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    <>zelda donovan, battledancer of the seven maidens

    um, i like a lot of different stuff. like, i like screamo, i like emo, i like punk, and like some pop punk, i like metal, i like rage metal, i like death metal, i like scream metal, um, i like mad metal, i like hate metal, um, i like crazy metal, i like thrash metal, smash metal– some of it’s good? i like the older stuff?– um, i like slice metal (it’s good), i like chop metal (it’s good)– how about you?”

    “How am I to forgive myself for doing nothing in the mouth of trauma? Is silence not an act of violence too?” — Blythe Baird, Pocket-Sized Feminism

    who else is terrified of the finale coming up soon

    ✨ kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous ✨

    [image description: a drawing of Aelwyn from the waist up in front of a background that fades from gray to light blue. She is a slender elf with brown skin and long wavy blond hair. She’s wearing a dark green cloak over a lighter green tunic cinched at the waist with a woven belt. She’s holding onto her bicep with one bandaged hand, and she’s looking downward with a troubled, dark expression.]

    another a scene redraw of simpler times (that i turned into a gif bc why not!) the foreshadowing of it all……

    [ID: A scene redraw GIF of a bit in Episode 1, slowly switching between two frames. Amethar and Calroy are facing the camera while Theo, Ruby, Jet, and Lapin stand in the foreground. In the first frame, Calroy has his arms crossed and is saying “If the king and queen were in cahoots over a coup, then that coup could-” while Amethar, one hand out in a ‘stop’ gesture and the other on Calroy’s shoulder, interrupts with “Okay, enough of this coo-ing and who-ing!”. In the second frame, Calroy raises his hand to point in the air and says “Now, a count can coup!” while Jet and Ruby snicker in the foreground. The background is of the pink columns of Castle Candy, pink light from the windows filtering over the group.]

    pls click under the cut for the individual frames without that awful gif compression!!!

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    acoc are just bad kids playing dnd if your up for it

    okay so this was originally spawned by a very long discord conversation but ive been thinking about it ever since and i’ve had the wip in my drafts for months

    fabian is theo, gorgug is amethar, riz is lapin, adaine is liam, fig is ruby, and kristen is jet

    zelda DMs

    it’s suggested by jawbone as a bonding activity and fabian is all, dnd is for nerds what and then shows up with seven pages of pre written backstory and a character devoted to protecting his friends like. what. dnd is for nerds im doing this for YOU

    riz lives out his fantasy of being an absolute bastard man to everyone and fabian in particular

    adaine is anxious and chill and then her boggy analog in preston gets KILLED and shes like Okay Fuckers Nice Liam Is Gone I’m EDGY NOW

    kristen, playing saccharina: ENEMY OF THE FAITH, big lesbian energy, that’s me.

    My Crown of Candy OC

    Name: Lattaea Syrnill

    Age: 16

    Class: Fighter

    Strength: 18, Dexterity: 18, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 9, Wisdom: 15, Charisma: 4

    Appearance: Skin is the color of coffee with enough cream in it to make it practically a dessert. Hair is the color of coffee beans, perfectly straight and at shoulder length, shorter in the back and longer in the front. About the average height for her age. A heart-shaped face, sharp cheekbones, downturned button nose, and full lips

    Personality: Lattaea is cold, ruthless, and loyal to a fault. She pushes herself far and hard, due to an incredible amount of pressure put on her to support her family from a young age. Lattaea tends to be very quiet and reserved, but when she does speak it’s bluntly and without sympathy. When Lattaea cares for someone her view of them becomes almost blinded. She defends them from any and all accusations of fault or mistake, even if those accusations are correct. Lattaea isn’t overly independent though. For herself, Lattaea accepts criticism and help, absolute in her logical view save for her care for her loved ones.

    Race: Coffee

    Family Backstory: During the Assisting (The period of time in which other countries began brokering treaties with the split parts of Driquida.) Lattaea’s parents recognized the danger of the other countries taking over, but with little status and few connections, they had no way out. That’s until a Ceresian senator offered to bring Lattaea’s parents to safety if they paid him an absurd amount of money. Lattaea’s parents didn’t have the money, so they agreed to pay the senator over the years. Over the years the Senator began to levy threats against Lattaea’s parents, claiming that since they had taken so long to pay they would have to pay him more and more.

    Character Backstory: Lattaea’s parents realized that Lattaea is a prodigy in fighting when she was at a very young age. At around ten years old she began entering competitions and tournaments to win money for her family and the younger siblings that her parents later had. Queen Caramelinda later heard stories of Lattaea and offered to bring Lattaea to Castle Candy as the Champion of House Rocks. Lattaea agreed to go on the condition that her family would be supported while she was in Candia

    Weapons: Blazing S’more, the Queen’s Spark. A magical scythe made of the materials in s’ mores. By the third round of combat, the marshmallow parts at the end of the scythe light on fire, adding 1d6 fire damage per each melee attack. The user also gets advantage of strength and dexterity movements made using the scythe

    Full transparency - I didn’t have time to finish last night’s episode yet, so I’ve been avoiding the tag. I just saw Emily’s twitter thread so just know:

    If I see any of you coming for Emily, <>I swear to God...

    Saccharina is so well played, well acted, and she’s adding so much to this season. Emily is a brilliant player that makes brave choices & her acting in the part of the episode I did catch was heartbreakingly amazing.

    That’s it. That’s all.

    To see her continually having to speak out for getting hell for her characters (first NADDPod, now here?), I just - please be better, huh?

    Hi y’all!!! So as some of you may have seen, Emily has apparently received a ton of criticism for Saccharina, to the point of her feeling the need to make a Twitter thread defending her choices. Frustratingly, this is far from a new occurrence. To try to push back on all that<>, next Wednesday (July 15), people are going to be posting in the #axpreciation tag on twitter!! Anything celebrating Emily, from art to edits to just talking about one of your favorite moments involving her, is welcome. She’s a huge inspiration to so many of us, and while I am so unbelievably upset that this keeps happening, that means we should keep fighting back. Hope to see you all posting there next Wednesday!