flying all night.  Then, before he’d get to come home, there would be multiple meetings and debriefings that he’d have to get through before he’d be able to come home.  His message was right.  It was no exaggeration that it would probably be two days before I’d get to lay eyes on him.  Just in time for the holiday to already be over.  Fa la la la la, la la la la…!

    Nevertheless, I was pumped that I’d be seeing my husband soon.  Even though it was two days away - three, at the most - I needed to get home and get ready…something only someone in a relationship would understand.  I downed the drink the bartender had set before me, settled up my tab, and made my way through the crowd of people to find Darian and say my goodbyes.

    “Oh, honey…” he chided me in that mock-condescending tone we loved to use with each other.  “You’re not off the hook that easy.  I’ve noticed you playing wallflower all night.  You’re not getting out of here until you get to tongue wrestle with a hottie under the mistletoe.”  I opened my mouth to start to tell him about the text from Scott when he talked over me.  “I know what you’re going to say.  Sweetie, Scott won’t mind a little kiss with another guy…especially since we’re not going to tell him about it.”

    I leaned in to Darian’s ear so that I could be heard above the background noise of the bar.  “It’s not that.  I just got a text from Scott.”  I held up my phone.  “He’s on his way home.  I have to go!”

    “Is he at home now?”

    “No,” I eyed my best friend suspiciously.

    “Then you have time.  I’ve been through this with you enough times to know you won’t see him for a few days.  Stay.  Have fun.  Kiss a couple guys.  Then, go home with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your tummy, crawl under the covers, and enjoy it as you drift off to sleep.”

    I shook my phone at him.  “Uh uh…  My man’s coming home.  I’m outta here!  Say goodbye to the rest of the guys for me.”

    Before he could argue with me any further, I turned around and made my way for the door.  On my way home in the backseat of the Uber I’d arranged, I was already making plans for when Scott was home.  I would plan to cook his favorite meals and have them ready for when he got back.  Of course, that meant I’d have to have them delivered.  I was a terrible cook and I’d probably sooner end up with burnt food than anything edible if I tried to make it myself.  By the time I was on the front porch of our house, putting the key in the lock, I was on to making plans for a romantic night together the first night he was back.  I’d probably jump him the minute he walked in the door and we’d fuck in the foyer.  But, after…  Let’s just say that, if I had my way, we wouldn’t be leaving our bedroom for days.

    Once inside, I hung up my coat and bypassed the rest of the house to head for the stairs.  It had been an exhausting day and all I really wanted to do was get a good night’s sleep before my big day tomorrow, making plans for Scott’s homecoming.  In fact, I was so in my own head, thinking about all of the things I wanted to get done before he got home that I almost didn’t notice the dull, flickering light coming from the bedroom when I reached the top of the stairs.

    I crept down the hallway, trying to keep the floor from creaking.  I don’t know what I planned to do.  If someone was waiting for me in the bedroom, ready to attack me and beat me to within an inch of my life and ransack the house, I had nothing to defend myself with.  When I made it to the doorway, I stopped outside, leaned against the wall, took a deep breath, and tried to steel my nerves.  I’d heard of the fight or flight instinct all humans were supposed to have.  if some asshole was waiting to jump me, I was gonna do my best to summon enough adrenaline to put up one helluva fight!

    When I’d finally gathered enough courage to turn around and step through the doorway, ready to fight, I was greeted with an unexpected sight:  lit candles on both nightstands, a bottle of wine chilling next to the bed, and my nearly naked husband laying across the bed, wearing only a pair of skimpy briefs with a bright red bow covering his crotch.  “Scott?!  What…  What are you doing here?!”

    He smirked at me.  “Not quite the reception I was hoping for.  But, I’ll take it!”

    “But, your text…  I thought…  I thought you wouldn’t be home for another few days.”

    “And Jim’s on his way up with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, right?” he kept smirking at me.  “I’ll wait while you send him home.”

    “Asshole!”  I laughed.  “Seriously…  I just got your text, like, an hour ago.  How are you here?  Usually when I get the ‘I’m coming home’ text, you show up a couple days later.”

