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    Hoes please listen up

    I am the virgin friend of many hoes and since I can’t ho properly just yet I specialize in ho maintenance. I have an immense knowledge of skin and hair and let me tell you what you need to do to your body before you go and see your first draft pick, your geriatric sugar daddy, your main bitch’s father:

    You need to set aside a day to wash your body. Have a full tank of hot water because me personally when I take a bath I take a shower too. I have taken two baths back to back when I’m ready to spa day which is probably why I do it like once every two years but anyways.

    1. That pussy clean Fill your tub with water. Get a ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar and dump that shit in there. Sit in there. It’s gonna get your pH right. Also, naturally wash your ass. This is a good time to shave your legs… 2. Bust out the coconut oil Smear it on your legs. On your armpits. Shave em. I don’t advise shaving your na na with it because to be honest I had a bad experience in college and yeah. We’re gonna need another post for the real deal. 3. Use a scrub If you like that Dead Sea shit from the mall go ahead and use it. If you’re a natural bitch like myself prepare a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil. And of course vanilla extract because bitch, you are sweet. Run that scrub on your legs. Your armpits. Elbows. Knees. For you thick girls your thighs. 4. Drain the toxins From your tub. Drain your tub. Rinse it. If you don’t have time get in the shower and proceed normally. If you got all day and a banging album play that shit, watch House of Cards, watch Snapped and fill that tub back up. 5. Bath salts Not the kind that people from Florida seem to really enjoy. Lavender is my favorite scent. Fill your tub up with hot water and throw those scented bath silts in there, put in that bubble bath and wash yourself. Sing to yourself. Love yourself. Figuratively. Or not I mean if you’re a ho you’re a ho. Sit in there until the water is warm and get out. 5. Some of you hoes are expensive ones and you wanna smear La Mer all over your body and you can go ahead but the best lotion I’ve ever had – I’ve tried every French, Swiss, Dutch, lotion on the market para my mother – is four dollars. Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. Back when I was a sad ho my feet were so dry the caught on my sheets girl. I bought this shit when my lotion ran out and I forgot how good it was. I’m telling you my feet went back to being as soft as when I was born. No pedicure. I swear by it.

    Bonus tips: If you have that dry skin in your toenails, put baby oil on it daily. They will be no more. If you’re thick and you have dark skin on the inside of your thighs rub coconut oil on it daily. If your man ain’t shit rub coconut oil on him daily. Prosper my hoes. Prosper.


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    Good Boy (Suga/Yoongi Oneshot) (sub!yoongi) (Smut)

    Synopsys: Yoongi doesn’t mean to, but he ends up making you jealous by talking to some girls at his company. In the moment, it seems that the right thing to do is teach him a lesson.

    Word count: 2506

    Genre: Smut

    Warnings: sub!yoongi, handcuffing (but with a tie idk)

    Requested? Yes. Please send me requests guys ^.^


    (I thought it could be nice to actually show you what the requests were. idk. tell me if you don’t like it)


    “And then he says ‘How am I supposed to know?’” Yoongi said to a herd of teenage girl trainees at a company meet. You were talking to your own group, but you could hear their laughs and giggles at your boyfriend’s jokes.

    That fake I’m-only-laughing-cause-you’re-cute kind of laugh was driving you insane as the trainees mercilessly threw themselves at Yoongi.

    In their defense, they didn’t know he had a girlfriend. But he did. And he was still acting all flirtatious around them.

    But you had had enough. You knew that he was just being a good idol, but still… Your hope had been that those looks, those smiles, those words would be just for you.

    You decided to go home to the dorms. Yours and his were in the same building, but on different floors.

    ‘Don’t look for me there. I came back home.’ You sent him a text message, hoping that he wouldn’t get worried from not seeing you anywhere. You sent it has you were walking back.

    He didn’t reply, though. Maybe he was just too busy to even notice you were gone.

    The doorbell rang, about five minutes after you were home. Repeatedly. Man, was it annoying.

    “Hey, is-is everything okay?” A panting, glistening Min Yoongi stuttered as you opened the door. He was holding himself up by leaning on your doorframe. He must have come running.

    “Oh my god, yes, I’m fine.” You let him in and closed the door. “What are you doing here?”

    “So, you disappear, send me a text saying you came home, and expect me to just stay and have another glass? I was worried as fuck.” He explained. “Did something happen?” He came closer to you to grab your waist and eye your every inch, looking for a reason for your return.

    “Well, maybe you should have stayed and had another glass… You seemed to be enjoying yourself.” You swatted his hands away and turned your back to him, walking to the bedroom. Your tone was filled with irony.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” He followed you into the room, but you kept pretending to be busy. “Hey.” He took you by the arm and flipped you around so you would face him. His eyes irradiated concern. And before you knew it, his lips were touching yours, his movements slow and calculated. “Jagi, is this about those girls I was talking to?”

    Just as you were about to let this go, he said that, making you scoot away from his touch. “Talking, flirting…” You accused, in a nonchalant voice.

    “Oh, come on, baby… You know I’m all yours…” He got behind you, sending his sweet voice straight to your neck in a kiss.

    And you knew, deep down, that he was speaking the truth. But that didn’t mean it didn’t bother you.

    Turning around to face him again, a thought popped into your mind. Maybe you could use this to your advantage.

    “Is that so?” You tried to lure him into your train of thought.

    “All yours, princess.” He whispered as he leaned down to kiss you. But you only let that kiss last for about a nano-second.

    “Then prove it.” You tempted.

    But he was getting the wrong idea. His first instinct was to grab a tight hold on you and latch his lips onto your neck, but wasn’t going to do. Not tonight.

    You pushed him away and onto the bed.

    “Take it off.” You ordered, pointing at his outfit in general.

    He chuckled a little, propping himself up by his elbows, on the bed. His tone was mocking. “So we’re giving orders now, babygirl?” He laughed it off, trying to get back on his feet.

    But you just pushed him back down.

    “Yes. Yes, I am. Now, you can be a good boy and take off your clothes, or… You can go try to get those girls’ numbers.” You stared him down, waiting.

    He wasn’t quite laughing anymore, just smirking, defying your new-found dominance. But he stripped.

    When you came around the bed to your bedside table, he was hoping you were just giving up and joining him, submissively. But you weren’t. Not in the slightest. You were getting the tie he had left there. The one he had asked you to keep so he could use it to tie you up to the bedframe whenever he saw fit.

    But it wasn’t going around your wrists, tonight.

    “Babygirl, what are you doing?” Now he was getting the full picture. As you climbed on top of him, still fully clothed, and issued another order, he looked surprised. As if he truly thought you had no dominant side all along.

    “Wrists.” You simply instructed. But he complied, excited about this new adventure. His wrists came up together, ready for you to wrap the tie around them. You looked him in the eye as you did, cementing your power over him.

    Once he had his arms up over his head, you climbed off, coming around to the foot of the bed. You examined and admired his powerless figure.

    From this position, it was clear to you that he was turned on, his erection becoming more and more prominent.

    “Babygirl-” He tried. But you were sick of that. ‘babygirl’ had always been the symbol of your submissiveness to him.

    “If you say that word one more time, I’ll leave you here like this the entire night, got it?” You warned.

    Yoongi gulped, but still nodded ‘yes’. “Good boy.” You said, getting closer to the bed and then on it. You crawled on top of his half-seated frame, letting your lips graze his, lightly.

    Immediately, his whole body made an effort to scoot forward, to where you were. But his restraints kept him in place.

    “Someone’s eager…” You whispered into his ear, soon giving his ear-lobe a tender bite.

    “C’mon, (y/n)-ah… This isn’t fair. All I did was talk to them…” You could tell this would earn you a good spanking just by the tone of his voice. He couldn’t handle not being in control, for once. His voice broke, making him sound weak.

    Your hand snaked up his chest and found its place around his neck, slightly squeezing. “You know what isn’t fair? The way you looked at them. Do you think any of those bitches could love you like I do?” Your other hand traced a line down his torso and wrapped around his shaft.

    He jumped a little, not expecting your touch. “Do you think any of them would be a good girl for daddy, like me?” Your hand started tugging at a slow pace, and he grunted. “Do you think they’d deepthroat your big cock like I do?” You gave his lips a lick. “Do you think they would look as pretty as I do with your cum all over my body?”

    The mere content of your questions was making Yoongi twitch in your hand, hard as ever. You let go of his neck and he took in a big breath, recovering.

    You sped up your strokes before coming to a complete stop, your hand still around him. “Answer me, kitten.” He loved calling you that, but when it was you saying it, it made his eyes fog up and become vengeful.

    He choked out an answer, nonetheless. “No.” Oh, but that wasn’t going to cut it.

    So, your hand resumed its long, slow strokes up and down his hard member. “No, what, baby?” You pressed.

    You slid your thumb over his slit just as he was about to speak, making him moan a little. “Ah-” He was just not a huge fan of letting out any sounds during sex, but tonight you were going to make him make sounds he had never dreamt of making.

    “I’m waiting…” You complained, maintaining your rhythm.

    “It’s only you, baby… You’re the one that puts up with all my crap and still bends over at the end of the day like a good babygirl, and- Ah-” At the mention of that word, your hand became a little more aggressive in its tugging. “And… you always take my cock in your mouth so well. You always lick it dry and swallow every last drop… And no one else could even dream of having my cum on them, but if they did, they wouldn’t look half as good as you do, baby. It’s just for you. I’m yours, (y/n)…”

    His short breaths interrupted him at almost every other word, but his words were making you so horny.

    “That’s right, you’re mine, Yoongi-ah. And I love you.” You reiterated.

    “I love you, too, baby.” He breathed into a kiss.

    You completely removed your hand from his length and got off the bed in one swift motion.

    Yoongi was left frustrated and impatient. “Jagi-ah, please. I didn’t say it.” He pleaded, hoping you would come back. But you didn’t. You went straight for the kitchen to get some ice-cubes.

    As soon as he saw them when you walked through the door, his expression was one of anticipation. His eyes begging you to do something.

