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2022-07-02 11:57:32

    You work with a completely beautiful woman who absolutely never, EVER, shows her feet. Very disappointing. So one day you think you’re alone in the break room and you’re looking at a foot site on your phone then … you hear a noise behind you and it’s that beautiful woman walking by and you know she could definitely see your phone screen! Crushing embarrassment! But THEN the very next day, you walk into the break room and she’s sitting like THIS and she says “oooh I hope this is ok, my new shoes are torturing me!” You of course say it’s fine and pretend to check your email as you shoot video. After a few minutes she laughs and says, “did you get enough to get you to that special place, hon?” She laughs and puts her shoes back on and goes back to her cubicle, gently tossling your hair as she passes you ….


    Ah, the teasing office vixen, a rare but delectable breed… 😍👣💕