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    My personal Kars Headcanons

  • His hair needs to be tended to, It's really curly/wavy,he needs to comb through it a lot. When he woke up from that 2000 year nap he took care of it fast. It was hard and clumpy, but the outcome was worth it.
  • He definitely had a "small" Crush on Esidisi when they were younger, which made him question things about him.
  • I won't take criticism, he's at least bi curious
  • Dispite what he says about Santana and wamuu, they are his kids, and he a very protective dad of 2
  • Ever sense he was blown into space he started to get a massive fear of being in the open, and being alone.
  • His purple(manga) eyes glint with happiness every time he sees an animal. Only Esidisi has seen this glint.
  • Swimming calms him so he wants to be in the water a lot
  • This is small but here, I should start to write more

    Pillar Men and their types

    ANOTHER POST! I may be getting out of my hiatus? Who knows!

    Anyways, todays post is about the Pillar Men and their types. Don't worry though, they'll like you if you're good enough!

    Reader is Fem.


  • idk why but he LOOOVVVESSSSS redheads
  • The shorter the better, well, if you're under 4'11, maybe a little too short...
  • Thick thighs for him
  • He really enjoys curly hair
  • He loves it when really short or smaller women try and act all tough and fierce when they're really not, it makes him laugh but he genuinely thinks its cute
  • He also likes blondes
  • But like I said, as long as you're charming enough, you don't have to have every physical thing!
  • Esidisi

  • Dark hair for him
  • Freckles are his weakness...
  • Like Kars, the shorter, the better
  • Likes the shy types
  • Blondes are cute to him as well
  • You have to put up with his teasing. Also gotta like the really clingy types (aka, Esidisi)
  • If you don't enjoy warm-hot baths, I don't think he's for you xD
  • Wamuu

  • He likes women who smell good. If you want to woo him instantly, smell like some type of forest flower, specifically one that is blue.
  • A short but powerful woman
  • He likes the sweet and gentle types too, though
  • The spunkier, the better!
  • I hope you like flowers, because he'll gifts those a lot to you!
  • He loves a soft and sweet voice
  • Santana

  • He likes the quiet types, since he's quiet himself
  • He is also sort of clingy, so if you don't mind too much, that'll be good
  • Doesn't care about hair color, but he does care about the eyes. He definitely has a thing for bright blue eyes...but also thinks dark brown is pretty
  • Curvy women!
  • He likes the ones who cuddle a lot
  • my-writings-and-musings

    All I can think about is LL seeing a human be sold as an 'exotic pet' on some far away planet. Someone suggest buying the human to freedom, someone else says that it'll just encouradge the whole process.

    Tailgate? Tailgate sees the obvious solution, he just graps the cage the humans held in and makes a run for it

    Tailgate is the only one who knows how to dismantle capitalism; running like hell.

    You'd more or less resigned yourself to a life of whatever torment aliens could give, only to have that all upended when the Cybertronians arrived. They actually seemed to recognize you, even crowding about your cage. They seemed to be discussing things when the littlest one came to your cage and held it, his bright blue visor bringing you some measure of comfort...

    That was, until he grabbed the cage and ran as if his little life depended on it.

    Everything afterwards had been a blur of activity; shouting, things in the market getting tossed aside, the big one with one optic laughing gleefully the entire time...

    When they'd all finally regrouped at their giant ship the chaos hadn't lessened, but the little one didn't loosen his grip on you for a second. A kind looking orange bot had stepped in to speak kindly to you, and that had allowed things to calm down enough that you'd been successfully freed from the cage. As a brightly colored bot and a gigantic blue bot showed up and some argument began, the little mech who'd rescued you held you close.

    "Don't worry... You're safe now..."


    I loved this so much that I just had to make a silly doodle off it!

    **cw angst**

    merman santana is a fugitive after some poachers tried to capture him, and he turns up on the beach badly hurt. to make things worse when he fought to escape one of the poachers drowned, and now there’s a bounty on him as a “dangerous creature” and YN has to protect him…


    [Oh God, that would be a tense situation.]

    [Merman au]

    Looking for her help.

    Everything happened very fast, one hour he was hunting some fish to eat, and the next he was caught by a fishing net, and suddenly he was forced to attack the men who caught him and started wanting to cut his fins. The way they attacked him was brutal, but he retaliated and managed to flee from there still with his fins. Adrenaline kept him from feeling pain for a long time, but he soon felt the weight of the cuts he took, and the first thing he wanted now it was the company of Y/n.

    Santana used his last strength to crawl to the door of Y/n’s house, and soon after passed out from exhaustion. Minutes later, Y/n is about to go out to a market to buy an ingredient for the dinner she was making. When she opens the door she comes across Santana very hurt, his hand that was leaning on the door falls and Y/n notices that he was unconscious.

