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    What is happening


    [description: tiktoker skweezy4real talking to the camera with his mask on]

    "So what's the worst job you ever had? For me, it was when I was selling stolen computer chips, and (unintelligible, possibly 'In Compton') and-- What the f- [camera turns to a group of people and two alpacas, one man holding out bowl of carrots] what is this?"

    "Oh hey! You wanna feed an alpaca?"

    "Say- Yes! Do I just like hold it up to him?"

    "Yeah just put them in your mouth and they'll take 'em from you"

    "In my MOUTH?"

    "In your mouth, in your mouth"

    [takes off mask, puts a carrot in each corner like tusks] "Like this?

    "Yeah almost like a walrus"

    "And I just... I give it to..?"

    "Yeah just let them see it, walk up to them and they'll take it from you"

    [does it, people cheer]

    ".......thank you?"


    He can't even tell wild stories from his past without getting interrupted by new wild stories. lol


    love that this caused so much controversy the thread needed to be locked. over chicken sandwich


    gang this does not even scratch the surface

    Someone posted a picture of a piece of chicken between two hamburger buns titled “Chicken Burger” to /r/food. Another user commented “Chicken Sandwich” on the post, and was slapped with a 30 day ban by the mods. When they responded to ask why, the mod said

    “Correcting someone in public is public shaming, on top of being incorrect, it’s a pretty shitty comment to leave.”

    So now /r/food is on lockdown after being spammed with posts titled “Chicken Sandwich” and other variations. The mod that handed the ban down pinned a post doubling down, comparing the situation to “Pride posts that always fill up with bigots” and “removing racists from posts featuring POC”, and including a link on “how to correctly, correct someone.”

    because someone commented “Chicken Sandwich” on a post titled “Chicken Burger”.


    Okay but this also does not scratch the surface either

    It all started when the sandwich guy posted about what happened to him on r/TIFU, which led to a lot of outrage including someone in the comments saying they were also banned from r/food just for saying they had diabetes (this was later confirmed by a mod). All this anger turned into a brigade which resulted in the entire sub being flooded with almost nothing but posts about Chicken Sandwiches, now known as burgergate. The mod who initially instituted the ban then went on to compare fending off spammers to defending the capitol building during the January 6 riot.

    You can see in the post that this made it into r/subredditdrama, a community which discusses ongoing drama across reddit. This particular thread in the screenshot is locked, an interesting detail for reasons that come into play later.

    Someone else then goes and posts about burgergate on another sub, r/iamveryculinary , which is dedicated to making fun of food related snobbery and drama. This does not go over well, as it turns out that one of the mods of r/food is also a mod of r/iamveryculinary. This mod then proceeds to get slapfights in the comments, which notably includes her saying she would “rain fiery hell upon” anyone who posts chicken sandwiches in r/food, and complaining that she’s so focused on moderating burgergate that she has no time to spend with her kids. People then beg her to forget the chicken sandwich drama and take care of her children. I would love to give you some more details about this incident or tell you the other side, but I can’t since she deleted all the comments of the people she was arguing with so most of what we have left is just the things she herself said.

    Someone then goes on to post about the r/iamveryculinary drama on r/subredditdrama again. This post immediately gets deleted completely, because it turns out that the r/food mod who also moderates r/iamveryculinary also moderates r/subredditdrama. More people beg the mod to stop caring about the drama and spend time with her kids.

    The whole thing eventually gets posted to r/subredditdramadrama , a meta sub where people discuss drama that goes down in r/subredditdrama.

    Another post is then made to r/subredditdramadrama, where the sandwich guy who was initially banned posts his conversation with the mod that banned him. Up until this point, the original mod had been arguing that the permanent ban wasn’t because of the chicken sandwich comment (which was only a 30 day ban), but because he had been rude to the mods when asking why. Screenshots show sandwich guy simply asking why he was banned and then apologizing for the chicken sandwich comment, only to be smugly told by the mod that he needs to “educate himself”, who also insinuates that he’s a weirdo and calls his comment shitty. Don’t miss this mod showing up in the comments of these screenshots and arguing with everyone else over them.

    So basically the whole thing was one innocuous comment about a chicken sandwich which quickly spiralled into a multi-sub meltdown that has lasted for about two days now. Chicken sandwich guy has not, as far as I know, been unbanned as of yet.


    Every day at least one thing reminds me that the internet is worth it


    so the megalodon is most definitely extinct? how do scientists know?

    well, the thing about large predators is that they leave an impact on an ecosystem big enough that you can tell they’re there, even if you never observe one directly. in this case, we know they’re definitely extinct because of the behavior of whales! whales used to max out at about 50 ft long and were fast and agile, entirely because of predation by megalodon!

    but about 2 million years ago, our whales began to rapidly increase in size until we ended up with real monsters like the blue whale. this pretty directly lines up with the extinction of megalodon, and the removal of the pressure they were putting on large whale populations.

    basically, large whales can get away with being gigantic, slow tanks in the oceans today because there simply isn’t a predator big enough to take them on anymore. if megalodon still existed, we would be seeing its impact on whale populations! whales would be smaller, and a hell of a lot more skittish than they are.

    everything in a given ecosystem is connected, and you can often get important information about the unknown parts by observing the behavior of other parts of the ecosystem.


