Smells Like Teen Spirit

    ITZY Yuna! x IVE Yujin! x LE SSERAFIM Kazuha! x fromis_9 Jiheon!

    6969 words




    Shin Yuna’s cursory whooped declaration that she was about to disturb the general peace and quiet of her otherwise quiet floor once more doesn’t really have the time to clear itself of its ambiguity from only getting to release the first two words that comprised it as it’s quickly cut off by a sloppy one-handed grip that quickly pulls the lanky girl back into the burnt caramel-y goodness of An Yujin and her ravenous lips that were already doubly impatient to resume its interrupted snog after chasing her root beer-tinged target for a minute and a half when it slipped out from her  grasp to suddenly run up the stairwell.

    With Yuna’s playful tongue now secured in her mouth, Yujin slams the front door open with her hips and then drags the blonde inside by her hair. The two girls clumsily kick off their slides and strip themselves of their duffel bags as they slide back and forth through the creaky floorboards of Yuna’s living room in a sloppy shimmy, with neither’s hands willing to ease up their insistent, almost desperate tugging on the other, be it finicky zippers and sweaty undershirts or on soft buns held tightly together by black cotton that each one could reach with her strong, sweaty fingers.

    Yujinie, it hur—”

    Yujin cuts Yuna off by tugging down on the golden lasso now firmly in her grasp, leaving her free to breathe on, breathe in the prickly skin of Yuna’s most sapid scent gland located on the opposite side of the blonde’s neck.

    You’re absolutely sure your roommate’s not here, Yuna?”

    Yep, she said she’s got a meeting tonight orsomethingfuck—me!”

    Yujin greedily nuzzles said spot even before Yuna could finish her sentence—in return, Yuna digs her nails into Yujin’s arse, which then leads the brunette to pick up and pin Yuna against the doorframe of her room with her hips and rut her small cock against the girl’s hot length bulging through the scratchy polyester of her joggers.

    Tch, I told you my fucking knee was acting up after practice,” Yujin growls as she knocks foreheads with Yuna while stomping her foot to shake away the prickly pain, “didn’t I?”

    Sucks to be you~nnh!” Yuna tries to taunt back, even moving both of her hands up to Yujin’s and poking at them, which predictably makes Yujin grab one of her wrists and twist it behind her back in retaliation.

    Suck my nuts, you brat—”

    Make me then, Yujinie~”

    Yuna howls from the sting of Yujin’s marking bite that releases a wave of hormones that almost immediately relaxes her muscles, leaving her vulnerable to Yujin’s forceful tugs that have her shoulders crashing in short order on the short bedframe in the tiny room.

    Fuck!” Yujin hisses in half-pain, half-pleasure when she trips over the waistbands of her boxers and cotton joggers in her haste and lands on her knee on the edge of the bed—thankfully, it barely misses Yuna’s cheek, so she’s free to immediately indulge herself, her musky sac that slips right into Yuna’s mouth that’s still opened in a gasp, and her clit that rubs against Yuna’s chin without further ado.

    She loosens her grip somewhat on the blonde’s ponytail in satisfaction as Yuna’s mewling licks and nips that began solely on her left quickly turn into vibrant mouthfuls and sloppy kisses on both testicles that grow faster and faster after each inch of her partially dried sweat that Yuna licks off her skin gets replaced with warm drool.

    Yujin chuckles heartily as Yuna’s unfocused attempts to pull her back in when she withdraws from the dishevelled blonde’s wet mouth. She stays stretched out and away while she slowly strokes around the top of her mostly hardened cock to coat it with both the seeping slick from her slits and the stringy spit hanging from Yuna’s lips.

    Aww, don’t look at me like that, Shin,” she taunts. “It’s your fault for pissing me off.”

    But, since you’re right there anyway…”

    With an evil cackle, she drops her hips and fully kneels on Yuna’s face mid-cough to forcefully grind her damp labia and sweaty arsehole against Yuna’s nose and teeth respectively while mocking the indignant slaps on the sides of her thighs that the blonde gives by picking up and then letting drop down her balls on Yuna’s tickly glistening forehead.

    That’s right, Yuna, you brat, better make my filthy unwashed holes that you like so much feel good with your pretty dumb face, because you’re not gonna get to fuck either of them until I say so...

    Ya hear me?” she continues, ignoring the frantic nodding that couldn’t take place with her hand still firmly entrenched into the sweaty roots—

    Ya, where are you going?” she annoyedly groans with a powerful shake of the blonde’s hair when she feels Yuna remove her hands after failing to pull her off by the legs this time. “Keep my knees warm, since you made me run up here—

    What, can’t breathe, Yuna?”

    —Yuna gets to cough twice before Yujin’s face disappears in the musky pink once more—

    Too bad, brat—I’m not going anywhere until you make me cum first—oh fuck yes,” Yujin taunts once more, managing to keep her voice steady even as Yuna manages to give her slurping licks that curl up into her puckering arsehole and amplify the shivers she gives herself after she mixes in a few slaps of her cockhead on her belly with her off hand’s clumsy strokes.

    Shit, you really love eating my arse, huh? I—”

    Fuck, that’s it, gonna cum, gonna cum gon—”

    Yujin holds her mouth open in an extended moan—two rounds of her sweet cum get to erupt out of her short shaft and splatter up on her tongue and lips as soon as Yuna’s teeth accidentally clamp down hard on her slippery clit just above her drowning nose after Yujin’s weight misfires during the elder’s orgasm and crashes into her chin, just before the swearing brunette can re-establish her slipped grip on the base of her shaft and pinch as tightly as she could to trap the burgeoning remainder back inside her still-rapidly throbbing shaft.

    Shit, I taste good,” she mumbles as she catches her breath and smacks her lips. After a few more moments to savour the rush, to briefly trap Yuna’s head further with more of her shivering weight as her torso takes its time springing back from slack, she successfully pulls herself over onto her bum knee and then tugs again at the gasping girl’s hair.

    Bed, quick, c’mon—”

    Yah, I worked hard for that cum, Yujinie!” Yuna whines in a sputter even as she does what she’s told, albeit true to her brat fashion she takes her time sniffing and lapping up Yujin’s mixed musk all over most of her face before she slides up and back until the backs of her knees met the edge of the bed, until she’s forced to hastily sit up with her bruised body when the brunette clumsily rappels herself back down to the floor using the golden loop in her hand until she stumbles into an askance bentover stance.

    Yeah yeah y’h, so st’p st’llin’ and take’ur fucking tracky b’oms off,” Yujin snarls dazedly, more than a little in part to keep herself above her distractingly strong post-orgasm stupor—good thing her hair’s in her face right now, since the other girl’s root beer scent is hitting oddly stronger for her even without her biting out a fresh wave of the blonde’s minty pheromones—

    Against her mind’s directions, she pounces as soon as Yuna’s tip peeks out from her waistband, taking long broad licks of the flap of skin on the underside of the mushroom-shaped tip and pointed little sips of the copious amount of precum that seeps out of the slit even before Yuna could fully free her cock from her compression shorts and jockstrap.

    —no, no, wait…

                —It’s fucking delicious though, fuck—

    Dumb, big cock, so good,” Yujin mumbles as she finally finds the strength to pull away and settle her forehead on Yuna’s cock so that she could release the remainder of her orgasm in a painful dribble over the head of Yuna’s shaft.

    Shit, Yujinie, your hot cum feels so good on my cock,” Yuna says with a nip on the brunette’s ear as she furiously lathers her hardening cock with the warm stickiness dribbling down onto her tip that she then captures with the web of her hand.

