I would love having my pussy tickled til I cum and then after BUT I would never say that out loud or in person. I want someone who will make me say it. I want someone who will force my legs apart and strap them apart, cut off my panties and lay their body in-between my legs and say, “Are you ready, baby?” and start teasing. Tickle my clean shaven pussy until I cry. Tickle the lips, kiss them, lick and tease my bikini line, then when I start whimpering lick your index finger and run it over my clit to make me squeal. Pour edible oils over my bright pink pussy and run your fingers lightly all over, focusing just one on my clit. Just enough to drive me mad, but not enough to make me cum. Use the very tip of your finger on the top of my clit and tease the hell out of me. Ask me if I like it. When I try to deny, take your thumbs and spread my lips, then take your tongue and lick from the very bottom to the very top forcefully enough to make me moan lightly and then tease the top more. Then take out a feather and start playing with me that way. Make me tell you I want it. When you find a spot that makes my legs shake or my knees buckle or that makes me gasp, use it to your advantage. “Awww is this a sensitive spot, Princess?” “Does that tickle your sweet pussy?” “Are we liking this too much?” And when I respond with giggles and moans and a “Fuck you!” make it worse for me. Make me apologize and then answer your question the right way. “Yes, sir.” “Ahhh yessss.” Then keep. on. going. Tickle me with your feathers, tongue, fingers, oils, ice.. Finger me, edge me. And when I finally tell you I like it, or when I tell you what I want, “Yes right there!” “Ugh keep going please..” then let me cum. And then, keep going since I lied about liking it the first few times. ;)


    But remember good girls don’t need to cum 💧


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    2 and 3 beyond belief


    One. One. A thousand times, ONE. 🥵🥵🥵


    i wish there were more gifs of boys being tickled

    like look at this cute shit

    this is fucking adorable and I will never complain about all the gifs of girls being tied and tickled and all that, cause it's a pure blessing. but ticklish boys are pure, too!!!!!!!



    Maaaan, this is cute.


    “I can keep you wet all the time.”

    She laughed. He was always so brash and confident. Sometimes seemingly full of himself. Too much so. She decided today she would push back a little.

    “No, you can’t. I don’t think that’s true.”

    “Oh really?” His voice on the other end was covered with cynicism. “You don’t think so?”

    “Nope.” She was cool, dismissive in her response. As if he could do it whenever he wanted. She knew better. He didn’t have that much control over her.

    “Want to bet?”

    “Sure.” She delighted in being able to win this little tete a tete.

    “Good. Here’s the deal. After work, we’ll meet at the coffee house on Union. Sit at one of the stools facing the outside so I can see you when I arrive. You wore panty hose today, right?”

    “Mhm, I did. You saw me, remember?” She was enjoying pushing his buttons.

    “I did see you. If you’re wet when I get there, you’ll pull your panty hose down and let them sit right around your ankles. So I know when I get there that you’re a wet needy slut, and that you need to be fucked and used hard tonight.”

    His voice had moved into that low throaty growl, that growl that made her tremble. She could feel her arousal building as he spoke but she maintained her composure.

    “Mhm. And what if I win?”

    “If you win, you’re in charge of my orgasms tonight. You can tease, play, stroke all to your heart’s content. And I don’t get to cum unless you say so.”

    She smiled. She had often fantasized about having control for just one night. She had talked about it with him. Teasing him about it. Telling him how she’d make him wait. Her teasing usually ended up with her pinned down underneath him, a result she took much pleasure in anyway. But she wondered what it would be like.

    “And if you win?”

    “Well, sweetheart if I win, you’ll pull those pantyhose down right there. You’ll sit in the window with them down to your ankles and wait for me, letting me know what a wet little slut you are. And then when I get there, you’ll go to the bathroom and take off your panties. And then the rest I’ll tell you later. Deal?”

    “Deal.” She knew she would win this. Knew that she could keep her mind on other things. He would be hers tonight. She would make sure she’d be at her best. Teasing, lingerie. Hell, maybe she’d even tie him up for a change. Ride him till he would burst. She smiled devilishly as she thought about it.

    “Good, I’ll see you at 6:00. You’ll be there about 5:30, correct?”

    “Yes. See you there. Be ready to pay up.” One final little poke at the bear. She smiled as she hung up. She squirmed with excitement waiting for the day to end. The appointed hour finally came and she made her way to the coffee house, sitting on one of the stools as per their agreement. She wasn’t the slightest bit aroused thinking at that point. She didn’t even understand the point of this. Did he think simply telling her she’d be wet would make her so? She sipped her coffee, anticipating his arrival. Maybe this was his way of letting her have control for one night. Fulfilling her fantasy. As she was finishing her thought, her phone rang. It was him. It was 5:55.

    “Hi, you almost here?”

    “I’m walking over. I didn’t finish telling you what happens if I win.”