    You set them down on the bed and started to take off some of your clothes. You ended up taking everything off but your bra and panties. As you did, you could see Yoongi incessantly lick and bite his lips, his vocal cords producing the most sensual growls.

    Once you got back on top of him, you decided to start by running some ice over his nipple. Even though he knew what was coming, Yoongi still hissed at the cold cube and squirmed around.

    Your mouth immediately surrounded that same nipple in a wet kiss. The contrast between cold and hot made Yoongi tense up.

    “(y/n)-ah…” he cried out as you placed the cube in your mouth and slid down so it was level with his hardness.

    You ran the icy surface all along his shaft, and then abruptly wrapped your lips around him, going all the way down to his base. Yoongi closed his eyes at the sensation, not bearing to watch. You ran the ice-cube once more over him, this time, just on his swollen tip.

    He was struggling so hard not to make a sound, but another moan escaped his beautiful lips as you tossed aside the ice and started sucking on his tip.

    “You’re so hard, kitten…” You moaned as you left tiny licks over his slit.

    “Baby, please…” Yoongi opened his eyes so he could look into yours and convey the sincerity in his begging. “Don’t tease anymore. I can’t take it… Just suck me off.” He continued, his eyes locked on yours. “Please.” He repeated.

    And you couldn’t resist those eyes.

    So, starting off slow, you bobbed your head up and down, properly sucking your boyfriend’s cock. You did everything he had ever told you he loved. You ran your tongue hard over his slit, you sucked on his tip, you swallowed on him as he hit the back of your throat. He was in heaven.

    “Fuck… (y/n)…” He moaned out.

    You repeated your motions until you were sure he would cum in your mouth. But just as he was about to get release, you stopped, quickly ridding yourself of your bra and panties. You then straddled him, your hands rested on his chest.

    “Jagiiii… I was about to cum…” Yoongi pouted and whined. He looked so cute like this.

    “I know, baby.” You kissed his cheek, and then his neck, running your tongue over a spot you knew was especially tender for him. He flinched. “But this way, maybe next time you see a girl, you’ll think twice about using that deep, sexy voice to seduce her…” 

    “I won’t do it again. I’ll be a good boy, I promise.”

    You gave him an open-mouthed kiss that made him buck his hips into nothing. You chuckled, but didn’t punish him.

    Your hands grazed the fabric of his tie, admiring how such a little object could change his entire persona in bed. “You look so hot, all whiny and hard, like this.” You sucked on a portion of his skin, making it into a bruise. “Should I ride you, kitten? Should I make it all go away?” You asked, in a sweet voice.

    Yoongi nodded, too breathless to speak.

    “Do you want me to?” You pecked his lips.

    He nodded again.

    “Then tell me… How do you want it?” You started to position yourself over his length.

    “I just need your pussy, baby. I need it so bad. Will you, please, let me cum inside?” You tilted your head to the side, considering it. “Pretty please… It feels so good.”

    It was your time to give him an affirmative nod. He knew exactly what to say to make you cave.

    And so you took him in, coming down onto him and adjusting around his size.

    At this, Yoongi was a mess. Not moaning just wasn’t a concert to him anymore as you started to roll your hips. “Ah… Jagi…” He called out.

    You, too, were a little bit of a moaning mess as your muscles reacted to his length inside you. But, both your cries were muffled by a passionate, wet kiss.

    Yoongi occasionally tried to thrust up into you, but you just held him down and kept going, increasing your pace. “Your boobs look so good bouncing up and down like that, baby. I wanna touch them…” He said when you broke the kiss to readjust positions.

    “Like this?” You teased, touching yourself, instead of untying him.

    “Ugh…” He sighed, frustrated, and threw his head back, closing his eyes. You chuckled.

    Your thrusts became much more erratic as you were about to cum, which made Yoongi grunt. You hissed repeatedly until you orgasmed, squeezing around his cock. “Ah- Oh my god, baby…” You moaned reaching your high.

    Yoongi’s face was scrunched up as he came, too, from the accumulated pressure around him. “Mmmm.” His release was violent as he had been thoroughly teased. “(y/n)” He moaned, his facial muscles relaxing.

    You were one sweaty, panting couple as your orgasms came to an end, leaving you draped over his chest.

    You stayed that way for a couple of minutes as your arousal completely washed off.

    Your boyfriend kissed the side of your head tenderly. “Baby, can you, uhm..” He looked up as you backed away from his chest to understand what he meant. He was looking at the tie.

    Giving him a short kiss on the lips, you reached up to untie him. His first move wasn’t to touch his wrists or even to look at them. It was to kiss you. Now that his hands were free, he could finally envelop you in a romantic kiss, pulling you to lie down on the bed.

    “Do they hurt?” You asked, in a quiet voice, once you were all cuddled up against each other. You took his wrists into your hands, massaging them carefully.

    “It’s worth it.” He shrugged and smiled a sincere smile.


    Author’s note: Do you like this one or the V one better?? Thank you so much for reading. ^.^ Please do send me your requests.