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    I redesigned My Life As A Teenage Robot last summer, at around the same time that I did my PPG redesigns. I never posted them outside of my Patreon, but the PPG drawings have gotten some random new traction lately so I figured, what the heck, I should go ahead and post Jenny and her friends too. (But the in-depth design process thoughts are still Patreon-only!!) Anyway, if I was the showrunner for a classic Cartoon Network MLAATR/PPG reboot, Jenny and Vega would be endgame~

    if someone tells you to take intro economics classes before you form opinions on economics they're a fucking moron. listen, I learned NOTHING I didn't already know taking an entry level economics class, and half of the shit I learned was straight up wrong--my professor completely seriously claimed canada is "a mix of socialism and capitalism". combine takes like that with "venezuela socialism bad" and you've got what "take econ 101" people want you rot your brain with.

    this may or may not be a callout for my econ professor and not general take on economics classes but points were still made

    Most of the “keep up the work after the protests have ended!”-type posts I’ve seen are mostly focused on like, reading Black authors and listening to Black voices and unlearning racism, and obviously all of that is absolutely vital - but no amount of individual self-reflection will be able to dismantle institutional systems of oppression. So I wanted to put together some resources for continuing to build a culture of noncompliance and resistance to the police and prison system even after things have calmed down

    But first, be aware that the protests <>arent over. It’s June 29th and there are still events and actions being planned regularly across the nation, and they still need your participation and support. If you’re able, please keep your focus there; this list is for what can be done long-term outside of the protests

  • Know your rights. Giving the police any more information than you absolutely have to will never and can never benefit you or anyone else - positive evidence given to the police is regularly thrown out in court, whereas negative evidence will be used against you. Know what to say and what you have the right to refuse. You don’t have to answer any questions without a lawyer present, you don’t have to give the police access to your house or car unless they have a current warrant signed by a judge. T<>hey will try to intimidate you - learn your rights and don’t let up, don’t ever cooperate with the police
  • Don’t snitch. If you see someone breaking the law in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody, keep your mouth shut. If cops knock on your door asking you questions about your neighbors or anyone you know, don’t answer
  • Don’t call the cops. If you can solve the problem in a different way, do it. Cops have on multiple occasions murdered the people they were called to help (or bystanders) without provocation. Don’t be complicit in that. Learn how to handle situations as a community or with the help of qualified experts
  • When you see an interaction with the police happening, stop and observe. If necessary, film the interaction. Organize and work with groups such as Copwatch to observe the police and hold them accountable
  • Use proper opsec, especially if you’re involved with anything that might make you a target for the cops. Downloading Signal is a great simple place to start
  • Learn about jury nullification, and spread the word. When serving in a jury, you have the right to vote not guilty on a defendant that you believe did commit the crime but doesn’t deserve punishment for it. Don’t be complicit in unjust punishment
  • Refuse to do work for the police or prison system. Workers keep the world running and the state relies on our compliance to keep our neighbors under their thumb. We can shut it down
  • Continue to support bail funds, even for non-protesters. Cash bail is unjust, and people shouldn’t be in jail just because they can’t pay
  • Continue to support legal defense funds as well, such as that of the National Lawyers Guild
  • Write to prisoners, either by yourself or with groups such as the Anarchist Black Cross or Black And Pink, and organize/support books to prisons programs, commissary funds, reentry programs, and other forms of prisoner support
  • Organize and support community-run crisis response organizations like the CAHOOTS program in Eugene, Oregon or the Birmingham Peacemakers in my hometown
  • Here are some other organizations to join that are doing good work in this area:

  • Black Lives Matter is obviously a huge voice in racial justice right now. The list of “official” chapters on their website is very incomplete, though, so you may have better luck doing a web search for “[your area] black lives matter” (beware of fakes though)
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice is another very active and widespread racial justice network
  • Critical Resistance is a grassroots prison abolitionist organization founded by Angela Davis
  • The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is another active prison abolitionist organization
  • The IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee works with prisoners to organize strikes, phone zaps, and other actions combating injustice in prisons
  • Again, the Anarchist Black Cross does great work supporting political prisoners through letter-writing and more. The link I’ve been including is to an unofficial federation of ABC groups, though - there may be a group in your area that’s not part of that federation, so a web search for “[your area] black cross” may be better
  • Black And Pink is a prison abolitionist organization focused on queer people and people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Antifascism is of course an important aspect of racial justice and community safety. See @antifainternationals guide to getting connected to your local antifascists - though, again, beware of fakes (the “antifa checker” accounts on fedbook and twitter can help)
  • The police state and prison industrial complex rely on the complicity and cooperation of all of us to function and be effective. By building a culture of noncompliance and active resistance, we can drastically reduce the state’s ability to oppress communities of color. Don’t let the struggle be forgotten with the changing of the news cycle - keep up the struggle until all are free!

    Boosts and additional resources are very much appreciated!

    Y’all ever get those random ghost-shivers, where it isn’t even cold or anything, but all of a sudden it feels like you are full of static electricity and you shake uncontrollably?

    The pictures might make it seem like a slow process, but this really happens very rapidly in just a few seconds

    One just hit me

    I once heard that this is your brain randomly zapping you with electrical signals to make sure you’re not dead. Not sure if that’s true.

    My brain, seeing if I’m alive or dead<>: VIBE CHECK!!!

    My mother used to say that when you get this little frisson, someone has just walked over your grave.

    My family used to say “a goose just walked over my grave” and I have no clue why a goose except maybe alliteration? But goose is fine

    DM: Goddamn am I glad you minmaxed that shit, it makes feeding you all plot hooks and so much easier.

    Context: two party members are built to be masters of collecting information and sifting degree of fact and fiction from information.

    In practise this means we can find things and people pretty easily, it also means the GM has a lot more wiggle room to throw whatever he wants at us since he can justify it as us finding out about it before or when it becomes a problem, or that in our relentless combing for information nwe stumble upon X.

    It needs to be said to that he was asked about this multiple times, and each time shrugged it off completely. There have been protests. This was not just overlooked, not some mistake or miscalculation, he actively chose to ignore this problem. We all knew how much of this state is renters. He knew.

    In March:

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York “took care of the rent issue.” But there is currently no policy in place to back that claim.

    “We have said that no one can get evicted for nonpayment of rent and that to me is the fundamental answer,” Cuomo said. “That solves all of the above.” The governor added “no evictions for non-payment of rent and then we’ll see where we are.”

    In April:

    “We have a number of options” with NO further elaboration.

    Then, again, in May:

    “I get the people who say no one should have to pay rent. I get the landlord and the building owners who say I’m going to walk away from my building and it’s going to be vacant. What we are saying is no one can be evicted for non-payment of rent through June, period.”

    He kept saying “We’re fine through June. Don’t worry about it.” But where is he now? He said “We’ll see” but here we are! June is ending! Evictions were further paused until August- but only for SOME. Housing courts are still very much reopening! Not only does that mean we will start to see the FIRST wave of evictions, but we’re still left without a plan for the new deadline.

    These establishment democrats are so desperate to find an answer that will appease an insatiable extortionist class that they may simply decide to do nothing and watch the disaster unfold.

    s2g not voting Tumblr is dumb as fuck. do y'all think that if you don’t vote, the problems just go away? that if people don’t try their damn best vote trump and all the other crooks out of their positions of power that they’re just gonna go away on their own?

    Refusing to vote for a Governor not currently running for anything at all is basically a vote for Trump.

    Why do you nerds always talk like voting is the only action that exists? Why is it vote or nothing? Pretending like the alternative option is giving up and lazing about is such an obnoxious bad faith argument