    —oh fuck, oh fuck—

    Yujin can’t stop herself now—her arse crashes onto her heels as she quickly positions herself between the blonde’s legs and makes most of Yuna’s cock spread her open from lips to throat once she finishes lapping up and ingesting the intensely potent mixture—

    Ah, look at you, you weirdo,” Yuna sadistically says as she moves to return Yujin’s earlier favours in kind, grabbing generous fistfuls of Yujin’s hair on her temples and pushing her around harshly, ignoring the sting from—enjoying, even—the scrapes of Yujin’s teeth as she forces the brunette into a mean struggle to keep the blonde’s slippery cock in her sloppy mouth, “suddenly all slutty for my cock after being such a meanie to me~”

    Even though it’s a little strange that Yujin seems much more flushed right now for her cock, as if they’re already five orgasms deep into playtime, Yuna still finds it very much enjoyable to watch her fuck buddy’s tongue desperately stretch out of the web of drool coating the lower half of her face to try and fail to reach her weeping erection that she now makes flop about mere millimetres away from the wriggling pink tip, just enough to let herself experience the occasional prod on her cock’s slit every few repetitions.

    “Hey, tell you what, Yujinie,” Yuna says mockingly once more as she stands up slightly while pushing down on Yujin’s hair to force the drunken omega to crane her neck, “since I’m nicer than you, I’ll do you a favour and let you smell some more of your favourite cock.”

    With her biggest grin, Yuna shakes her hips so that her cock could slap about all over Yujin’s wanton expression.

    Oh, it’s so cute, she thinks, how Yujin ends up blindly biting belatedly as the gloppy mess continues to spread all over her sweaty face.

    Mouth, Miss Puppy~”

    Yuna closes her eyes and throws back her head once she bottoms out in the brunette’s harshly vibrating throat and then pauses to savour how much the high has successfully spread throughout her sore muscles and dulled out most of the residual tug on her scalp and shoulders so that she could solely focus on the tight warmth squeezing her cockhead—

    Ohhh, is that it?” she suddenly blurts out in realisation, opening her eyes to look back down at the dark teary orbs watching her. “You forgot to take your scent blockers again, didn’t you, Yujinie?

    You’re so lucky that you have me, then! Other girls don’t like your burnt scent like I—”

    Yuna grunts when Yujin lunges forward and cuts her off, the top of her head slamming roughly on her abs and knocking the wind out of her.

    Fuck…” she half-coughs as she cranes her neck forward to watch depraved Yujin bobbing her head with lustful half-lidded eyes and furiously stroking her ballooning knot that Yujin’s plump lips fail to cover at her frantic, unfocused pace. “Couldn’t, resist me anymore, like the taste of, my cum that much?

    “Don’t worry, Yujinie~ I’ll make sure to—”

    「Stop. 」

    Unlike the disobedient watery mess that spurts out from her thick cock lodged in Yujin’s sore throat, the terrified moaning sobs from her taut vocal cords peter out quickly in Yuna’s dry throat at the looming sight of her usually genial neighbour’s eerie grin that’s highlighted by the harsh shadows cast by the halo-like aura from behind her head.

    "Spit it out, you," Kazuha says menacingly with her hand held palm up, without even so much as turning towards the wet-heaving girl still unable to figure her way out of her cock-induced asphyxia, her eyes instead focused on the even-wider-eyed blonde who seems to have forgotten how to breathe.



    Yujin's elbow buckles under the weight of the muggy forest that invades her nostrils and eradicates the freshness of sarsaparilla in a matter of seconds—it was all she could do to not accidentally spill the treat in her mouth onto the puddle on the edge of the bed as she whinily drags her head across Yuna’s abs and against the grippy suction her teeth and lips maintain around the thick cock in her mouth.


    Don't make me say it again, you little slut."

    Kazuha’s eyes flicker briefly, so Yuna’s follow—

    —Yujin whinnies, more in pleasure than pain, when Kazuha’s long fingers abruptly cup her jaw, with the mysterious girl’s blunted fingertips shaking awake two of her largest scent glands—

    —her gaze to the unfocused eyes and lolling tongue—


    Her fuck buddy’s pitiful pleas finally snap Yuna out of her post-orgasmic haze—in one motion, she twists Kazuha’s shirt and yanks herself upright until she’s face to face with its owner. “What the fuck do you think youre doing?” she snarls.

    Kazuha only chuckles and blows air out of her nose, amused at Yuna’s doe-eyed, pathetic attempt at intimidation. She lets out a mocking whoop, and then slams her forehead against Yuna’s in an almost headbutt when the latter snarls.

    Me? I’m not the bloody idiot that brought home a fucking omega in heat, am I?”

    Yuna couldn’t believe her ears—hearing obscenities from Kazuha who’s always been so polite, so presentable, makes her sudden courage waver—as quickly as it came, try as she might now, she can’t shake the roots that now take their hold in her lungs, no matter how much more of her scent she releases in an attempt to block the shorter alpha out.

    And here I thought a fucking indoor hockey player could’ve put up more of a fight,” Kazuha mocks. “Call yourself an athlete?” she sneers after she rips Yuna’s hands off of her collar and effortlessly traps them both with only one hand above the blonde’s head.

    You seem dumb enough, at least, to let this omega stink up the entire fucking floor.

    “Have you ever even heard of closing the goddamn door?”

    Fuck, Kazuha, let me go—”

    Yuna’s back involuntarily arches at her taste that forcefully coats her tongue and then pins it to the bottom of her mouth, and then flattens as she unceremoniously lands back first on the mattress when Kazuha drops her grip—

    What little air the forest permits is then pushed out by the mewling heavy burnt weight that crashes on top of her.

    Tch, at least clearly her juices are fucking good,” Kazuha growls as she plants her weight on her hand gripping the back of Yujin’s neck, further choking her two prey, so that she could free one of her legs and then her cock so that she could freely coat her length up with the remaining cooled spittle on her palm. “if they can affect you this much I prob—”

    Please, too big!” Yujin suddenly screams as soon as Kazuha’s stiff cockhead presses against her immediately twitching arsehole.

    Kazuha scoffs. This much slick already from your filthy little arsehole and you’re saying you still can’t take me?” she taunts as she gives one perky arsecheek a powerful smack—immediately, half of her length slips inside the warm hole, causing Yujin’s back to arch sharply and making both of them release groans of pleasure.

    “Fuck, thats it…」

    Without giving Yujin more than a few seconds to settle around her, Kazuha rapidly thrusts her hips forward as much as she can into the hot tightness, ignoring the repeated whimpers of the basketball captain blindly clawing back on her forearm for mercy.

    Stop pretending and open up more, you dumb slut—」

    “Wait, Kazuha, please! I’mnotslickedupen—UGH!”


    Kazuha slams her hand still coated with their juices on Yujin’s lower back, deepening Yujin’s arch until she could make her half-filled knot press against Yujin’s musky hole and then jerking it down further when Yujin suddenly orgasm after she feels her tip bulge out through the younger girl’s abs.

    “Don’t fucking lie to me!” she growls as she rears and then pistons her full length inside Yujin’s arsehole without regard for the increasingly squelchier mess soaking her leggings. “Your greedy little arse couldn’t wait for me to fuck you properly like this, Yujin didn’t you? Do you really think I can’t tell with how tight your filthy hole’s gripping my cock right now—”

    Oh, fuck! Too big, too big—”

              “God, Yujinie, Im sorry!” Yuna shouts just before she grabs Yujin’s temple again and pulls her in for a torrid kiss as she succumbs to her base urges. Their tongues swirl in each others’ mouths as she fucks the elder girl’s soaked cunt frantically, frictionlessly with the mixed juices that drip down and coat her cock from the two girls on top of her that shiver and shake asynchronously.

    Fuck me… look at you, eagerly taking two alpha cocks at the same time, you filthy slut,” Kazuha roars as she leans her weight even further forward to cause Yujin’s walls to pulse even more vigorously, intent on fucking the fresh serving of cum she just released as deep as she could into the younger girl’s arsehole. “I—”

    Yujin screams as Yuna’s fangs and Kazuha’s fingers clamp down on either side of her neck and force her to release more pheromones, to trigger a couple more orgasms from her in quick succession.

