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    Hows this for an idea? A micronation where girls are split off at ages 20 - 25. A third of the girls become exclusive live sex dolls for rich gents, one third are processed (grade C meat and lower) and the remainder are sent to shops to be sold for live rosting. The girls have no choice in this and whatever role they are given they must obide by. If the live riast girls are lucky, they can be roasted for royals. Parents would prep their kids from a young age to train them to be good meat.

    Good idea, I’d love to be part of that. Might have to write a story for it.

    Meaty Surplus by  Maximignon

    story by artist:

    Scarlett’s favourite hobby is cooking, and like any good chef, she never lets food go to waste. Today she happened to have PLENTY of extra meat end up in her pantry. Six girls are way more than enough for a single meal, but any good chef or pred knows that it’s better to be gluttonous than to be wasteful~ ❤ Thing is, there’s only so much room for Scarlett to cook this much meat all at once. No problem. Just stuff a pair of extra girls inside another two! The lucky duo roasting on the spits are Asuka and Rin. Scarlett made Asuka swallow her “stuffing” well in advance, letting her own digestive juices marinate and soften the delicious, squirming girl inside. Rin’s stuffing is fresh, and still wriggling even now. Some nice variety between spitroasts, for the discerning pred’s refined palette~ >:3 The lucky two in the oven are Gyanko and Chusi. Human and lizard girl-meat makes for an excellent pairing, and both of their tastes get to cook into one another on a “low” heat for a good, long while. Each of these delicious morsels will make for a decadent feast very soon. How Scarlett expects to eat so much in one sitting is anyone’s guess, however judging by her air of confidence, she’s done this often enough before… ❤

    Artist: Pyperhaylie

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