    She rolls up her sleeves and uses all the strength she could exert to pull the merman into the house. She knew it would give her serious back problems but she didn’t care.

    “God…who did it to you?” She didn’t expect him to respond, laying him down on the smooth floor, examining his injuries she saw that it hadn’t been a fight with another merman or even an animal, it seemed like the work of humans. Santana moves a little when she feels the touch of her beloved. Opening his eyes he realizes that he was inside her house, and he was happy to see her again.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll patch you up and you’ll get better."Santana nods,she was so good to him,he had never felt so blessed to have met a human, that human, in contrast to the ones he had crossed a few hours ago.Y/n was taking care of his wounds, that hurt a little, but the warmth of her hands was comforting.She noticed something curious, Santana started to purr, that was really cute,sometimes he resembled a giant cat.

    A week passed, and since then rumors of an aquatic creature that attacked people have spread around the shore. You knew this was related to Santana, and just in case, you asked your other merman friend to warn the others to stay away from the surface while the poachers were looking for any clues to the merfolk’s existence.

    Santana hadn’t said what had happened that day, you decided not to upset him while he recovered. Y/n didn’t expect it, but he came up to her and said he wanted to talk about something he did that day, and that for sure that was why they were hunting him.

    "I crossed paths with some poachers.–He starts.– And…one of them ended up drowning by me, they think I killed him…”

    Y/n says nothing, just stares at him perplexed, Santana understood that as a negative reaction, he feared she would think the worst of him.

    “I…understand if you don’t want to see me anymore…”

    “Are you crazy? I’d never do that, they were wrong to want to mess with people they shouldn’t, you just defended yourself…I just…I was just shocked that I could have lost you…”

    Santana smiles slightly, Y/n hands him a bottle of water to keep him hydrated. And then she continues.

    “Until they stop these ‘dangerous sea creatures’ rumors, I think you’d better stay here.”

    “Thank you…Y/n…”

    Pillar descendant Spends time with the pillars.

    Santana’s close relationship with you spurs the others to try and become closer to you as well. Almost like it is a race to see who gains favor faster. While you are caught in the middle of this strange contest. 


    He ordered you to come to him and retreived you himself when you did not come, as you were already dozing in Santana’s arms. So you were there with the leader of the pillar men, cranky and sleepy. He wanted to give you a few lessons about the history of your people, but you kept dozing off. This irritated Kars greatly. However, He stopped waking you up after the fifth time. You were not fighting or trying to get away from him, You were not insulting him or trying to piss him off, You were just at peace. You were so much smaller and more delicate than he was. He felt your slow and steady breaths as you dozed, your body and head leaned against him. You had been up all night since sundown, doing chores, excercizing and being a pain for Kars. You seemed to innocent and harmless like this.  The pillar man king placed his hand on your sleeping head lightly and let you sleep with your head resting against his chest. Your small horns poked his skin, reminding him why he was letting someone do this. He was also feeling exhaustion from the night’s activities, it was time for him to sleep as well. He picked up your sleeping form and took you to his room. You may make noise when you wake up, but you will be safe during your sleep. Kars let you lay beside him and he wrapped his large arms around you in a warm yet possessive embrace. You were not going anywhere. 


    He was eager to see if he can have a good relationship with you, similar to the friendship he had with your ancestor. He decided that having a nice dinner and drink like old times would help. Sitting you down for dinner was hard as he had to pull you away from Wamuu. You two talked about things over the dinner, how you felt, shit talking about vampires and just loosening up after eating and drinking a bit. The conversations turned to dumb things that you two had seen over the years and laughing at some stupid things the vampires had done. Funny stories continued between you two as you were allowed to talk to him instead of just listening to stories of your ancestor. 


    After learning how Santana gained your trust, He decided to try something similar. He waited until you were done training one day and asked you if you wanted him to give you a massage instead. You were hesitant about letting this brick house of a man massage you, he could easily break you. After Wamuu insisted enough, you let him massage your muscles. He was very strong and his hands were so big. The pressure and motion of the massage felt a little painful at first before it started to feel great.  It felt like all the stress and tension in your muscles just disappeared. You just relaxed by the time he finished. You did not want to get up, but you knew you had to give Wamuu a massage in return for giving you one. It was the only way. Your hands ran over his large muscles to relax his sore and strained body. 


    Santana was not so happy that he had to once again struggle to get your attention and time. He wants to be alone again with you. You are comfy. He was upset to find Kars carrying you away from him when he opened his eyes. He had to get you from Esidisi after you two had ate dinner. You got on the matress next to him and snuggled to the chest of the guard dog pillar man. He wrapped muscular arms around you and held you in loose arms. 