    “Mm, true, you didn’t. Though it likely not matters.”

    “Well, let me tell you anyway. After you pull your sopping panties off for me, and your panty hose, you’re going to push this nice vibrator inside that tight little cunt of yours. You’ll secure it in there and then you’ll come back to the counter here and hand me both of them. You’ll see that I have an app on my phone just for that vibrator. I’ll be taking you to dinner and a movie. You will keep your panties off and enjoy me teasing and pleasuring you all fucking night. Are you listening?”

    His voice now was growling, snarling, low and throaty. She could feel her body reacting to him, not able to control her thoughts as she imagined the rest of the day. She felt the dull ache. The moistness growing.

    “Yes, Sir. I’m listening.”

    “Not such a fucking tough girl now, are we? Because after I work you over in public and make it so you can barely fucking feel your legs, I’m going to keep that vibe inside you and strip you naked. And then I’m going to tie you down on the bed with that ass high in the air and that filled cunt of yours staring back at me. And I’m going to make sure I hear you beg. Moan. I’m going to make you buck and bray like a wild animal. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll never ever doubt when and where I can make you wet. Because I can do it anywhere. Anytime. Whenever the fuck I want. Am I clear?”

    “Yes, Sir.” Her voice as low. Submissive. Yielding to him. The bet was over. She was soaked. She knew it. He knew it.

    “Good. Pull those pantyhose down. Now. I’ll be there in ten minutes. You sit in your own juices and think about the rest of your night.”

    “Yes, Sir.” She looked around and then slid them down her thighs. Letting them bunch around her ankles. She felt her face flushing as passerbys walked past the shop. She swore one or two did a double take and looked at her, a mix of confusion and arousal on their faces. Finally, she saw him approaching, his eyes already locked on her, his smile evil and delicious. She smiled embarrassingly as he approached, the pantyhose her white flag, her surrender.

    He came in and kissed her on the lips, handing her the vibrator. “Anytime……anywhere, sweetheart.” She blushed as his tongue glanced off her ear.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    “Go to the bathroom.”, he said handing her the vibrator. “Follow your instructions.” His eyes were firmly on her.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    The rest of their night played out as he promised. She never doubted his ability again. She knew what he could do and that he could do it as he pleased. Anytime. Anywhere.


    Interrogation Tickles

    I think a lot of tickle kinksters have a particular weakness for interrogation scenarios. So many animated shows used tickling as a non-violent way to force information out of a character, and these scenes can be very formative in the development of a fetish - they certainly were for me.

    Before I became aware of my tickling kink, as I entered puberty, I realised that the sight of women’s stomachs excited me far more than other people. One day, I embarked upon a search engine odyssey that began with an online swimwear catalogue and ended with the first fetish video I’d ever seen. In it, a “spy” was chained upright while an “interrogator” fired questions at her, ruthlessly wiggling and spinning a Q-tip inside her belly button. The victim laughed, wailed and pleaded for mercy as she writhed in the restraints and denied all knowledge. I remember two very distinct thoughts:

    “Videos like this are a thing?!”

    “This. This is everything I never knew I wanted.”

    I’ve seen that video a few times since then, and now I appreciate that the acting is fairly wooden. At the time, though, it blew my little mind and I started to look for all the content I could find.

    Anyway, just to provoke a bit of discussion, I wanted to ask the lees and switches out there a question. If you’re into the idea of being interrogated by tickling, which scenario excites you more?

    - one where you DO know the information the ler wants but can’t afford to give it up, and you’re trying desperately not to crack under the torture?


    - the “mistaken identity” situation in which you have no idea what’s being asked, and your only hope is to convince the ler of your innocence before you suffer beyond what would’ve been your breaking point?

    Just curious! Something I’ve always wanted to try: have a (consenting!!) lee lock a computer file with a password that I don’t know, and then tie them up before trying to tickle the password out of them. Obviously if they lie, then it doesn’t work and they get punished for a while before getting another chance to answer correctly 😈 When lees I’ve played with irl have wanted to be pushed to their limits, I’ve always enjoyed forcing a submission and making them scream their safeword. This would just be a way of spicing up the situation. Possibly in costume 🦹🏻‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️


    Well this is something I’d never considered and now definitely need...


    You want to get teased? Oh, you have no idea what you got yourself into right now. Arms behind your back, and they stay there! Now let me start tickling your sensitive nipples through your shirt, till you're a wet, horny mess. Then the shirt comes off and I start all over, gracing your nipples with my fingers, flicking this rock hard buds as you laugh your head off and start grinding your hips, hoping I would soon start touching you down there. But for now it will just be this - soft tickles on your oversensitive and overstimulated nipples, over and over - how long can you take it?


    Do I hate it? Do I love it? I can’t tell, but damn if I didn’t have to catch my breath for a hot second