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2021-06-12 04:28:37

    bc i was out of work for a month, im opening 3 slots of single character commissions! prices are in USD and i will only be taking paypal. prices may increase with complexity, and backgrounds will only be flat color/white

    - i will only be doing humanoid characters (no anthros, mecha, etc) - no nsfw, but slight blood/gore ok - i have the right to refuse a commission - i will be sending a paypal invoice, a minimum down payment will be required before i start the commission

    to contact me, you can dm me on twitter at jlnsorbit, or shoot me an email at c.lincke(@)yahoo.ca. please reblog and share!!


    Commissions still availble!(2021 update)



    -Fan art



    -Complicated backgrounds



    - NSFW

    -I don’t do other artist’s Oc’s without their permission (is negotiable if it’s a gift for the owner)

    What I need for the commission

    -I need references as much as you can send me.

    -Please be specific of what you want, what is the character doing, clothes, etc. 

    Commission / Payment Rules

    -Payment is via Paypal Invoice or Ko-fi if you want a $3 sketch

    - I will start the commission once you give half of the payment and show you the finished piece once you give full payment. (I’ll provide wips before cleaning the sketch/start coloring)

    -Please tell me if the commission is urgent!

    -Have in mind I take my time with commissions and I’m charging per piece not time spent on it.

    -Tell me if you want the commission posted on Tumblr/Twitter (if not it’s okay!)

    ·-I’ll sign every piece but if you want a version without it it’s okay too :)

    ·-Do not sell the commission or try to earn money with it.

    Contact info:




    Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/jealouscartoonist

    You can also contact me via Tumblr/Twitter first for more information!

    I also have a discord if you feel more comfortable there :).


    Small update on Commission info ^^/

    Added the Ko-fi sketch thing since I see is more popular :)

    ✝️ 8:11 is set to release on 05/14/2021 ✝️

    ✝️ 8:11 is a horror / surreal RPGMaker game, about a French priest seeking revenge against the man that killed their best friend. Play and watch strange events unfold, carry a cursed Bible, meet bizarre characters, and terrifying angels ✝️

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far. I cannot say how anxious yet thrilled I am to release my first project <3

    [ Official Itch io page link is here ]

    Delia: Goh, thank you very much for coming here with Ash. Why don't you stay for sleep?

    Goh: Thanks. Don't worry, I will always be ready to help Ash ~*

    Delia: You are such a good friend.

    Goh: This look delicious.

    ----- I record with low volume because the anime airs too early (9:30 am) and some people are with their online clases in their respective rooms.

    They didn't dub Delia's lullaby :( They just made her sing nanana/lalala.