    Fuck, you fucking slut—you just, can’t stop cumming, fucking tight—”

               “Keep, fuck, keep cumming like that for me, Yujinie, and I promise I’ll give you as much cum as you want—”

                           “—God, your’cks arefilling me up sowellyou’re

                            going, to makemecumagain—

                                        “Please keepcumming,

                                       keepcummingin sidemy

                                        assplease fill up my cunt,


    Yujin sobs and thrashes uselessly in Kazuha’s arms when the alpha suddenly blocks her whistling breaths with a muscular forearm across her throat and yanks her off of Yuna’s cock, making her miss her anticipated pleasure of having Yuna’s impending orgasm erupt inside her once-more-orgasming cunt and instead leave the massive load to pointlessly spray all over the blonde’s heaving belly along with some of the tiny spurts of cum from her small cock as she then gets ragdolled to the middle of the bed while she shivers out the clouds of her cunt-orgasm that form deep in each of her aching muscles.

    That’s cute, having this little cock of yours cum as well just from getting properly fucked in both of your tight holes,” Kazuha mocks as she maliciously flicks her fingernails against Yujin’s still sensitive leaking tip to keep forcing out more pitchy whimpers from the omega futilely squirming in her arms, until the curled-up pup finally untucks her chin with a weepy slam into Kazuha’s shoulder to offer up the already haphazardly marked flesh of the under side of her throat in unconditional submission to the alpha who’s only all too eager to review it thoroughly, starting with snarling breaths followed by sharp bites—

    Ah, fucking hell

    “Did you deliberately not take a shower after your game, you filthy bitch,” she continues menacingly as she sweeps Yujin’s deliciously salty neck with harsh kisses that only leave even more red marks upon the smooth surface that her tongue had already cursorily soothed with long dragging licks, even as she shudders in the half-unexpected, suffocating pleasure of the younger’s walls hungrily clenching once more around her length that they had refused to let slip out, at the throbbing heat coming in through the other side of the wall from the second cock aggressively slithering once more on top of her own, “and on your goddamnheat, too?

    You’re just as dumb as Yuna there—”

    Kazuha laughs testily when Yuna grabs her hair and forces her to look up at the hilariously cute glare the weaker alpha gives her, clearly still unable to shake off the effects of ingesting the cocktail of her and Yujin’s intoxicating juices.

    Fuck you, Kazuha, why the fuck would you—”

    Shut up and make this little slut eat the wasted cum on your body already, you fucking idiot,” Kazuha nonchalantly replies as she moves her choking arm to close its hand around Yuna’s throat instead. “Can’t you see her dumb pretty face begging for it, drooling for it?”

    Yuna snarls back, although she could do no more than partially move Kazuha’s slick-and-spittle covered wrist. “You fucking bitch—”

    “Do it already so that we can get right back to fucking what little brain cells she hasn’t lost right the fuck out of her—”

    Don’t tell me what to fucking do in my terr—”

    Yuna half-crumples when Kazuha’s thumb flicks against her still tender scent gland, and then collapses backward at a second prolonged dig with three fingers on the larger one on the other side.

    Fuck’s sakes…” Kazuha grumbles as she harshly opens Yujin’s sodden letterman to let her grope at Yujin’s heaving body over her sweat-soaked tank top while she pushes her into an upright position by her nape.

    Get that idiot’s cock back in your filthy cunt, understood?”

    Answer!” she spits venomously with a merciless claw on the brunette’s left oblique when she receives no response other than choked sobs as the younger rocks back and forth in her grasp, making Kazuha grip harder each time the tip of her cock shifts once more against the inner wall of Yujin’s flexing abs.

    Y-y-yes, Alpha!” Yujin cries out in pain after she finally retrieves her throat back from her orgasm. She immediately contorts herself down to obey and lap up the warm salty mess from Yuna’s lithe torso that immediately enervates her tired hips to continue to ride the merciless pounding from the two thick cocks that repeatedly hilt inside each of her sopping holes.

    Kazuha laboredly pushes herself up on her hands to get a better view at Yujin’s muscular yet still soft arse noisily bouncing against her hips and admire the almost magical sight of her glistening girth easily being sensually slurped up by Yujin’s tight and puckered ring of muscle that stretches out and drags belatedly after her hips on each repetition to provide double the pleasurable pressure along her pulsing shaft.

    Fuck, that’s it, keep moving your fucking hips like you’re supposed to!” she gleefully commands while she pins Yujin’s hips down momentarily to shoot out another round of her thick cum inside Yujin, which the younger’s frenetic walls then readily intake and generously spit out all over Kazuha’s entire length to continue into another round of fucking without pause—

    Yujin yelps as Yuna’s arms suddenly hook around the back of her neck and Kazuha’s arms cross around her chest.

    She can’t breathe—

    Yujinie, fuck—your cunt’s, my knot’s about to—fuck, fuck,” the younger girl chants into her jaw as she plants her heels on the mattress and powerfully pistons her hips up into Yujin’s ravenous cunt—

    Don’t stop moving, you fucking slut—I’m fucking knotting your arse—” the elder girl threatens as she crushes off Yujin’s laboured breaths with how she braces the wailing whore so that she could ferociously fuck her hips up into Yujin’s fully slicked arsehole—

    The rest of Yujin’s body melts away in the all-encompassing warmth of the two bodies on either side of her, a factor that she should be no longer concerned with, as far as her overloaded neurons could process, after her well-used holes achieve the delicious stretch they needed to accommodate the stiff spongy bulbs at the base of two girls’ thick veiny cocks that still scrape her insides even after the massive bubble deep in her navel bursts, and even further on until they erupt with copious amounts of cum erupt that her gluttonous holes oh so eagerly soak up. She mewls at the force of each thick twine, each splashing stream erupting out of the cocks that then work together to carve out the relief of the refreshingly white forest occupying her vision before it dries out and crumples away in fluttering breaths.

              “Ugh, Yujinie, your cock made a fucking mess on my jacket again,” Yuna groans into Yujin’s neck as she gently scratches the elder’s nape.

              “Fuck, you almost made me mark you, you filthy bitch…” Kazuha snarls from the other side as she roughly rubs circles on the younger’s chest.

    God, you two…” Yujin moans, “I can’t feel my legs—”

    “Pee-yew~ It reeks in here~” a new cheery voice suddenly calls out after a few audible sniffs. “Yuna, is that you? Did—”

    Yujin’s jaw drops.

    There’s no mistaking the familiar dishevelled mess wearing a honey-like smile that staggers in while wiping her chin with one hand and stretching the other out above her head, even with her thoroughly fucked brain still trying to climb out from the throes of her heat—her identity’s already established with how much pines jut out in between the swaths of evergreens and establish themselves in her nose well before her heatseeking eyes could recalibrate from the blank space above to track the massive warhead clearly outlined in the loose-fitting bright pink corduroy trousers.

    Hopefully her throat won’t betray her in this time of need.

    “—you try to make dalgona or something?”

    I don’t know how you slept through the fucking stench, Heonie,” Kazuha laughs as she casually slicks her hair back out of her face with the back of her hand.

    Heonie?!”       Jiheon? Fuck,” Yuna mumbles underneath Yujin’s disbelieving gasp, unable to extract herself from the omega’s neck.

    “I told you, I haaaaaaad an, aaaaahhh, anallnighterZuhaaaa,” Jiheon annoyedly yawns in reply just as she finally gets close enough to sloppily land with her knee on the bed and her left forearm on whoever in the entangled trio she manages to catch herself on while continuing her inquisitive sniffs—

    “I thought—coach said, you had a stomach flu…” Yujin groans as her stomach cramps, her still sensitive senses suddenly subject to the deceptively sweet eldest’s dangerously sexy elderberries.