    All this, and the fact that if the ocean had sharks as big as Megalodon and had enough of them to sustain the species at all, we would have found at least one Megalodon tooth washed up on a beach somewhere that wasn’t fossilized. More likely, we would have found hundreds of such teeth every year for as long as we have existed. “We didn’t know giant squid existed!” is a common argument I see from cryptozoologists, but it’s also flat out false. We did know. We knew there were giant squid for centuries because we found remains of them for centuries. We simply hadn’t captured or filmed a live one!


    Okay, so I am well aware that this isn’t at all how evolution or natural selection works, but I still want a horror film that begins with a pair of scientists with dramatic music playing in the background as they pour over piles of records, until one of them turns to the other and says “it’s the whales. They’re becoming smaller, and more skittish.”

    The other scientist looks out the window, over the sea. “Mother of god,” she whispers.



    We begin to find giant shark teeth washing up on shore. People freak out. “Scientists find evidence megalodons never went extinct!”

    Then the lead scientist calms everyone down so they can explain. “No. It’s worse than that. If they never went extinct, we would’ve found evidence like this before now. This means… ” Dramatically takes off glasses. 

    “They’ve just come back.”


    “But they can’t just suddenly come back like that!”

    “You’re right. Someone brought them back.”




    Jesus Christ Super-predator


    I’m pretty sure that I was the one driving when we all got into this little circus car but now I’m wedged under the back seat and the clowns have just ramped us off the grandstands and directly onto the popcorn cart

    An engineer and an anti-vaxxer walk up to a bridge

    Seeing as the bridge is the only crossing over a notoriously crocodile-infested river, the two prepare to cross. Just before they set foot on the bridge the anti-vaxxer halts the engineer.

    - How safe is it to cross this bridge exactly? - he asks

    - 99.97% - the engineer replies confidently

    The anti-vaxxer thinks for a moment before turning around:

    - Guess I’m swimming then…


    hold on a fucking second. delaware is a state?? i thought it was a river? or is the river more important than the state? why don't i know this? (i should mention i don't like in america, i'm just confused)

    there is delaware (state) and delaware (river) 

    both are equally strange

    the state is a tiny little cryptid thing

    the rive is a monster that spans new york, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. also washington crossed it once and that was like kinda a big deal i guess. like crossing the rubicon in rome.

    the state tries to me more important with its “im the first state!!!” bs (seriously its even on the fucking license plates) but we all know. its the river.




    i thought delaware was a place in ohio? why are there so many things named delaware?


    delaware is too powerful


    what the fuck


    Wait what? I thought Delaware was a store with building supplies. Like paint, wood, nails and stuff?




    I know home depot, but dude I don't know anything about America mad have never been there. Are you sure there is not a some sort of store called something close to Delaware!?!


    .....ace hardware....?


    this post has only been around for a few hours but could very well be a world heritage post


    but at what cost


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    he WHAT? i thought he was from. w. wait. ???


    delaware stole the presidents shoelaces for clout and became too powerful


    From the UK- and what do you mean Delaware isn't a type of ceramic?


    it is now


    Isn’t delaware what they make computers on???


    software ??


    I think they meant Dell Ware, a specific computer type. We had a Dell computer once.

    I thought Delaware was that famous singer they spoofed in Zootopia.




    oh i thought delaware was that one british singer lady, you know, the one from chasing pavements


    that's fucking adele


    isn’t delaware that place you go when you die


    youre thinking of superhell and all of you are going there


    how the fuck did any of you come to the conclusions you all made


    we live in america?


    I thought Delaware was that food delivery service that keeps interrupting youtube videos with their ads when I'm trying to have a good time


    ..... are you talking about Doordash???


    Isn't Delawere the name of that one girl in the song that goes "Hey there, Delawere"? She's from NYC or something.




    Pausing here to point out that op is “dear-AO3″ and now I’m wondering if Delaware fanfic would be categorized as RSF (real state fic) or AU (alternate unitedstates)


    stop i do not want to think about this 


    Isn’t Delaware that SPN ship that exploded the internet


    Everyone on this post:


    I love that the “no, that’s [x]” meme is making a comeback here and only here and nobody has any idea what’s going on


    Keep up the good work, we can make poor OP have a melt down yet. 


    Isn't delaware that one brand of pizza that's like "it's not delivery, it's delaware."


    isn't delaware the god of the sea


    Isn't Delaware the name of that guy who painted the Mona Lisa?


    delaware is that one evil cyborg guy that has a son named Luke and a red laser sword


    Thats Darth Vader. Im pretty sure Delaware is that other red-laser sword guy. You know. The one that stabbed Qui-Gon.


    what have i created


    I usually only reblog older posts, but this definitely deserves to be in every tumblr hall of fame


    this post has only existed for 8 days. 


    happy one month birthday


    This is just the “no odd number have the letter e”post


    it’s ALL odd numbers have “e” silly!

    (odd numbers end in the digits 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (one, three, five, seven, nine) and the only ones for which the word version doesn’t end in those words are/end in eleven, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, nineteen. I will NOT elaborate or defend this lest this post become another. ur free to do this yourselves if you want tho)


    i mean no even numbers end with 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9


    oh no please dont make another number discourse im still reeling from the last one


    What about infinity, if it's infinite the technically at one point as it goes on forever it does end in in either 1,3,5,7, or 9 but because it's infinite it's neither even nor odd. Yes? No? Idk I'm drunk


    this was posted exactly one month ago to the minute. 87k notes.


    @dear-ao3​ do you need a hug


    What a chaotic energy and turn of events.


    Almost woke my sister up when reading this, laughed way too hard


    here, for all you fuckers asking, this is the damn delaware post


    I thought Delaware was just a different version of Vermont