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    i like bryan ferry because half his 80s output sounds like chariots of fire running in the rain back to your manhattan high rise apartment because you saw your girl in the arms of another man at limelight or danceteria and sinking into a tubular steel overstuffed black velour bauhaus couch with a bottle of gin writhing in agony & the other half sounds like the last dance with her two weeks later under the pretense of reconciliation but you both know there's no going back to how it was...

    I overheard your parents having sex. If they concieved, you want me to kill it? Think about it. Your mom will love you less. She says she won't, but she will. She'll be too busy with her new child to be able to drive you to seaworld with that woman you met on BumbleBFF that you fully intend to have sex with one day. You'll have to get your own drivers liscence. Hey. You agree? Sweet.

    stepping out into the front yard to fetch the mail in my einsturzende neubauten officially branded bathrobe

    going to the kitchen and pouring myself a cup of coffee in my einsturzende neubauten officially branded whatever this thing is

    my wife is also in the kitchen baking us a cake to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary while wearing her einsturzende neubauten officially branded apron

    i walk over to my wife to give her a kiss on the cheek. she tells me my present is on the table. i open it and gasp. i cannot believe my eyes. it's a... pair of einsturzende neubauten officially branded cufflinks!

    The Party for Socialism and Liberation are revisionists who betray Leninist principles by organizing in a cooperative fashion with other groups that agree with them. Black Hammer, on the other hand, are revolutionary practitioners of socialism in the same vein as the original Bolsheviks: aggressively attacking every single left-wing organization with one atom’s worth of difference in opinion from their own. Revolutionary struggles of the past tell us which will succeed

    cold open to a middle aged man sitting on a couch

    my story? i'm nobody special. i watched it as a kid like everyone else my age. wasn't happy when president barron announced the liquidation but kids don't watch that stuff no more. i guess in the end i'm just a guy who made a bid at a government intellectual property auction.

    cut to the irishman/i heard you paint houses style title card: