If you're willing to tell me a story, I'm willing to listen. Your local 24 yr old nonbinary pansexual. Call me Kezza. Content may include Homestuck, anime, Mo Dao Zu Shi, occasional podcast, indie/rpg games, neurodivergent/autism stuff, and other things I take a shining to. Links down there for my about, tags, and side blogs. If you need to talk, let me know, seriously doesn't bother me. 4/20 friendly. PNW

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2021-07-25 18:03:21

    Tumblr can’t be swapped for other social media website because Tumblr is the only one whose whole base humor is derived from the art of pretending to be a dumbass.

    Like if you get a fact wrong on Reddit, the “well actually” crowd will ooze from their mansplainer holes and I think if you pull that shtick on Twitter someone will use it to win a political argument against you that you weren’t even a part of.

    Only on Tumblr can you start a sentence with “well sweaty I have 9 Ph.D. :))” and immediately have the upper hand over any clown trying to reasonably correct you.


    smooth sharks holds this website together like atlas holding up the sky