New weird horse just dropped, folks.

    A spotless giraffe was recently born at Bright’s Zoo in Limestone, TN and was just announced in the media this morning. They’re starting a public naming contest for her, of course.

    A baby giraffe stands in a pen. she is a consistent soft brown with a lighter belly and has no spots.

    I’d love to know what type of mutation causes this lack of of pattern, but I don’t know if we have genetics on that for giraffes the way we do other species. As far as is known, she’s the first spotless giraffe ever documented!


    when a pelican bites you there's no malice in their eyes. they aren't upset at you. they are just hungry and want to see if you fit in their mouths. and if you don't then it's no problem and everything is fine. and if you do then well i guess your fate is sealed but that's ok it's a beautiful animal


    Okay, see, I knew about the capybara gif:

    But I didn’t know that they really are That Dense, All The Time. The same way sharks will bite anything that might be a seal, just in case, these birdbrains will apparently test just about anything for beak size. 

    Behold a short list of bad ideas:

    Human foot is not food, bird.

    That is clearly bigger than your entire body.

    ...You do know what a bear cub is, right? Right??

    That is a BICYCLE SEAT.

    That’s it; arrested for bird crimes.


    [Video description: Video is captioned "Watch as my cat takes 114 steam screenshots". A grey cat lies on a keyboard, staring at the camera with a vapid expression and its tongue stuck in a blep. On the monitor behind it, alerts for a captured screenshot stream continuously through the notification area. A digital clicking noise accompanies each one. End ID]