when a pelican bites you there's no malice in their eyes. they aren't upset at you. they are just hungry and want to see if you fit in their mouths. and if you don't then it's no problem and everything is fine. and if you do then well i guess your fate is sealed but that's ok it's a beautiful animal


    Okay, see, I knew about the capybara gif:

    But I didn’t know that they really are That Dense, All The Time. The same way sharks will bite anything that might be a seal, just in case, these birdbrains will apparently test just about anything for beak size. 

    Behold a short list of bad ideas:

    Human foot is not food, bird.

    That is clearly bigger than your entire body.

    ...You do know what a bear cub is, right? Right??

    That is a BICYCLE SEAT.

    That’s it; arrested for bird crimes.


    birds can be so disproportionate it’s actually so funny. one of life’s greatest delights


    african jacana

    green heron

    black winged stilt

    south phillipine dwarf kingfisher. honestly most kingfishers but this one especially

    japanese paradise flycatcher

    kiwi wing + how big they are for reference

    white bellbird. i just don’t think they should be able to do that


    the sword billed hummingbird is one that always gets me


    funny phrases to use when something goes wrong instead of jokingly saying "i'm going to kms":

  • i'm going to kill god
  • i'm going to delete my blog
  • i'm going to explode
  • i'm going to blow up this entire website
  • i'm going to become the joker
  • this is going to be my villain origin story
  • i'm being so brave about it
  • fuck it we ball
  • god had to nerf me because i was too powerful
  • i'm too pretty for this
  • all according to plan
  • feel free to add on


    so I got into grad school today with my shitty 2.8 gpa and the moral of the story is reblog those good luck posts for the love of god


    okay so i just got my dream job??? a week after applying to it?? and now i’m thinking….maybe this is the good luck post


    …..not even six hours later i got an offer of a well paying full time long-term job with free room and board in queens in nyc, allowing me independence and a way to escape an abusive situation and an unhealthy environment

    likes charge reblogs cast, folks, this is the good luck post


    i need all the help i can get for finals


    Hey so

    the last time I reblogged this post right before I got a great job, in a permanent work-from-home position, with benefits, retirement, and a salary literally 3x what I was making before, doing something I really like. 

    So you know. 

    This might be the real one, y’all.


    My family definitely use some right now, let's see if this works!

    NOTE: as of a week later, it has not.


    annoys me to see people shoot back at the most strawmanned version of the social model of disability imaginable. ‘depression is a product of capitalism’ doesn’t mean ‘under socialism nobody will be sad’, or even ‘under socialism nobody will experience long-term recurring anhedonic despair without obvious cause’ – it means that ‘depression’ is a social category constructed in opposition to ‘normal people’ – that just like any axis of social oppression ableism is premised around drawing a circle around what is Normal and then applying an othering taxonomy to everything outside that circle, and that overthrowing capitalism opens the door to dissolving that circle and meeting people and their problems as they are instead of creating + enforcing a dehumanizing social role for them


    Russell Barkley (the big ADHD researcher) went out of his way to complain about Marxists saying that ADHD is a product of capitalism and not a biological disorder right after complaining about antivaxxers, like what idiot decided to argue that with him


    I think the difference is that while variations in neurology and biochemistry and instincts and circumstances mean there will always be neurodivergence and mental health conditions that make a person feel negative emotions, under a version of capitalism with an aggressive lack of safety nets and a relentless emphasis on productivity, there's ALSO always an (accurate, for the most part) underlying feeling of rejection by society as a whole that just sits on top of whatever other conditions might be there and weighs it all down, often by a lot.

    Apologies for the length of that sentence.


    u know how the tail of a really little brand new kitten sticks right up in the air and how their bodies are kinda chubby

    thats good 


    FORGOT to provide Evidence


    In Austria, we call kittens at that age “Autodromkatzerl”, which translates to “bumper car kittens”, because of the way their tail sticks up. It’s not a really common word, but a very cute one, I think


    this is a genuinely delightful bit of knowledge, thank you for sharing this!! omg


    More proof!!!!


    omg bless this post


    Autodromkatzerl is my new favorite word.


    Bumper car floofins!! Toot toot!!!!


    Knowledge must be shared. That’s the point.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kitten tree kitten gif in its raw form. A blessed occurrence.

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