    “Ohhh~HHoowWHhhwh!” Jiheon slurs after accidentally giving herself a too-hard slap on the side of her head when her belated recognition of her team captain realises itself, “you brought Ddaengddaengie here~”

    She pats the back of Yujin’s shoulder with her fingers as she wipes back her own tangled fringe—

    —Kazuha satisfiedly sniffs the back of Yujin’s head for another dose of the younger’s musky body odour, only too pleased to hear the younger’s meek moans and feel the pleasurable squeeze of Yujin’s still-tight ring of muscle rub around her still-swollen knot as Yujin needily shifts in her seat while waiting for Jiheon to stop mucking about she didn’t already lick her wet dreams out of her underwear—

    —so that she could better examine the watering, glassy brown looking back at her through clumpy curtains. “Hey Captain~ I told you yesterday that I had to finish my Statistics project this week or I’d literally drown in my other classes, didn’t I, didn’t I? I—

    Huh?” she then pauses, mid-teasing side-to-side head shake, with a quizzical expression forming on her face as she processes the sudden pungent cloud that wafts.

    “Oh jeez, Captain, you reek~

    “Did you skip your shower again?” she finally quips before she casually pushes Yuna’s head away by the jaw with an open palm to allow herself deeper direct sniffs of the sweaty omega’s sexy sex-drenched skin despite having had to flinch on the initial hit—even with Yujin’s needy whimpers directly in her ear, she ends up merely licking her lips to chase after the nascent mixed aroma bathing the omega when it suddenly gets tainted by a weak rush of earthy mint.

    Back off, Jiheon,” Yuna growls despite her body’s obvious need to recover enough so that she could properly confront the eldest instead of weakly scratching at the forearm weighing on her shoulder, “Yujin’s, I, go, Im not shar—”

    “Ah, still so talkative, Yuna,” Jiheon chuckles without fully turning her head, instead tapping Yuna’s cheek a few times before kissing it, much to the blonde’s visible chagrin in her peripheral vision for her amusement, “as if your bloody knot’s not inside her~

    “It’s not like you’re her… girlfriend…

    “Or alpha, even,” she corrects herself after another whiff that finally hits the spot and makes her purr seductively.

    Ah~ Jesus, Zuha… she smells like the campground near my parents’ house…” she mumbles into Yujin’s neck as she clumsily undoes her trousers’s mismatched buttons—

    “Probably had as much cumshots inside her cunt, too,” Kazuha snarks mid-yawn—

    “Ya,” Jiheon chuckles warningly, “don’t be disgusting! We still camp there every summer!” while she indulges herself with another sniff of Yujin’s neck and works on finally relieving her previously inexplicably hard cock of the weird feeling inside her hastily and improperly rolled up on the right boyshorts.

    With a hiss of relief after it snaps away from her hairs, she then takes Yujin by the wrist to guide her over to—

    Oh, Captain my Cap~tain /” she murmurs in pleasure, even indulging Yujin with a long, wet lick on the younger’s clavicle as her hips settle into the pleasant rhythm that Yujin’s hand had automatically adopted as soon as the tip of her cock brushed against the inside of the younger’s loose fist, “you’ve made my prick so hard /

    —even if I can’t see your rack /      “What the fuck, Jiheon?”

    please, let me pork your bu~m /”        Kazuha chuckles. “That’s—


    Fucking slut,” Kazuha says with a click of her tongue, half-annoyed since she’s still not quite able to fully feel the continual pulse of Yujin’s arsehole on her cock, “your arse just twitched again as soon as Heonie said that—even this pathetic little thing right here,” she continues as she makes Yujin tense up more to compensate for her exertion by toying with the beads of precum already forming on the tip of the younger’s unattended cock.

    Yujin’s hips buck when Jiheon’s spit lands dead centre on her slit. “Ah, it’s still so cute~

    Don’t you just want to take it in your mouth, Yuna?” Jiheon asks as she grabs the blonde by her nape and pushes her down—

    Fuck, let go of me—”

    “Ah, you’re an alpha, so you’re probably more willing to suck an alpha off more than an omega, right?” Jiheon mocks as she turns to meet Yuna’s fiery gaze with her crinkled eyes. “Call! I don’t mind. Zuha and I regularly—”

    Fuggoff! I’m, not, done, breeding my omega—”

    “Aish, really,” Jiheon still oh-so-sweetly says as she nearly rips Yuna’s hair out when she throws the blonde’s head back on the mattress, “you can’t possibly still be touchy that I got to fill Yujin’s tight minky last week and you didn’t, are you?”


    Crap, you eat arse better than she does,” Jiheon sighs affectionately as she sinks further down on Yuna’s face. “Here, Pup, come to Heonie~” she then beckons with an upturned palm to Yujin.

    Kazuha nonchalantly releases Yujin after one more deep inhale of her pungent neck that immediately makes herself growl, leaving the younger to almost miss breaking her fall forward with her cringed hands as she then occupy herself with knuckly kneading, sensually spreading, and gruffly grinding the wide hips and firm buttocks in her lap.

    “Nn, nnn, nnn,” Jiheon coos as she ghosts her lips over the tip of Yujin’s nose. Gently, she then rubs the younger’s neck as it obediently, although whinily cranes away from her cock while she aggressively pumps down on the youngest’s neck as it flippantly, half-involuntarily moves, almost ruining the position of her seat.

    “You know the play Heonie likes, right, Pup?”

    She leans down further when Yujin whines her understanding this time, and then lets out a low tinkly laugh when the younger one let out more cute noises after she completely passes over the outstretched lips and tongue to give Yujin a little blow-peck on the corner of mouth instead.

    “Later, when you do a good job, hm? Kiss-kiss?”

    She appreciatively scratches the little spot behind Yujin’s ear as the younger intently dips down and then licks long hot stripes with her stiffened tongue that run straight up from base to tip on the underside of Jiheon’s cock, that then twist and loop around to trace the most prominent veins that runs directly from the back and to the left into the slightly pointy head—

    Mmm, that’s it, that’s it that’s a good girl,” Jiheon chuckles with gritted teeth through Yujin’s intense suckling on her tip as she grounds her through the sudden spate of orgasms that overtake the pup’s senses, carefully supporting the younger’s straining neck as she tips forward on her knee to slip in a few more inches, “she’ll take it in nice and slow…” just until her tip knocks on the heavily rumbling door.

    What’re you looking at?” Kazuha says coolly as she attentively rubs her drool from her mouth in tiny, concentrated circles on Yujin’s reddened arsecheek and then slaps it. “She made me cum.”

    ‘You done knotting yet?’

    ‘Of course not.

    ‘Why, were you serious about sucking—’

    Are, you, trying, to fucking, kill me?!” Yuna hoarsely growls, remaining almost still with her teeth resting around Jiheon’s well-spittled arsehole and her hands lamely attempting to pull herself out from underneath Jiheon’s testicles resting on her forehead.

    Jiheon gives Kazuha an eyeroll, then meets her gaze; after a few moments, Kazuha shrugs and responds with a roll of her own before she leans forward and hooks her elbows over Yujin’s elbows.

    Jiheon tuts exaggeratedly as she clumsily manoeuvres Yuna back into a half-seated position on her flat thigh, her dominant hand preoccupied with keeping Yujin’s free-floating nose against her ticklish bush. “Oh, come on, we got her box to squeeze you for a fresh load, didnt we?

    Didn’t it feel good, Captain, getting some more hot filling inside cute Mary-Ellen?

    Want me to fill this lewd throat in with my gherkin too?”

    Although Yujin all but screams her enthusiasm, what with having spent the last few minutes with more than six-ninths of a massive cock continuously running in and out of her face and pushing past uncomfortably numb to fully stretch out her jaw and throat, she ends up only having Jiheon’s moistened, tasty Yuna-slobbered arsehole to moisten her unquenched tongue after the eldest suddenly pulls out of her pet’s eager throat and reorients herself to trap the unprepared Yuna’s wrists underneath her hand and knee so that she could freely unload her thick, gelatinous load all over the blonde’s face and neck.

    Good enough for you, Yuna?” Jiheon heaves after she finally drops her hips to catch her breath, smiling all the back while she slaps her cock into Yuna’s blubbering lips and makes the youngest lick and nip out the remaining drops out of her engorged tip.

    Satisfied at the ambiguously defiant look the large half-open browns give her as soon as she unsticks her cock out of the reticently clingy warmth, Jiheon then turns to the side and gives the increasingly impatient Yujin a closed-mouthed kiss that the younger one melts into anyway despite her little whines of protest, after the eldest weaves her fingers inside her collar and presses circles on her favourite scent gland located behind her warm shoulder, just beside her armpit.

