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2022-07-02 11:57:32

    Chloe’s softest soles ever for ur face and tongue to slide up and down😏👃👅🤭

    How can a pair of sexy tootsies be so soft?!😳❤👣


    breathe deeply, u won’t be disappointed😏😋👣👃

    Not everyone loves sniffing a beautiful pair of tootsies but the ones that do are the absolute luckiest!😏😅


    I pulled Chloe’s socks off, sniffed and fed upon her sleepy feet and while she stayed awake for the whole thing…my tongue sliding all over her soft deliciously bare soles and tickled her toes with every breath i sniffed…and then i tasted all the wrinkly wrinkles of her soles and no toe was left untasted…i thought she was a heavy sleeper😏🥰😂,

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