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2021-04-18 04:51:40

    Why Jigsaw (the movie) sucks

    I'm continuing my SAW rants and I think I might do ones for movies 3-6 bc I might rewatch those ones this week

    So all the characters suck. They fit the dark, edgy 2010s movie stereotypes.

    And when Jigsaw showed up, he felt out of place in the movie. He didn't fit with the vibes or the other characters. And I had wanted to see Hoffman and Lawrence come back but honestly kinda glad they didn't in that movie bc their characters would NOT have fit with these other characters very well

    And i felt that these characters weren't built very well. Usually with the SAW movies, each character has a little bit of background. Well maybe one of these characters did (other than Jigsaw)

    And don't get me started on the lighting. I hated that they used warmer colors for most of this movie. All the other ones have colder colors and even when there are warmer ones, they done a certain way so that it fits. But this movie, just all of it was warm colors which made it feel really different.

    The ending was the best part of the movie bc you actually had interesting things happening, and they used colder colors which actually fit the movies.

    The effects weren't terrible, they were just cgi. I don't personally like cgi, I prefer physical effects bc imo they look cooler and more realistic.


    you guys hate schizo-spec people so much and it fuckin shows


    literally like. i have mutuals putting this fuckin post on my dash

    and its like wow what is so funny about triggering someone who explicitly said they struggle with extreme paranoia and asked for basic consideration? like. how do you talk about your schizo-spec friends when they're not in the room? why are we always the laughing stock?

    you guys ~support mentally ill people~ until it's someone whose delusion is just a little too "out there" then it's lets laugh at how dumb this person is hahaha can you believe someone could be so ridiculous hahahaha. like.

    and i knoooow im gonna get people commenting about how we're Just Too Sensitive and that's exactly what im fuckin talking about!!! what is so funny to you about someone who genuinely struggles to keep touch with reality? what is so funny to you about a schizo-spec person asking for basic consideration in your interactions with them?

    and its so frustrating having to see this shit every single day and knowing exactly how my friends would talk about me when im not around if i was more open about my symptoms. you Very likely have schizo-spec people in your life who will never tell you because we absolutely see how you talk about us and what you think of us

    i know this isnt the most coherent post but im so serious when i say please examine why you think of us this way and why you think it's funny

    ok to reblog but if youre not schizo-spec do not comment on this post

    hey so like

    hi, you. yeah im talking to you. You like my stuff from time to time and reblog once and a while, and I always recognize you in my notes. we’ve never talked, maybe you dont like to say much or you’re nervous or something. it’s okay, whatever it is. 

    I see you. you mean a lot to me. sometimes when I’m having a hard day, I’ll notice your name once again in my notifs and it makes me smile. im not kidding.

    I don’t care if you’re a “ghost” follower or you send me asks all the time. i see you and I love you so much, genuinely and truly. you are really important to me. 

    thank you. thank you for being there. <3