    Pillar Hybrid and the pillar men. part 8?

    You had been in your room for some time. you had finally stopped crying and settled down enough to hear Santana and the Butler, Weisse, on the other side of your door. You heard them speak and felt the door open a bit, hitting your back. “(y/n),” the soft speech of the vermilion haired guard made you look back at him, He had squeezed through the small crack again to sit next to you. You were still shaking with anger and disgust from what you found out what Kars wanted. You hugged him around his neck, causing him to fall back from surprise. He slowly returned the embrace after you started chaking again.  Your face was flushed with color, your eyes looked shiny from your tears. Santana raised one hand to place atop your head like you had done to him once before. He was quiet as he let you snuggle him for some sort of comfort. Your horns poked his cheek as you continued to embrace him tightly.  “You feel better?,” Santana asked you softly, Making sure his voice was not too loud in your ear. You quietly nodded and felt Santana rise from the laying position you two had been in. Your arms still were wrapped around the neck of Santana.

    The Vermilion Haired pillar man let you hug him until you felt secure enough to let go, by then, the food that the butler left for you was cold. Santana let you eat and Change into a new outfit. This outfit was not pastel or earth tones like the others, This new outfit that you found was pure white. Silver accessories decorated your form after you put it on. Sheer long sleeves flowed from your arms as you moved. It felt light and ethereal to wear. Santana waited outside for you to change. You wanted to show this outfit you found to Weisse, the vampire butler and went to find him. Santana followed you to make sure you were safe. You found the vampire butler with the pretty violet eyes working. “Weisse!,’ You called to him happily. The Blond butler looked over and saw you in a much better mood than before, he seemed relieved by this. “Glad to see you feeling better, (y/n).,” The vampire spoke and turned to you, “That is a beautiful outfit you have, Try not to get it dirty.” You made a happy spin and leaned in to see what Weisse was working on. It looked to be a mixture for making a drink or something to eat. “Were you asked to make something special?,” You inquired and got a nod from the blond butler. “Esidisi asked me to make something from this mixture. I am deciding on whether it should be a tea or dessert mix, He never specified which.,” Weisse replied as Santana walked closer and smelled the mixture. Santana did not particularly like the smell of it and made a scoff. 

    Santana’s expression made the butler chuckle, “It may not be to your taste, Master Santana.” The scarlet eyed pillar man huffed and took (y/n)’s hand, ready to leave the butler alone. You were pulled away by the impatient youngest pillar man and waved goodbye to Weisse. The butler had a smile on his face as he waved back and returned to his work of preparing whatever esidisi wanted. Santana pulled you along the hall, leading you to where he wanted to go. You felt the eyes of vampires pass over you before turning away. And a much harder and burning gaze. You looked into the doorway to Kars’ study and saw the leader watching you pass by, his usual cool expression on his face. His and your eyes met for just a second before you passed out of view. You and Santana walked together until you reached Wamuu’s room, Santana knocked on the door and waited.  Wamuu did not answer the door. Santana knocked again, a bit more annoyed this time. You tugged on the torso covering that he had on to get his attention, “Perhaps Wamuu is not in at the moment?” Santana pondered the suggestion a bit and nodded, content with that. He turned to leave, presumably to find Wamuu. When you followed, you saw Wamuu walking down the hall towards you and Santana. He seemed to be caught up in his thoughts. The Vermilion haired pillar man with you called to his blond ally. Wamuu did not seem to notice. This annoyed Santana. You could see his rib blades ripple under his skin. He wanted to fight Wamuu again. 

    You grapped Santana’s hand to calm him down a bit before letting it go and walking up to Wamuu, placing your hands on his large pectorals. “Wamuu!,” You called to the large man, snapping him out of his trance. He stepped back after seeing what you were wearing. “(y/n), You look very nice tonight.,” The green eyed pillar man said. You noticed his cheeks were slightly flushed. “Thank you, Wamuu.,” You smiled up to him. Santana pulled you back to him and let his ribs ripple under his skin again, showing that he wanted to fight Wamuu again.  “Not tonight, Santana. We should rest from our sparring.,” The Blond warrior spoke to his younger ally, “We broke the arena last night.” “The vampires are trying to fix it right now.,” The voice of Esidisi spoke, “If you two want to go outside to train, I’ll look after (y/n).” You felt Santana pull you a bit closer to him. Santana did not let you go until he was sure you were okay to be left behind. You had to tell him verbally that you were okay. Even though it was Esidisi who was watching you this time, Anything was better than Kars after what happened. 


