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    New sewing machine: Nooo I need software updates.

    My 1904 Singer 15: Just put your back into treadling, I can sew through more layers than you dare to attempt and I will still sew through them when the sun burns out if you remember to oil me


    My digital watch from like 2004: perma-dead. You think a new battery will help? It laughs at your pain. It mocks your futile scrambling. Nothing can bring it back

    My pocket watch from 1872: tick tock bitch


    Planned obsolescence


    TL;DR: Nestle argued they could not be sued for funding, overseeing, and profiting from a system of child slavery in Africa because the conduct did not occur in the U.S. The Supreme Court ruled in Nestle’s favor.


    [ID: International. Big Chocolate. Big Chocolate Wins its Child Labor Case In Supreme Court. By Vivienne Walt. June 17, 2021. 1:35 PM EDT.

    Last October, a report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that about 1.56 million children, some as young as five, worked picking cocoa beans in Ivory Coast and Ghana, which supplies a good portion of the world’s cocoa. Astonishingly, the number of child cocoa workers had increased about 14% since the previous estimates a decade earlier.

    In the end, the justices decided companies were not, in fact, legally liable for what happened in Ivory Coast—even though it appeared to constitute a form of child slavery, which is outlawed internationally. The key weakness, they said, was that the case failed to show that a lot of the business decisions leading to child labor happened on U.S. soil. End ID]

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    Please boycott Nestle’s chocolate. Also, please remember that Nestle is far from the only United States chocolate corporation who directly perpetuates and profits from child slave labor in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. This ruling defended all of these U.S. corporations engaging directly in this slave economy. Boycott them too.

    For the most up to date and thorough lists to guide you in which chocolate to boycott, please check out Food Empowerment Project’s chocolate list ( They also have this list in app form so you can check easily while you’re at the grocery store whether or not the chocolate you’re considering purchasing was created through the forced labor of enslaved children, and whether the money you might spend on it would go to enslavers and imperialist profiteers.


    Instead of eating Catwoman's pussy, why doesn't Batman use his money to fix the root causes of why she needed her pussy eaten in the first place?

    I've received a number of asks circling this basic subject but I wanted you to know this is the best ask I've ever received and single-handedly justifies the continued existence of Tumblr as a platform. No-joking honored you let me be the recipient of this.

    By Gary Wilson

    In the media there have been claims that the depressing monthly employment reports are caused by a so-called “labor shortage.” This is political propaganda attacking unemployed workers, blaming the unemployed for the lack of available jobs. It’s being used to cut the meager federal supplemental unemployment benefits of $300 per week for those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

    There are far more unemployed people than available jobs.

    In a real labor shortage, wages start rising. Capitalists who face a shortage of qualified workers respond by offering higher wages and/or benefits, while capitalists who risk losing workers will raise wages to retain workers.

    But wages are not rising and, for some, are now lower than they were before the pandemic. If wages aren’t rising, it is certain that there is no labor shortage.


    fandom is a united states military contractor

    "For its latest efforts, the Navy has hired the Wiki company @fandom-official to help manage its tournaments and streams as well as hire outside players like Holly and erinasimon. According to the Navy, Fandom is handling 'various digital media advertising,' it said. 'Any tournaments, custom content development, or access to esports influencers was included as added value in that paid media purchase. Any compensation for non-Sailor gamers is negotiated between Fandom and those gamers.'"

    (matthew gault, vice news, March 2021)


    i cant do this anymore the us military are like cockroaches they're literally fucking everywhere you can never make them leave wtf wtf wtffffff