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2022-04-13 03:30:13

    Oh yes, yes, yes!  The bitch barrel again.  The last image showed sissy bitch being used as a urinal.  But she was not cooperating as expected as she tried to eject sweet nectar instead of swallowing!  Insubordination is the single worst thing a sissy slave can do.  So, she will spend the next 4 hours struggling to get each and every breath!  I actually get very aroused watching the thick latex hood move in and out as she fight for every breath.  This sissy storage steel drum is still the center of attraction as everyone love to cover up the hole in the hood and watch her suck the hood against her head shaking her head to get air.  When I think she has learned her lesson I’ll return her to urinal status again. I love watching her struggle and hear her beg and watch her fight for air, and after all, we all know it is all about MY pleasure!