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    Literal slavery. How fucked in the head do you have to be to want to be governed by any ideological derivative of this system.

    Mao Ze Dong and his great leap forward have had horrible effects

    I found these in an old folder on my desktop, from some time in 2018; the first screen cap isn’t mine, it’s one that was circulating already, I remember that. I must have gone looking at his twitter feed to see if he actually worked with children, and he does/did. That twitter account doesn’t exist anymore, so I can only hope he was found out, as he is obviously not safe to be working with children (it’s the ‘Shhh’ part that’s really disturbing, abusers know they need to keep their victims quiet).

    So it's all fucked up of course. But who shoves a gundam figure up their ass?

    Shopping list

    Pornographers, the debauched, pedophiles, merchants of sex, monetizers of childhood/pregnancy, financial advisors, stock exchange agents, speculators, (neo-)liberists, heresiarchs, hedonists, simonists, nepotists, rapists, mafiosi, deists, corrupters of truth, libertarians, servants of the military-media-industrial complex, the uncommitted, the incontinent, worshippers of profit, drug dealers.