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2021-07-10 07:01:50

    Jeffrey Zhang: “This is Nia DaCosta. She is the director of Candyman. Jordan Peele is not the director of Candyman. He is a writer and producer for Candyman. Thanks for your time.

    Just to clarify, this is not a dig against Jordan Peele. He is one of my favorite filmmakers, and he has accomplished a great deal in giving voice to the underrepresented. All I’m saying is, many are talking about Candyman without any mention of its director. Let’s do better.” 

    @deanevangeliou: “i get using Jordan Peele’s as the “big name” (who wrote the candyman remake) is for marketing to get people interested, but we need to highlight Nia DaCosta the DIRECTOR!!! thank you!!”

    Jordan Peele: “Follow @NiaDaCosta ftw. She directed and co-wrote the new Candyman.”