segufix diaper

for those who like straightjacket medical restraint braces and diapers (only over 21)

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2021-01-20 13:28:54

    😳Sneak Peak of yesterday’s post on Patreon!😈

    So this was my first time ever playing with a spreader bar and let me say how much fun it was! Just wiggly around in a extremely full diaper not being able to close my legs. I felt so vulnerable and embarrassed. What a little baby I am just needing to be punished. What do you think?🐭

    Pixie playtime!

    Happy new year everyone!  I hope you all had a great 2014 and wish you an even better 2015 =)

    The diaper I’m wearing is an old secure plus from about 4 years ago.  I wish bambino still made diapers with this green hearts tape, its so cute!  These aren’t nearly as absorbent as the bambinos/secure x-plus though so I have two stuffers in it: a tranquility topliner and an abri-let maxi.