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    Tumblr Inquisition

    When did freedom of expression suddenly become an online crime? When did an attack on a specific subset of any group ever work to the benefit of any institution?

    In this bloggers humble opinion, Tumblr’s December 17th forced genocide of Adult Content blogs is just another example of how our society is slipping backwards in its level of tolerance towards anything that is different, preferring to have this type of content hidden away, and marked with a scarlet letter of intolerance and shame.

    Are there issues revolving around certain types of blogs Yes. Child pornography and other unacceptably content is abhorrent to all. Is Tumblr going after those specific types of blogs? No. Are they setting up a system that blocks minors from accessing adult content blogs? No. They are preferring to follow a simplistic “nuke it all” approach rather than address the overall problem. Taking a M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) approach, can only end in one way, for without adult content, Tumblr will die off.

    So my friends and followers(93k amazing individuals), I challenge you to reblog this note, and challenge Tumblr’s decision. Perhaps, if enough of us stand up and protest some good will come of it. Resist, and fight the good, and honourable, fight.


    @goodnplenty8 sticking his big raw daddy cock inside furry mancunt


    Early Sunday morning. He’d been my best bud and party buddy since high school. We were now roommates.

    Our night of pussy hunting normally got us laid or at least a blow job in the parking lot. But the bars closed, Tinder wasn’t happening. Still nothing.

    By the time we got home we were laughing and joking about how ugly we must be and that the rumor mill must have labeled us lousy fucks.

    We undressed for bed. He was still yelling his jokes to me from the bathroom while I was already in bed.

    He walked into my room, dick swinging. “He’s going to be lonely,” he laughed.

    I pulled back the sheet and spread my legs a bit. I had his attention.

    “You want to try it, buddy?” I asked. “I’m a little curious.”

    He nodded.

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