Wow the grad student situation at Temple is actually insane. A microcosm of what’s wrong with academia and American healthcare and workers rights as a whole.




    The good news is that they PUT IN WRITING that this was retaliation against them exercising a protected right. These actions by Temple are illegal and I’ve heard that labor lawyers are in communication with the TUGSA to deal with this. Hope TU gets fucked for this!


    I think about this cake every day


    sorry for exposing your tags but this is hilarious


    OP, I hope you don’t mind me making an addition:

    When I turned 17, we ordered a cake at the grocery store for my party, as we’d done many times before. If you wanted something written on the cake you’d write it into a section of the order form. We requested, very simply, “Happy Birthday Courtney”. When we went to pick it up the day of the party, this is what we got.

    The bakery employees had absolutely no explanation for this. The order form, attached to the box, very clearly did not contain any of those extra names. Whomever had done the writing was no longer in, so there was no one to ask how this had happened. The fact that the name ‘Juan’ is misspelled bewilders me to this day. (I’ve never seen ‘Miley’ without the E, either, but it’s believable that someone might spell it that way.) Did this cake slip in from an alternate universe where I’m one quarter of a set of Hispanic quadruplets? Dyslexic Hispanic quadruplets, maybe?

    This cake became the focal point of my party. At least two of my friends regularly called me ‘Courtney Mily Jaun Pablo’ for years to come. My siblings and I still reference it sometimes, eleven years later. It is probably the funniest thing ever to occur at any birthday celebration of my life, and may well remain so for the rest of my days.

    I love a botched cake.


    Firefighter demonstrates how to put out a kitchen fire


    Reblog to actually save a life


    To explain. The latter works because you’re cutting off the supply of oxygen to the fire and suffocating it

    as opposed to slapping oxygen inside the pan with the downward motion


    Reblogging, because this is so important. When I was learning how to cook for myself in my tweens, I had at least a five years of fire safety seminars from school drilling this into my head, and I STILL had that instinctive put-the-fire-out-with-water reflex. Didn’t even think. I saw our oily burner catch fire after frying eggs, whipped around towards the sink for water, and my brain immediately screamed NO!!! NO WATER! I mean that fire safety stuff straight up bitchslapped me out of REFLEXIVELY setting my house on fire. I found a pot lid and inched it over the burner before turning off the heat. Even if you think you know this stuff, panic is powerful shit. Make knowledge more powerful.


    “Even if you think you know this stuff, panic is powerful shit. Make knowledge more powerful.”


    cat riding sheep


    lookin at the first few moments thinkin “what’s wrong with that foreleg? is it folded under the cat at a funny angle? is the cat missing half that leg? wait. no. it’s just buried up to the elbow in wool”


    Fun fact. Lanolin, the oil in wool which makes it water resistant, has a scent similar to one produced by nursing mother cats which induces nursing behaviour in kittens. A lot of cats will exhibit this behaviour with wool blankets for the same reason.


    The adorable behavior she is showing at the end, deep treading and pressing the flat.of her head against the sheep, rooting her nose around in the sheep’s wool, ears turned sweetly back, is STRONG kitten nursing behavior. This cat is a full adult and doing unusually Baby things. I’d say that checks out. She’s treating the sheep like Mom. Adults, even those with residual nursing behaviors, don’t often go THIS baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat were actually suckling. She’s incredibly happy.

    The sheep seems to be very much enjoying it as well. I loooove this.


    Allistic people really need to stop phrasing requests as questions because it's fucking with me

    "Do you want to help me cook dinner?"

    No, I'm still overwhelmed from earlier and want to stay in my room.

    "well fine, dinner will be ready when it's done." And now they're upset with me

    And I'm just here like ???????


    Oh God I hate it when they frame it like that because it sounds like a choice, but if you say no they get all offended. It’s an illusion of choice and it’s so annoying.

    If I ever ask something, it’s an offer, not a demand. “Hey, wanna watch a movie with me? No? Okay, I’ll go watch it, you chill here and I hope you feel better.”


    I can't count the times I got in trouble because of that as a kid while never having any idea what exactly I did wrong.

    Those requests with only one correct response disguised as questions with multiple answers just made me think I couldn't actually say "no" to anything (because I had no idea which ones were the secret requests), something I still have trouble to this day.