    Be a good girl and clean her up for me, Pup,” she whispers with Yujin’s lower lip firmly in her teeth, “while Heonie makes you feel reeeaaaaallly good…”

    With a grunt, Kazuha pushes herself off of her heels and smoothly swaps Yujin’s elbows for Yuna’s wrists for her support to let Jiheon properly settle in the smaller space behind her—

    Ah, it’s a shame they didn’t touch this, isn’t it—”

    Kazuha grits her teeth. Fucking hurry up, Heonie—”  

    Don’t have to be such a butty buttface about it, Zuha,” Jiheon grumbles before she defiantly lands a long stripe the tip of her nose into Kazuha’s musky hole before moving forward into her spot on the bed. “Just trying to get you really into the mood—”

    Keep that up and Ill—”

    Fine, fine…

    “Oh, yeah, bet youd like having my prick up your bum now, wouldn’t you?” she teases, ignoring Yuna’s weak blind kicks on her side as she gleefully twists her knob into the blonde’s unwillingly tensed hole until she partially enters the warmth, only abruptly withdrawing when Kazuha’s arse swipes at her chest.

    Yujin bites Yuna’s protesting tongue silent as soon as she feels Jiheon probe and swipe her cock in the slimy mass of juice-coated juicy flesh, already near-orgasmic from lapping up the delicious mess and swirling it around in Yuna’s equally manic mouth while the two cocks already deep in her holes jostle around and stretch her holes anew each time Jiheon attempts to enter the deceptively stable fray.

    “All right, here we go, we go, we go~” Jiheon declares confidently, even making sure to press down on Kazuha’s tailbone for extra leverage—

               — OH FUCK—”—

    —before promptly toppling over as Kazuha’s hips buckle into violent orgasm at Jiheon’s cock’s ramming into the already impossibly tight hole—


    So gosh darn tight, crap…”               Kazuha claws backwards.

    Jiheon growls in frustration,              “Fucking hell, you—” 

    “Stop pushing… me out!” her cock

    struggling to stay sheathed inside       “Fuck, Jiheon!

    the warm tight hole.

    “I can’t move… properly…”              “Fucking hell!”

              “FUCK, HEONIE—”

    “Your knot’s too big!” “This slut’s arse is squeezing my cock even tighter!”

    Kazuha misses Yujin’s mouth with her palm when the younger finally remembers to scream after Yuna’s hips find enough leeway to come and—

    Oh boy, hold on, Zuha,          “Fucking, filled up…!

    I slipped out again—”             “Dont spill my cum—”


    —rail against the weight of three bodies and ram her cock into Yujin until the elder’s half-as-stretched yet no-less-flexed from the front and right into another orgasm that fell just behind the three the arrhythmic one-two had already induced for the delirious omega and the whinnying alpha—

    Oh golly, my knot’s coming,

    “I can feel it inflating… Oh boy…”

              “Keep fucking moving Jiheon, look at how your slutty idiot of a Captain’s just drooling all over—”

    Captain, Heonie's—here’s Heonie!”

    Jiheon grabs Kazuha’s chest and smashes her outstretched lips straight into bared teeth—

    In her rigid, hardwood-braced stupor, Yujin collapses after hands shoot out desperately against the slight cushion of the minty knoll after the impact of yet another salvo of sticky warmth that grows the sloshy pool inside her arsehole—

    “Ah, don’t leave—”

    —and then floats when Kazuha roughly yanks her by the top of her scalp into an almost upright position—

    “Fuck’s sake—

    “Open your fucking mouth, Yuna—”

    —and then sinks back as she lets the ensuing relief usher into her wracked body to the tune of the trickling water in the oasis—

    Stop,                          “Better drink all of her piss up—you’re not going to

    make her stop, Zuha,          “make me fucking fill out

    “I might pee too—       “even more paperwork this—”

    Jesus… Oh, God,                 “Jesus…

    “OhGod—                   “We’re both knotted, Heonie. Just st—”


    Kazuha bristles as the top half of her knot slips out of the flooding warmth, quickly followed by the rest of her drenched cock—

    M’shoshowwy,” Jiheon groans in her relief as she keeps her lips open for Kazuha to use to clean her cock off. She mewls as Kazuha holds her jaw in place and intently uses her teeth to scrape up and more more of the delicious warm slimy mess that eventually seeps out of the corners of her mouth.

    “Done, Heonie?” Kazuha finally growls affectionately at the eldest after she sees her tensed shoulders finally deflate.

    Mmmhhnmmphhh…” Jiheon nods before she takes one last slurp and then lets Kazuha divvy the treat in her mouth.

    “Yujin? Can she move yet?”

    Nnn… goohh Ih…


    Jiheon yelps, unprepared for the sudden yank on her hair while she was busy watching Kazuha’s fit arse bounce about after leaping off the mattress.

    Christ, Jiheon… Are you crazy? Pissing inside Yujin’s arse?”

    Jiheon affectionately kisses the top of Yujin’s head before she grabs Yuna’s flushed, tensed cheeks and peppers the blonde’s snarling expression with kisses.

    “It’s fine, don’t worry—peeing in your partner is actually very safe because urine’s already practically sterile after the toxins get flushed out by the kidneys—in fact, the—

    “What? What what?” Jiheon says, pausing at the opening her eyes to Yuna just blankly staring back in tepid shock.

    You can’t be serious…”

    “Zuha was helping me with Biology homework!”

    “Fuck you! Who says you get to mark Yujinie? I should—”

    「 Oi, oi, oi,」 Kazuha finally irritatedly interrupts, firmly clamping her fists on Yuna’s scent glands and Jiheon’s cheek, “stop your jock bullshit already and let’s carry Yujin into the shower.

    “I’m fucking tired already and I’m not in the mood to deal with the other alphas on this floor.”

    “Sure thing, for sure, for sure~” Jiheon says enthusiastically, holding the blonde’s mouth shut with one hand in front while tightly cradling the back of her neck with the other as she awkwardly shuffles with Kazuha to corral the two girls in between them into the cramped shower.


    “Isn’t it Valentine's Eve? I—”

    “You mean you fucking barged in our dorm because you’re single?!

    “What kind of a desperate bitch—”

    “I can’t hear you, I’m in the shower already!” Kazuha yells from behind the ugly never-not-factory-smelling university-comped plastic sheet as she gropes for and twists Jiheon’s ear—


    Why does my arse feel so warm?”

    “Yujinie stop, stop biting my neck! Fucking hell!”


    (?) I don’t know why I thought about this.
    (1) I lied, I guess—this thing’s flowing faster than the other fic I had planned.
    (4) Of course it stalls as well.
    (6) Guess it’s still not done.
    (V-day(?)) Thanks to @sinswithpleasure​ and @capslocked​ for being sounding boards f
    or this one.


    If you could have a chance to fuck any girl group you like for a week, but the catch is you need to make every member cum three times a day. If you don't, you get sent home immediately. Who would you pick?

    Hello Anon, thanks for the ask.

    Well, it would have to be the group that ——— is in, wouldn't it?

    t. Sol

    Her Sister’s Pet

    ITZY Yeji! x Yuna

    2442 words



    Of all the fucking days.

    “Please, excuse me for a moment,” Yeji asks politely of her table after pointedly clearing her throat with a little more venom than she intended.

    She’s not surprised in the slightest when she still barely gets any acknowledgement from these so-called business “partners” of hers, a sorry lot of slimy silk-wrapped leeches still firmly latched onto their garish bloated hosts that she was expected to somehow wrangle into a useful crew of sharks to complete her assigned takeover; however, she still does wait for the calculatedly casual wave of her father’s hand for her to place her neatly folded napkin on her seat and then follow her point man out of the dining area.

