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2021-07-29 13:52:47

    Scene from @simpleidiotpsychic‘s mp100 fic Out of Body

    Oof, that’s it, that’s all I got in my storyboards. I’m still confused by how this stumbled its way so craftily from “let’s maybe key animate one shot” to “okay fine all shots but no inbetweens” to “not gonna stop till the whole dang thing moves”

    bc i was out of work for a month, im opening 3 slots of single character commissions! prices are in USD and i will only be taking paypal. prices may increase with complexity, and backgrounds will only be flat color/white

    - i will only be doing humanoid characters (no anthros, mecha, etc) - no nsfw, but slight blood/gore ok - i have the right to refuse a commission - i will be sending a paypal invoice, a minimum down payment will be required before i start the commission

    to contact me, you can dm me on twitter at jlnsorbit, or shoot me an email at c.lincke(@)yahoo.ca. please reblog and share!!


    Commissions still availble!(2021 update)



    -Fan art



    -Complicated backgrounds



    - NSFW

    -I don’t do other artist’s Oc’s without their permission (is negotiable if it’s a gift for the owner)

    What I need for the commission

    -I need references as much as you can send me.

    -Please be specific of what you want, what is the character doing, clothes, etc. 

    Commission / Payment Rules

    -Payment is via Paypal Invoice or Ko-fi if you want a $3 sketch

    - I will start the commission once you give half of the payment and show you the finished piece once you give full payment. (I’ll provide wips before cleaning the sketch/start coloring)

    -Please tell me if the commission is urgent!

    -Have in mind I take my time with commissions and I’m charging per piece not time spent on it.

    -Tell me if you want the commission posted on Tumblr/Twitter (if not it’s okay!)

    ·-I’ll sign every piece but if you want a version without it it’s okay too :)

    ·-Do not sell the commission or try to earn money with it.

    Contact info:




    Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/jealouscartoonist

    You can also contact me via Tumblr/Twitter first for more information!

    I also have a discord if you feel more comfortable there :).


    Small update on Commission info ^^/

    Added the Ko-fi sketch thing since I see is more popular :)