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    The Role That Did It Was…

    Tom Bosley as Father Frank Dowling in Father Dowling Mysteries (TV Series)

    Father Dowling often ends up investigating crimes, including murders and abductions, that he comes across in his Chicago parish, assisted by a young streetwise nun, Sister Stephanie.


    Sure I noticed Tom as Mr. Cunningham, the character he played on the tv series Happy Days. But this is the role that got me wanting to go balls deep into Bosley and by extension give me my priest fetish.

    What? The outfit is pretty fucking sexy. That all black number is very erotic. Look at him here. Cock teasing us with that chest hair.


    Ever see Dick O'Neill in the last episode of the first season of Charles In Charge/the last few season's of Family Matters? WOOF! :p

    Funny, I was just thinking about him. I think I saw the Charles In Charge and I definitely saw him on last few season's of Family Matters.

    WOOF is an appropriate response.