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    If no one has told you today:

    🌻 I’m so proud of you

    🌻 Just concentrate on your breathing, it will be okay

    🌻 You deserve happiness

    🌻 You are not your mental illness

    🌻 You deserve to recover

    🌻 I’m super proud of you

    🌻 I love you

    🌻 If I could, I would hug each and every one of you

    🌻 Please eat something today and make sure to drink some water. If you are tired, take a nap

    🌻 Please look after yourself

    🌻 You deserve love

    It’s not just a Breakup

    I don’t only lose paid channels or streaming services if I break up with him. I lose my social Acceptance in my own city when I do break up with him. He gave me comfort but he also gave me love and acceptance from all people from different backgrounds. Different styles of life, I already told too many people what kind of nice boyfriend I have and why he is important in my life, but the truth he tells me sometimes makes me question if he actually likes me or is he testing me with the limited respect he has. 

    Week 5, Day 3 at 9:20pm

    Lockdown in California

    Dear future self, 

    You were in a relationship with a man that “loved” you when he clearly forgot the one promise you two made when you were 15. You believed it but now at 22 he said this “I forgot or I made that with someone else”. You cried and he asked “was it my fault?” You said no for tonight, but he broke your trust. 

    Whores, huh? Okay, yeah probably not the kind you like to fuck though, right? Not quite young enough I bet - you fucking pedophile-looking jizz mopper. You fucking disgusting rent-a-cop wannabe Woody Allen looking dickface. Fuck you, dude! And we are leaving now, but only cause I can’t spend another second looking at your dumb, hideous face and your oddly shaped head, which is probably the closest thing to a penis on your disgusting, rotting, wilting body, you filth. Die!

    Never Goin’ Back (2018) dir. Augustine Frizzell