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2023-02-01 05:28:20

    since tomorrow (23/08) is my birthday, the notes on this post will mean i have to edge/slap my cunt:

    β€’ one reblog = one edge

    β€’ one like = one slap

    i'll be turning 27 so if this reaches 270 notes, i'll double everything (one reblog = two edges)

    obvi if i get that many notes i won't be able to complete all of them on my birthday, so any i can't complete on the day of my birthday will also be doubled (if i have to also double for 270 notes then everything will be x3. eg: 1 reblog = 3 edges).

    i'll stop counting notes at 10am BST on 23/08/22.

    please make me sufferπŸ₯Ί


    A belated Christmas present (for those who celebrate Christmas) and something to see in 2020.

    For the new year, why don’t you resolve to be the very best good girl you can be?

    Thanks to @female-orgasm-denial / @edging-advice whose ideas inspired the twist at the end of this one.


    This is really fucking excellent and everyone should listen to it


    This is extremely well done, and I agree that everyone should listen. Preferably multiple times (I know I've listened to it twice in the hour or two since I came across it!) Not only is it an important message, it has an amazing flow to it - every repeated 'good girl' just hit harder and harder, wave after wave. It was just... Wow. And the twist at the end... Well, I wont spoil that. You'll have to find out for yourself.