A young women who loves circumcised guys. I have a two year old son that I love.

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    I wasn't cut as a baby and developed phimosis, and then my parents tried to blame me for not "pulling back" my foreskin enough! That's why I think all baby boys should be cut at birth.

    thats just one of the many problems that happen to most uncircumcised boys


    So you've said anaesthesic doesn't matter for babies, but what about their screams how do you feel about that? And what about men and older boys do they deserve it?

    it doesnt hurt too bad, plus they are usuially crying because there cold or hungry not becuase it hurts very much.


    I'm the guy that asked about the recirc. I know that there is no way to get more inner skin, my question was more about wether to ask the doctor to leave as much of the left inner skin as possible or remove it completely. Btw your blog is great. ;)

    i say cut as much off as possible lol. thank you!


    Hey, I'm already cut low with 0.5 - 1cm of inner skin but it's a little bit loose and also the frenulum wasn't removed totally. Would you suggest to get recut and if yes wouldn't it be better to ask the doctor to leave like 2 or 3 mm of inner skin because of a little more sensation?

    get cut again as low and tight as possible but if its already low the doctor cant give you more inner skin than you have now lol

    Personal Circumcision Experience

    Just some quick notes for anyone deciding on adult circumcision... I think that the circumcision experience in relation to sensitivity is different for everyone. I was uncircumcised and was having difficulties with erectile dysfunction. With the foreskin always partially covering my glans, I was not getting enough stimulation directly to my glans during intercourse. I spoke with my doctor, who referred me to a surgeon and I ended up getting circumcised, very low and tight, but frenulum intact. Sex is now exponentially better feeling for me as the feeling of my wife's vaginal walls making direct contact with the glans is amazing. With my added sensitivity, I no longer have problems with E.D. at all, so both my wife and I enjoy sex far more now. I will say that IF the goal is to lessen the male's sensitivity for female control fetish or any other reason, then I think the frenulum removal included with the circumcision is what you need to go for. @gfan48

    My wife prefers the look of an uncircumcised penis, and she says the physical feeling during intercourse after circumcision hasn't changed at all for her... the only improvement is that I don't sometimes lose my erection during sex any more. Knowing this was our goal going in, she agreed to the circumcision. I would just say make sure you both know what is most important to you. For those who like the look of a circumcised penis, this won't be an issue... but my wife gave up her visual aesthetic preference for a far more gratifying intercourse experience for us both.

    Final notes:  To everyone out there saying that male circumcision is torture or mutilation, or to those who insist there is only one way to go for everyone... please stop.  Sharing your opinion is fine, but don't tell the owner of this blog she's wrong to prefer circumcision... and don't tell another woman who prefers an uncircumcised penis that her preference is wrong, either.


    My son's are going to get circumcised after they leave the hospital! Which circumcision should I get them? the DR! She says I have 4 types I can chose from a plastibell, mogen clamp or gomco clamp, free hand they told me! Which one would be better for them???

    gomco clamp is the best. just make sure they do it low and tight


    Thanks for your advice about my nephew. My friend came over and she gave him a nice low tight cut, he seems fine just a bit confused. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to tell my sister when she gets back home but it's too late now anyway she's just going to have to deal with it.

    tell her that his skin flap was a health hazard and you got it taken care of. theres nothing she can do about it anyway


    I am planning to have my boyfriend circumcised soon but I'm still quite confused about the different options (low, high, tight, loose) even though I did read a lot about it on the web. What I want to achieve is him being less sensitive resulting in longer and better intercourse for me and stopping him from masturbating as much as possible. Can that be achieved by a circumcision? And if so what style would you advise me to make him choose? I'd really be grateful for any advice about this.

    low and ultra tight would be best in your case. 


    My sister refused to get her son circumcised when he was born even though she saw the benefits after my sons circumcision. Now she's going for a week on business and I'm looking after my 4 year old nephew. I have a friend that can perform circumcisions (she circumcised my son) should I get her to circumcise my nephew?

    ya get it clipped off as soon as you can.