    When they reach her target, she then moves ahead of him forcefully, with her steps almost echoing above the general chatter. She spares the lanky man—no, boy, she amends in her head, when she sees his pathetic attempt at a confrontation before immediately withering at the sight of her bodyguard—a curt smile before she snatches the giggling blue sweater at which he was blustering to a sputter by the arm and drags her to the corridor leading to the stairwell.

    Although she comes willingly enough, the taller girl’s laughter is the last thing Yeji needs to hear right now, and so Yeji may have taken a wee bit more satisfaction than she should have when she swings her hip to slam and pin Yuna on the wall of the corner stall with a dull thud that could have barely been heard underneath the echoey rattles of the wooden quintet she had checked one-handed.

    Look at me,” Yeji asks flatly as she takes note of the light scratches on her younger sister’s calves. She closes her eyes to assume the sternest possible expression she could muster, anything to let her keep her attention away from the thin red lines that betray just exactly how the younger had been able to suddenly arrive at this sit-down.

    What are you doing here, Yuna?”

    Yuna lifts her head, first revealing her usual bright gummy smile before she sweeps her hair back, her hand catching at the crown after briefly meeting Yeji’s eyes, and then moves her head back against the wall.

    “I had nowhere else to go tonight, Unnie~” she coos with pouty lips that direct her cutest voice that she reserves only for her dearest sister up to arc down into Yeji’s ears, with eyes that quickly transition from bright crescents to dark orbs that dare Yeji to call her out even as she traces the curve of Yeji’s neck with her hand.

    Yeji’s brow furrows, but she says nothing even as Yuna moves her slender fingers from holding the elder’s jaw to running their backs against her nose, her lips.

    “It’s all mean old Daddy’s fault,” Yuna continues, with a pause at the slight lift of the corner of Yeji’s mouth, “because he took my keys and credit cards again...” and then a whine once she feels the subtle change in pressure on her arm when Yeji’s fingers twist her sleeve.

    “You know he’s only looking out for you, your best interest—”

    “Him?” Yuna scoffs. “Then he shouldn’t have grounded me, that mean asshole!

    “I’m going to die, Unnie! He’s going to make me miss the Charles & Keith sa—”

    Yuna earns her shoulder a second slam, immediately followed by a weak third for failing to keep her grin hidden mid-flight of the second, that slipped out not unintentionally, partially after seeing muscles of Yeji’s neck peek out of her now-unfastened collar.

    It’s not that she doesn’t know better than to talk back; rather, it’s the giddy feeling that Yeji’s curled index finger and thumb elicits as soon as they settle on either side of her chin, that she knows is feeding the Yeji’s brewing intent from how her sister’s nimbi rake over her oversized jumper down to her barely visible white skirt.


    Quiet, baby sister.”

    Yuna giggles—

    With one hand, Yeji yanks Yuna by her nape down to her knees while she shoves her trousers and boxer briefs down together with the other and aims her pulsing half-erection right between Yuna’s surprised lips.

    Keep your eyes open,” she growls with displeasured pleasure as soon as the advance of the head of her cock in her sister’s rapidly clenching throat pauses, still leaving a few inches exposed, “and pout your lips.

    Nod if you understand.”

    It’s small, but it’s unmistakable, the way Yuna’s neck flexes the millimetre or so it could afford without choking further on her cock.

    Good girl.”

    Yeji begins fucking her throbbing cock into her sister’s pliant mouth, with an almost-sinister smile on her face after permitting Yuna to lean into her hand when she feels the younger girl lean into her other hand when her hand brushes against her stuffed cheek, with only a few shallow thrusts that quickly give way to a moderate pace that already prompts loud gurgling noises from Yuna’s willing throat, that she maintains since she’s still unable to fully slide into the warmth vibrant with her sister’s submissive mewls.

    Hands up, Yuna. Can’t have you ruining your pretty clothes—”

    As naturally as her vanity had always come to Yuna, it truly is the accumulated lack of oxygen this time that pushes her to push back on Yeji’s moving hips instead of complying—incensed at the perceived disobedience, Yeji pries her jaw open with her cock and fucks the brief, spittle-rich, panicked breath Yuna could take down her throat at the steeper, almost vertical angle she achieves by simply taking a step forward and then dropping her hips. Satisfied with her view, she simply holds herself in place for what must’ve been eternity with how streaky Yuna’s tears ran for her to watch, ignoring the younger’s wordless noises around her cock and the desperate scratching on the inside of her thighs—

    It’s a bigger breath this time, followed by two thick spurts of cum straight down her throat before Yeji pulls halfway out out of her tender throat to deposit the rest of her creamy orgasm with the spittle pooling in her mouth, with her hands waiting where they should have been this time—one on her chin to catch any drops that manage to escape, the other to the side to stabilise where her head wasn’t lolling after enduring her punishment, much to her older sister’s visible amusement.

    Good girl, good girl…

    Clean up your hands for your Unnie, now.”

    Yuna knows how it goes—spit it out on the cup, string it back with the fling, then sip what’s left on the tip. After finishing cleaning her sister’s cock with a loud slurp, she then cups her chin again while holding her treat up in her mouth for Yeji to see, exactly how her older sister likes it—

    Even in her panic, she doesn’t swallow a single drop of Yeji’s cum by the time she lands properly on her knees on top of the toilet, motivated by the continued burn in her scalp.

    It’s very important.

    Open your mouth again, let Unnie really see how well you took her.”

    Yuna sticks her sticky tongue out as directed, with a meek moan as soon as the shaft of Yeji’s cock brushes her already twitching arsehole and then slides smoothly against it for a few strokes, still wet with the still-warm spittle it painstakingly extracted from her numbing lips.

    Yeji leans into Yuna’s ear. “You’re doing so well, baby sister…

    Maybe you’ve learned your lesson already? Hm—”

    She laughs softly when Yuna frantically mewls and shakes her head, letting her lips brush against her flushed cheeks, and then quickly follows it up with her arse grinding up and down back against her shaft that quickly rehardens at the sensation of the smooth supple skin of Yuna’s arse thoroughly enveloping it—

    Of the smooth soaking squelchiness trailing it that Yeji wishes she could savour before she pulls back, she begrudgingly reminds herself before she pushes herself away from the needy, persistent apple with the apple of her free hand.

    Looks like I still need to fuck some sense into you…” Yeji sneers, at which Yuna presses her chest to the ivory tank so that her arse would slightly lift and pucker her suddenly neglected hole that much more.


    Obediently, Yuna lets the tasty potion seep a bit at a time onto Yeji’s middle and ring fingers tracing her lips, and in return, they stroke and prod at her soaked, goosebumped groin before they then hook inside her still tight yet eager orifice and methodically stretching her out with smooth scissoring swipes that make her dizzy with lust with how precisely the elder’s digits persuade her rectal walls to relax, her fingers to fumble, her untouched cunt to drip down her flexing thighs.

    Already missing the richness of Yeji’s cum on her tongue, she doesn’t hesitate when Yeji’s warm fingers come back after the final bead—she holds out her cleaned tongue for them to land on, for her to kiss before closing her eyes and sensually suckling on them for any trace, any hint of the addictive saltiness.

    At first, they’re playful in return, sweeping her tongue from side to side, with Yeji’s thumb even massaging circles on her swollen lower lip, but then when Yeji’s hot meaty cockhead suddenly presses into her arsehole with her back immediately straightening in surprise—

    Greedy brat! Did Unnie say you could take her cock, Yuna?”

    —they turn cruel, stretching her jaw almost painfully as they enter up to the knuckle and drill repeatedly down her throat—

    Noughgh,Ah’mshuorwwwwee! Unnnghhii!’

