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    I asked my (23M, human) orc gf (25F, orc) to stop deadlifting my family members when she comes over for the holidays because it makes me looks small and weak, and now she and the rest of her clan keep forcing me to run laps and lift whole roasted hogs when I visit for orc holidays. AITA?


    YTA. orcs like showing their affection through feats of strength. She wasn't trying to make you look weak, she was trying to show how strong your love was.


    And you're also misreading their reaction. You were rude to ask her to stop, but her and her clan are very graciously addressing your concern about your lack of strength by taking on the task of training you.


    people on this site will make the biggest scene whenever any of the crystal gems has the tiniest flaw but i don’t see ANYBODY talking about all of the innocent people steven callously stabs per episode ..? :/


    it seems like almost every time i watch the show i’m like, great, another steven’s knife episode. it’s like, enough? we get it??


    what the fuck are you talking about?


    stevens knife. why isnt anybody talking about this


    listen attack of the clones is one of my absolute favorite movies but good lord george lucas cannot write dialogue without supervision


    the "you could say we are encouraged to love" speech is one of my favorite moments in the entire god damn franchise and then ten minutes later the same guy is saying shit like "I'm haunted by the kiss you should never have given me my heart is beating hoping it does not become a scar" girl what you sound like you've swallowed 85 bad space regency romance novels


    and ultimately I can't really be that mad about this because like. it's not NOT accurate to being a nineteen year old boy in love. been there man


    for full accuracy they should have had them both listening to space evanescence and writing sad poetry in their space journals and maybe weeping on the bathroom floor a little but in fairness I don't thibk real evanescence had been invented yet

    “20 years later! This was another magical moment for me returning to the exact location of where I shot my debut album cover “Let Go” yesterday in New York City right before we played Madison Square Garden! Happy 20th anniversary “Let Go.” And thank you to all of my incredibly amazing and supportive fans that have shown me so much love over all these years.”

    AVRIL LAVIGNE 2002 & 2022