    Also when they just make an observation but they expect you to know that they’re asking for something. Like “Oh the trash can is pretty full.” But they really mean “Could you take the trash out?” Just fuckign say what you mean 😒


    Here's the thing. They've literally been trained since childhood to do it this way, and probably do not realize that what they're saying can be interpreted another way. It's an Ask vs Guess problem. In particular, a lot of women are taught to phrase things is a Guess way. The way they were taught to speak, they are saying what they mean.

    If you want someone in your life to switch from Guess to Ask with you, then you need to have a discussion with them, Ask them to meet you somewhere in the middle on this, possibly explain the difference in cultures, definitely explain, "When you say $THING, it does not mean to me what it means to you", and then understand that it will take them time and work to change, and that you may need to be an active participant in that change. You can do this by remembering that things do not mean the same to them that they do to you, and, when they say, "Do you want to cook dinner with me?" replying with, "Are you asking me to do that, or are you asking me if I'd like it?"

    Yes, I understand that this will be hard for you also. You and this person in your life will both need to work on this, together, and be forgiving of one another.

    This is not something the other person is intentionally doing to you, or at you. They are speaking as they were taught to speak, that's all. It happens to conflict with your neurodivergence. That happens. It can be dealt with.


    So, I’ve been pulled over a few times in my life. Not many, but a few. And I’ve also been in a couple of cars that got pulled over. And let me tell you, if you were actually doing something wrong, the officer doesn’t make any small talk, just straight into “I clocked you doing 70 in a 55.” The only time I’ve ever gotten the “do you know why I pulled you over?” was the time when I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I got let go even though he insisted to the end that I was doing 87 in a 70 (white privilege at work).

    “Do you know why I pulled you over?” is a trap. It means there’s a good chance the officer doesn’t actually have a good reason to ticket you, and is trying to get you to waive your 5th Amendment rights and incriminate yourself. If you make a guess, that’s a confession of guilt.

    But there’s another trap, that I’ve heard of but haven’t yet experienced. It’s “do you know how fast you were going?” With that one, they’re hoping you’ll say no, because then they can name whatever speed they want – you just said you didn’t know how fast you were going, if you deny the speed they name then you’re lying to them.


    Oh, I’ve had that one. Go with “yes.” Don’t give them a number, just say “Yes.” Then they still have to offer a number and you can deny it without contradicting yourself. They could just ask you, at that point, but that’s suspiciously similar to saying they don’t know, and they tend to avoid doing that.


    Reblog to save a life


    if you scroll past this just because it doesn’t affect you personally, i see you.


    Also, you can always go to court and contest a ticket, and a lot of times you’ll win. Or if the cop thinks you’ll win they won’t even show up and you’ll win by default.

    They like to target out of state plates because anyone who would be majorly inconvenienced by a court date two months away is a lot more likely to just pay it.


    The $100-200 it usually costs to hire a ticket attorney is well worth it.


    That little girl is going places


    I know more about economics than AOC and my knowledge on economics is on a high school level. Its actually embarassing how little she knows about this shit. But hey, expecting a socialist to know about economics is like expecting a fish to know what a desert is.


    Much of the ocean is a desert


    You know what? Let’s use the allowance example again to make it even clearer.

    Let’s pretend we have an allowance tax bracket with a 70% tax on money received after a certain point. To keep things simple, we’ll make the limit $90.

    If a kid does chores and earns $10 in allowance, they get $10. They’re not going to be affected by the 70% tax.

    If a kid does chores and earns $50, they get $50. They also aren’t in the 70% tax bracket, even though they make five times as much money as the kid making $10.

    If a kid does chores and earns $100 in allowance, then they’re in the allowance tax bracket with the 70% tax.

    $100 minus $90 is $10. This is the part that’s going to be taxed 70%.

    70% of $10 is $7.

    So the kid getting $100 in allowance will have $93 after the 70% tax takes its share.

    Now, I’d never impose such a thing on actual kids. All of this is a thought exercise.

    But if it were real, the kid making $10 and the kid making $50 would probably be kind of mad if the kid getting $93 was bitching about being short $7.


    there is no “trans debate.” you either believe in the rights of all people to personal freedom, bodily autonomy, privacy, and self-identification, or you’re just a bad person.



    No, it applies to minors too. Fuck off.

    You can either let minors transition and they become happier, or you could take on the ideology of some sort of Gender Police and forcibly detransition trans minors, increasing the likelihood that they will attempt suicide.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics supports letting children transition and I think they know a little more about childhood development than you do.