    It’s no use to beg—despite Yuna’s best efforts, she only produces gurgles and drool, a slimy, stringy mess that she tries her best to capture with one shaking hand, with the other trying and failing to soften the onslaught of painful pleasure that threatens to tear her throat up—

    You like it, baby sister, don’t you, like it so much when I punish you like this, make sure you behave—”

    —that threatens to break her shaking hips after each punitive pummel with which her older sister’s pubis slams against her arsecheeks—

    ---should Unnie cum inside this filthy little fuckhole, hm, since it’s all it’s good for, at this rate, with how much I have to keep punishing you, baby sister—”

    —that finally demolishes her overstimulated ring of muscle’s resistance down into an in irregular, suffocating clenching around thethat makes her sweet, understanding Yeji-unnie do just that—ferociously pump her deliciously thick cock into her gluttonous, well-fucked arsehole with a loving roar in her ear until it’s full of her favourite warm, viscous cum free to slosh around inside her belly.

    "Goddamn it, you little brat, why do you have to be so fucking good at this?" Yeji growls, more to herself than to the ear temptingly hanging just between her lips, as she rests her hand on Yuna's head and scratches the silent girl’s scalp slowly, not without affection, as she licks the inside of her parched mouth in between breaths still laboured from the effort of just fucking a massive load into her disobedient sister's arsehole.

    Yuna ramps from a weak giggle to a manic laugh at the rumbling praise, wheezing and whimpering through her own ragged breaths as she gropes about and then inadvertently flushes the toilet on which she finds herself half-knelt, half-draped after her vision returns.

    "Better make sure you don’t spill a drop before you walk out of here," she continues, scratching Yuna's nape as both aftercare and a needed distraction from her sister's continued erratic twitches that keep interrupting her attempts to anchor herself down to her own pulse and then pound a path for her clouded mind away from this post-orgasm haze to wherever brooch had clattered away in their mad scramble—

    Yuna chuckles when Yeji finally responds to her rubbing her heel against the elder's own to point out where the shiny accessory had fallen.

    "You're never any fun, you know, Unnie…" she starts, giggling once more when Yeji yelps at the parting squeeze Yuna’s weary arsehole manages to put on her still mostly erect cock when the elder gingerly bends down to retrieve the miraculously unscathed trinket trapped on the other side of Yuna's foot—thankfully still intact, as best as her still-numb foot could tell her.

    "I even shaved my cunt today, but all you ever take is my arse—"


    Although her older sister's tone had already shifted back from its muted aggression, there’s no way Yuna could deny that the eerie quiet that follows Yeji’s normal, even tone is responsible for yet another, icier bolt that runs down her spine, for re-stirring her just-quenched desire immediately with a newer, stronger rush of hot, fresh slick that drips down her thighs again to pool in the little dimple on the rattling plastic cover...

    She pushes her lust aside at the calming sensation of Yeji’s measured breaths against her back. She meekly nods after a few more minutes, at which Yeji gives her one last pat on the head before she lets go of Yuna’s hair and stands up off the toilet, allowing Yuna to breathe properly once more with her belatedly reinflating lungs.

    Quietly, Yeji slides her sister's ruined knickers back over her hips and then pulls down and smooths out her bunched-up skirt before she rebuttons her trousers and then briskly walks away without a sparing a parting glance back for Yuna.

    The two men waiting outside in the hallway bow and nod, respectively once Yeji comes to halt,.

    “Twenty minutes, then take her home.”

    The shorter one offers another bow with a hasty apology that Yeji cuts and waves off as she turns to the other one, at which he bows again before he enters the toilet.

    “Go back home with them. Kim can take over as point tonight.”

    The taller one nods once and moves to leave, but pauses when he sees Yeji reach for his shoulder. He then watches Yeji take another heavy breath before she fully unzips her jacket and reaches inside it for a worn, bunny-eared pink leather wallet that she carefully unzips.

    “Pick her up at lunch tomorrow, and come straight home before dinner.”

    She waits for his footsteps to stop echoing before she goes and approaches the French doors once more.

    She reaches for the knob, but opts to bring her fingers to her lips instead.

    It’s acrid to her mind when she takes the slow drag, an indelible stain stuck on the skin underneath her pristine fingernails.

    Perhaps she won’t, can’t avoid crossing that line much longer.


    (10) Yes, that’s Sol failing to meet two deadlines at once. Hopefully they’ll be the next ones to get published.

    la folie de la lune

    ITZY Yeji x Stray Kids Hyunjin x M.Reader

    2007 words


    She’s anything but calm Herself, despite Her soothing words, as She runs Her palms over your messy hair loosened from its plait, your sweltering body half-divested of its silk raiment and cotton bindings as you twist and turn on Her once-neat sheets.


                            The apples.

    Young Mistress…”



    I’m here, Kyungho, I’m here.”

    Her hand on your cheek brings it back, brings you back, for at least for a moment.

                It’s inopportune; shameful, really.

    Don’t close your eyes, my Kyungho.”

    Of course—how could you disobey your young mistress, under Her kind gaze?

    She searches for any comprehension in your glassy eyes; she must have found none, for She takes your hand and gently squeezes on it, keeping it close to Her chest.



                            Red flashes.

    “Brother Hyunjin!”


                It’s starting again.

    Red flashes.

    Oh, what shall we do for him?”

    It hurts, Her plea, hearing it, seeing it wash over Her pure soft features and manifest into an undeniable pain, pain that you’ve caused, you’ve inflicted on Her.

    Kyungho,” the thunder whispers, an unusually soothing rumble in comparison to the ineffectual breeze.

    Beg for forgiveness from the opaque forest that refuses to fully dissipate, no matter how much you blink and seek for Her, for him, for any sense of comfort.

                (Come, stop your howling;

                            (come, move your lips.)

    It is the moon, Sister dearest.”

    I’ve been trying, but he can’t calm down,” the heavy raindrops shakily confess. “Since dawn ereyesterday, I’ve not left him.”

    The lush leaves encase the caramelised apple.

                Oh, heavens.

    It’s succouring, his scent.

    We have no other choice, I fear…

    Stand back, Yeji—”

    It’s as if the weight had never crushed your lungs—

    Brother, please!”

    His thumb presses further on the base of your wrist, with his teeth rubbing in biting circles over the bone, until the warmth of the sobs of relief that catch in your throat slowly trickle out to your numbed digits.

    It’s dangerous, Sister. You might get—”

    No! Don’t hurt him!” She cries out as She quickly envelopes you up into Her arms. “I shall stay with dear Kyungho, I must!” She whispers into your ear.

    Squeeze Her frantic hand that seeks yours by your side with what strength you could afford while you struggle to muzzle your galvanising baseness under his burning gaze.

    Please, Young Mistress…”

    It’ll hurt...

    I don’t want to cause you any more sorrow than I have to, Sister,” he measuredly says as he gently strokes Her hair, his own conflict evident in his tone even through the red-tinged pools rife with his growing need.

    Yeji’s lips linger on your temple for a moment more before She turns to him.

    Outside, the moon shines vibrant with the full richness of its lunacy, with reverberating rustles that stoke the growing fire of its subjects.

    Narrow white eclipses broad crimson in the wordless war of wills, a loving guard opposing a lustful grasp.

    After an almost imperceptible nod, he kisses Her knuckles, then cedes his position, clasping his hands briefly over Her hand and your wrist.

    Keep hold of him, then, dearest Yeji.


    His eyes deepen his hold on you while She gathers Herself on his shoulder in breaths that you matchmust match as the subtle tang makes itself more apparent on the tip of the desert dweller.

    He takes a deep breath of his own to mask the rattle of his snarl.


    Yes, Young Master…”

    Resolute, with Her renewed scent and Her fragile body, She engulfs you—Her visage fills your vision, and Her hot breaths cool you down as you inhale Her sweet fragrance, Her immutable vigour deep into your lungs, soothing the dull ache in your limbs, insulating the electricity of the tendrils of thirst poking into your mind as his mane faintly glows in streaks and his rubies dilate while he methodically undoes the sash of your skirt.

    Although Hyunjin continues to snarl, his touch is still gentle, almost fond, over your undergarments as he runs his hand back and forth between your parted legs, stroking its short length with the pads of his thumb and forefinger while he nuzzles your cock, occasionally wrapping his lips, his teeth over your throbbing tip and taking deep warm breaths over it. His tongue then prods repeatedly on the sensitive slit, making you moan with how he almost seems to drink your precum in, with how much he soaks your cock and the cage of cotton still covering its base with his warm drool as he kisses and bites—

    A flash of concern betrays Her calm as soon as you gasp at the chilling balm slowly passing over the streaks of his saliva along your now-fully uncovered groin, preceding exciting sniffs and inhales of your scent that feel so tight, so pleasurable as he takes his time swirling his tongue over and then popping out each testicle with his warm mouth.

