Holas, cómo van?
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2021-06-21 13:45:57

    Delia: Goh, thank you very much for coming here with Ash. Why don't you stay for sleep?

    Goh: Thanks. Don't worry, I will always be ready to help Ash ~*

    Delia: You are such a good friend.

    Goh: This look delicious.

    ----- I record with low volume because the anime airs too early (9:30 am) and some people are with their online clases in their respective rooms.

    They didn't dub Delia's lullaby :( They just made her sing nanana/lalala.

    No shipping moments... but Ash did protect Goh from the Tauros’ wrath XD
    Anyways I will still put some pictures of them together.
    Wet hair might be usefull for drawing references!

    All those Tauros were in this episode because of the new year’s zodiac? Aw, I wanted to see Ash talking about his Tauros °3°

    I like the moments when Ash almost recognizes team Rocket :D

    Was that scene a recreation of the first anime Meowth hug? °w° I love those scenes when they care of each member of the team.