u know how the tail of a really little brand new kitten sticks right up in the air and how their bodies are kinda chubby

    thats good 


    FORGOT to provide Evidence


    In Austria, we call kittens at that age “Autodromkatzerl”, which translates to “bumper car kittens”, because of the way their tail sticks up. It’s not a really common word, but a very cute one, I think


    this is a genuinely delightful bit of knowledge, thank you for sharing this!! omg


    More proof!!!!


    omg bless this post


    Autodromkatzerl is my new favorite word.


    Bumper car floofins!! Toot toot!!!!


    Knowledge must be shared. That’s the point.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kitten tree kitten gif in its raw form. A blessed occurrence.

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