    “After all these years, I’m finally gonna level with you, Will.”  I could tell he was trying his hardest to stifle a laugh, so I knew whatever he was about to say was going to be a joke.  “The U.S. government has been testing teleportation technology for the past few years and they’ve finally perfected it.  I volunteered to be the first human to try it out.  I told them I had to get home to my handsome, sexy, studly husband as soon as possible so that we could fuck for four days straight.”

    I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.  “That was good, Scotty.  And, surprisingly, a highly erotic story.  But how about the truth this time?”

    “Okay.  For real, this time.  I’ve been home for two days already, holding debriefings with my bosses about my last assignment.  I sent you that text when I got back here.

    “WHAT?!?!  You’ve been home all this time and didn’t tell me?!  If I wasn’t so relieved and overjoyed to see you, I’d…  Wait?  How did you know I wouldn’t be home when you got back?”

    Scott grinned and averted his eyes from me.  “That whole Christmas Eve party invitation was my idea.  Darian planned the whole thing and insisted on you being there as a favor to me so that I could get home and set all of this up with you out of the house.”

    “You mean Darian knew you were already home and didn’t tell me?  Remind me to kick his ass the next time I see him!”


    I looked into Scott’s eyes.  “Yeah?”

    “You’ve noticed what I’m wearing, right?  Are you going to waste more time being ticked off or are you going to unwrap your Christmas present.”

    My eyes roved over my husband’s meaty, hairy chest, topped off with erect nipples, down to his equally hairy and muscular legs, and back up the the bow attached to his briefs before diverting over to the clock on the nightstand.  “It’s already 1:00 a.m.  Technically it’s Christmas Day.  I suppose it wouldn’t be against the rules to unwrap ONE present now.”

    I started to climb onto the bed when he held up his hand to stop me.  “Ah, ah…  Before you go any further, why don’t you unwrap MY present first?”

    I don’t think I’d ever gotten out of my clothes that quickly.  In the flickering light of the candles by the bed, I stood and let Scott take in the sight of my body, my hard cock letting him know how truly thrilled I was to see him, despite the grilling I’d just finished giving him.  Scott licked his lips and looked up into my eyes, grinning.  “Can I commence tearing off the wrapping paper?”  I asked, pointing at his bulging briefs.

    Not breaking his smile, he gestured with his head.  “Climb aboard!”

    In a flash, I was on the bed with him.  As our mouths met in a crushing, passionate kiss, his arm wrapped around me and roamed over my back and down to my ass.  With one of my free hands, I reached down and tore the bow from his briefs, tossing it on the floor, and replacing it with my hand, fondling the best present I ever got.

    I don’t think we got any sleep that night.  We literally fucked, snuggled, kissed, and talked until the sun came up.  At one point, I must’ve fallen asleep, because I woke up to bright light streaming in through the window.  The clock at the bedside read 11:45 a.m.  When I rolled over, Scott wasn’t there.  Okay…  Either that had been a REALLY realistic dream or he’d gotten called away for work again.

    Right about the time I was about ready to grab my phone and text him, prepared to get a response that he was at the airport, ready to fly out, he padded into the bedroom, wearing his robe and holding two coffee cups.

    “Merry Christmas, Babe,” he grinned at me as he handed me one of the cups.

    “Now that you’re home, it certainly is.”  I purred after Scott leaned down to kiss me, then doffed his robe onto the floor and joined me on the bed.  “Looks like someone’s ready to go again,” I nodded in the direction of his erection, rising proudly from his crotch and already leaking.

    “You got no idea, Will.  I’ve got three weeks’ worth of pent-up sexual energy to get out.”

    I set my coffee cup on the nightstand, then reached for his and set it down next to mine.  “Well, then…  Let me see if I can help you worth through it.  After all, you know what they say.  Admitting there’s a problem is the first step to solving it.”

    I rose up and climbed down between his legs, ready to make up for all the lost time we’d both suffered through.  True to the plans I’d been making last night when I thought I was two days away from seeing Scott, we didn’t leave the bedroom for another three days.

    Merry Christmas, indeed!