    He had been in his study, figuring out the next move that he and the others should make while also thinking of ways to convince you to have children with him. He had heard the chiming of your accessories and looked up in time to see that you found that one special outfit that he had made for you. What he wanted you to wear when you Became his. You must have run out of other clothing and put it on. You looked like one of the beautiful women of his old tribe, only with the precious delicateness that your human blood gave you.  Perhaps he needed to be a bit more gentle? He needed to think of a way that would be most effective to meet his goal. 


    He was happy to get some time with you. You looked so pretty in that outfit. He led you to his favorite place in the castle. It had some things he had collected from his travels. Esidisi was quite proud when you voice your amazement at his collection of human items, some extremely rare and in almost perfect condition. You began asking questions about the items that interested you the most. He was more than happy to answer your questions. You realized that almost all countries had similar horned men entities in their mythology, almost like they all came from a same source.  The pillar men were the basis for those monsters of mythology. Esidisi started to tell you more about his travels, telling you about where he got some of his collection. You listened as he let you use one of the furs he had as a blanket. His heat was also keeping you warm in the oddly cold night. You were getting some odd comfort from his warmth and how he was holding you, carefully and loosely. You could get away if you wanted. During the storytime, you saw Weisse come in with a drink for Esidisi and you, mulled wine. It was a bit sweet and had strange spiced flavor to it. You realized it was the mixture from earlier. you saw Esidisi drink his and give it back to Weisse. He did not thank the vampire, but you did. 


    After hearing the plans that his masters had for you, he could not concentrate on the training. He lost his sparring session to Santana. He was more concerned about how you were. You did not seem to be willing to follow what his masters wanted from you. Although what Esidisi told him about you being a cute mother did seem true. 


    Was quite proud that he won against Wamuu for the first time in a while. Then was annoyed that Wamuu was not being serious. When he questioned Wamuu about what was distracting him. Santana did not understand at first what Wamuu told him about their masters’ plans for you. But, he did know that you were upset because of it. 


    Pillar men x chubby reader plz

    I can get enough of them

    Pillar men x chubby reader plz

    I can get enough of them

    yes. just yes.

    also i apologize for taking a couple days to get to this!!

    Pillarmen x Chubby Reader!

    reader is gender neutral since anon did not specify pronouns/gender!


  • Kars thinks chubbiness is kinda hot
  • In his eyes, he also sees it as a sign of health and happiness! Probably some clan thing, who knows.
  • He likes thick thighs, so even better. Think what you will with that information...
  • Kars likes to cuddle you like a nice, fluffy pillow. You're just so soft, like a marshmallow.
  • He very much enjoys your body.
  • If you had a day where you may have felt self conscious about it, he would cheer you up with praises and positive affirmations.
  • "Your body is just fine, my love. You look stunning. Don't worry about changing it or being upset about it. Learn to embrace it."
  • Esidisi:

  • Esidisi thinks chubbiness is cute. He doesn't really care about the body type as long as you're healthy.
  • Like Kars, he sees it as a sign of happiness and health in your spirit and mindset, probably from the pillar clan's culture.
  • Kars likes thick thighs...but Esidisi LOVES them!
  • They're just so soft and cute looking to him.
  • Esidisi also likes to warm you up with his heat powers.
  • Really likes to cuddle
  • Low self-esteem? He got you.
  • "Oh, please. Your body is just stunning, no, lovely! I wouldn't be complaining about that type of figure, cause you're rockin' it!"
  • Wamuu:

  • Wamuu admires the diversity and the difference in your body type. He's noticed how humans promote unhealthy habits just to be small and petite and he's glad you haven't fallen into that.
  • He thinks your body is strong and capable.
  • He does find your body type attractive.
  • Wamuu realizes one day he's into thighs too. I think all the Pillar Men like thick thighs now that I think about it...
  • Wamuu very much cares about your health, however, so he'll make sure you don't get too chubby.
  • Feeling down that day about your body? Well, you're in luck. Wamuu, the Pillar Man therapist, is here for you
  • "It's all about the mindset. Bad mindset, bad health. You are stunning to not only me, but many others. Everyday is a new day- if you want to change something, you can. But never let it bring you down as a person. Embrace your form, for it is more powerful than you may think."
  • Santana:

  • Santana is curious about your figure, since he's been around extremely fit men his whole life.
  • He admires it though, and finds it attractive.
  • Santana is already a known cuddler, so he especially enjoys it with you.
  • He likes to hug you.
  • A lot.
  • "You're as soft as the clouds in the sky..."
  • On days when you might not feel as confident in your form, Santana will notice quickly. Santana isn't known to be a therapist, more like just a listener.
  • After you tell him about your feelings though, he'll know what to say.
  • "Your form...it's one of a kind. It's...good. Precious. Something that cannot be shined in such a negative light. I understand what you say, but I don't think you should be upset about something so insignificant. I think many find it beautiful and attractive."