    Be still, Omega,” he says, not unkindly, following a kiss on your frenulum that precedes the cool squelchiness that he quickly slathers over your cock and testicles before he then spits and licks on your short, erect length up and down with his stiff flattened tongue as he fondles your sac frenetically with his one of his strong yet soft palms and rubs in a second, more generous dollop in teasing circles around that almost enter your twitching arsehole with the other.

    (The salve will remove the pain,”) you think he says, although it’s hard to know with how heavily She breathes as She scratches your favourite behind your ear, how huskily he growls as he digs his nose in between your legs and sniffs your perineum, with his tongue returning the beads of salve that splattered on your buttocks back up to aid his fingers’ continued probing into your arse, already holding steady halfway through the second knuckles..

    Do you mean it, dearest Brother?” She quietly whispers as She wipes a bead of sweat running across your brow. “Will it no longer be painful?”

    Of course.”

    Your throat closes and your back arches in affirmation as his long fingers penetrate and curl up repeatedly into your spot with precipitous precision. His repeated ministrations quickly have you stretched and openly releasing more precum that he slurps up and spits messily over your cock, more of your caramel scent that he gnaws at the tender skin while he flicks his tongue in between—

    Hyunjinie, he smells so good,” She meekly sobs.

    Squeeze the young mistress’s hand again in an attempt to reassure Her as you watch Her keel forward, still on Her knees that now rub together incessantly, almost discreetly, if not for the scratchy noises of Her own skirt rustling in between Her legs and your raiment, failing to mask the potent, raw musk of Her own apple redolence that almost matches his dominant woodsy fog, of which he releases another pungent cloud after releasing your fully hardened cock from his aggressive lips.

    It cannot be helped, sister dearest,” he growls with some difficulty while he keeps his mouth pressed against your length to trap the firm flesh between your soft belly and his almost-sharpened teeth as he struggles to undo the sash of his trousers, even tearing it a little in his haste to release himself from his own stifling swath.

    It’s delicious, how his skin almost sears your own as soon as his cock flops down on your leg. In a harsh hold, he slowly runs his fist over both of your cocks, as if to squeeze hot precum out for him to spread over both of your weeping lengths before he then alternates between furiously stroking you together and leaving you to rut freely against his immense size that easily dwarfs you even in its half-erect state. His pupils dance in dark circles and squares that dart without breaking your eye contact—

    "Brother, I..." She groans.

    Glittering eyes, glistening lips, gleaming neck—it’s amazing how beautiful She looks amidst this humid oak haze that wets your soaked skin in both hot and cool salty drops.

    Drops of Her sweat mingle with yours and drip over your numbing lips just as She collapses on top of you.

    It’s his heat,” he murmurs as he holds Her hands clawing at the clasps of Her skirt. “Let him, attend to you, Sister—”

    I feel faint, Brother—”

    He must, you must let him—”

    Hyunjin—nnh!”           “Alpha, my body—” you spit out just before the initial wave washes over your limbs, then rebounds deep into your groin, then out into Her lips as She hovers over your open mouth, Her moans steadily growing pitchier, Her delicious drool directly feeding into your waiting mouth.

    That’s it, Omega, let it out!” he commands with heavy breaths as he digs the head of his cock in swipes into your perineum, eliciting another wave slick for him to scoop up and lick off of his fingers as he strokes his somehow-still growing length.

    Kyungho-ya, I can’t… I… I—”

    What begins as a tender kiss of reassurance quickly becomes a twisting kiss of rapacity when his hot tip easily spreads your loosened hole open to absorb his absolutely animalistic advance as he finally succumbs to his hunger.

    Mine, you! Tight!”       “Young Master!” you each howl when he bottoms out with a resonant clap, simultaneously overwhelmed yet undeterred in clamouring for the relief that absconded as quickly as it arrived, with him eagerly adopting the pistoning pace with his steady hips that smash into your arsecheeks, with you futilely bidding your desperate hole to clench upon his sleek length that slides frictionlessly, aided by precum and slick and salve that must have drowned your legs—

    “Brother, please!” She screams against your biting lips, quivering hips trapped underneath his hands that now force Her slick cunt to rub against your stomach—

    Fill!” he declares as the first volley of his cum shoots deep into you, its sudden warmth causing your body to arch and rub back up against Her clit, forcing you to deepen your kiss lest you hear more of Her screams—

    Bite, Sister!” he roars over his thrusts that never ceased—

    Kyungho-ya…” She weakly gasps in your arms as She bites into your neck just before another tangy cloud of apples rushes directly into your nose, immediately triggering your own second that encourages him to restrainedly sweep Her to the side and hover over you.

    Good—reward, you, Omega!”

    He bites your swollen lips to quell your whinnying screams when His bulging knot finally plunges inside you without resistance—the indescribable pleasure of his satiating cock thoroughly exploring your orifice, mercifully scraping every inch back and forth of the wanton flesh and filling it back in with His semen only intensifies as His massive hot spongy bulb locks in and pulses against your exhausted ring of muscle in a soothing stretch that is accompanied by fresh waves of cum that surely had expanded your belly with how strong each spurt that you feel bursting against your thirsting walls.

    You did well, sweet Kyungho-ya…” She whispers into your ear, with a gentle kiss that lingers as she says Her prayers of thanks.            

              “Well done, Kyungho,” He chuckles, with a nibble at your earlobe that breaks up his affectionate, ragged breaths.

    Slowly, but surely, the sweetness of the oak and apples injects itself into your cramped muscles to further the soothing sensation of the spreading warmth from Her petite figure nestled into your chest and His muscular physique half-cradling you under your back.

    I’m so sorry, Young Mistress, Young Master…” the whisper comes as it crystallises in the pools for the twin softnesses to bear in fleeting steps as They travel over the tear-streaked land.

    Above, the rising blue shimmers with the earnest vibrance of its mirth, with a singing breeze that floats over the glowing faces of its subjects.

    Nevermind all this, dearest…

    “Close your eyes, my Kyungho,” They gently request.

    But of course—how could you disobey your owners, in Their kind embrace?


    (8) Jesus, I can’t seem to start this thing for whatever reason.
    (14) Happy, belated, something, to you, dear Reader (it’s never a fixed date anyw


    your ideas are great but it’s hard to read all your long run-on sentences. a period or comma more often would go a long way to make your writing easier to read. also your blog format makes it hard to read in mobile

    Hello Anonymous, thanks for the ask.


    I know I'm guilty of making unnecessarily dense sentences, but, gosh, run-on sentences, I don't do those, so I'm ashamed. Where did I write them? I can't think of any.

    As for the mobile thing, everyone's blog looks equally dull on the app, so I'm not sure exactly what you mean about this either.

    If you can send me any examples, I'll try and fix them.

    t. Sol


    Pick one company to save, the rest are completely wiped from existence. History, artists, discography—everything. This includes all of their sublabels/subsidiaries. Which would you choose?

    * SM: Mystic Story

    * YG: The Black Label

    * HYBE: Pledis, Source, BeLift, Ador

    * RBW: DSP, WM

    Hello zeketheknight, thanks for the ask.

    You're aware of the butterfly effect, aren't you?

    t. Sol


    Do you think your works have influenced others to write or inspired certain elements in their own stories? What was the best compliment you’ve ever received, be it from another writer or a reader?

    Hello frostedtuskwalrus, thanks for the ask.

    As a writer, I've had, I think, three(?) fellow authors that I can recall who've actually said to me that they were inspired to do something after reading one of mine; as a pest editor, hopefully a little more than that.

    Probably the best compliment that I get is that fellow picky readers choose to read my work.

    t. Sol