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    Y'ever think about what absolute mad decadence we live in that "vanilla" means "plain"


    Anytime someone says 'it's just vanilla ice cream' I have to restrain myself from saying, "ah yes, the flavor produced by the seeds of a tropical orchid, a flower which blossoms for a single day before dying, the second most expense spice in the world. Just that."

    Historically, the spices I have in my cabinet are an embarrassment of riches. I have there a large container of whole black peppercorns which I grate fresh over my food. Multiple containers of cinnamon because I forgot I already had some. Ginger, cardamom, red pepper flakes, whole cloves and ground, nutmeg and turmeric. Kings and emperors have not eaten food so well spiced.

    I have vanilla ice cream in my freezer (cold! frozen! when the rich would pay fortunes to send for ice from mountains to chill fruit in the summers). I am going to put on my silk robe, fix myself a bowl, and feast.

    Made a little scene with the lowpoly shaman characters which you can view in 3D on Sketchfab.

    Everything in the scene shares the same 256x256p texture.


    The Cuban authorities spotted the ship for the first time on May 16, near a restricted military zone, west of Havana. They made many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the crew and finally mobilized three patrol boats to intercept it.

    When they reached it, they were surprised to find that the ship was actually a nearly 100-year old steamer identified as the Cotopaxi, a name famously associated with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.



    I am Daniel by amanda.j.gaskins on Instagram.

    Amanda has drawn an entire comic depicting what happened to Daniel before the start of the game - go check it out!


    A few highlights:

    “ I got pulled over more in the first two years after my transition than I did the entire 20 years I was driving before that. Before, when I’d been stopped, even for real violations like driving 100 miles an hour, I got off. “

    “ A couple of years after my transition, I had a grad student I’d been mentoring. She started coming on to me, stalking me, sending me emails and texts. My adviser and the dean — both women — laughed it off. It went on for the better part of a year, and that was the year that I was going up for tenure. It was a very scary time. I felt very worried that if the student felt I was not returning her attentions she would claim that I had assaulted her. I felt like as a guy, I was not taken seriously. I had experienced harassment as a female person at another university and they had reacted immediately, sending a police escort with me to and from campus. “

    “ I am hyper-aware of making sudden or abrupt movements, especially in airports, train stations and other public places. “

    “Prior to my transition, I was an outspoken radical feminist. I spoke up often, loudly and with confidence. I was encouraged to speak up. I was given awards for my efforts, literally — it was like, “Oh, yeah, speak up, speak out.” When I speak up now, I am often given the direct or indirect message that I am “mansplaining,” “taking up too much space” or “asserting my white male heterosexual privilege.” “

    “ My ability to empathize has grown exponentially, because I now factor men into my thinking and feeling about situations. Prior to my transition, I rarely considered how men experienced life or what they thought, wanted or liked about their lives. “

    “ I do notice that some women do expect me to acquiesce or concede to them more now: Let them speak first, let them board the bus first, let them sit down first, and so on…  As a former lesbian feminist, I was put off by the way that some women want to be treated by me, now that I am a man, because it violates a foundational belief I carry, which is that women are fully capable human beings who do not need men to acquiesce or concede to them. “

    “ What continues to strike me is the significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces. It now feels as though I am on my own: No one, outside of family and close friends, is paying any attention to my well-being. “

    “ Apparently, people were only holding the door for me because I was a woman rather than out of common courtesy as I had assumed. Not just men, women too. I learned this the first time I left the house presenting as male, when a woman entered a department store in front of me and just let the door swing shut behind her. I was so caught off guard I walked into it face first. “

    “ People now assume I have logic, advice and seniority. They look at me and assume I know the answer, even when I don’t. “


    “My ability to empathize has grown exponentially, because I now factor men into my thinking” imagine actually caring about or thinking about the reality the other gender without having to actually live life in their shoes. We see all this identarian “representation matters” shit, with people saying “oh finally, a character who looks like me”. I have never watched a movie where, if I didn’t identify with the character’s spirit, I didn’t identify with the character. Korra, Jinora, Bolin, Iroh, Aang, Sakka, Zuko, do they all look alike? Well I identified with all of them either way. Maybe because I’m not a racist or sexist who saw their skin color, probable genitals, or shapes as a reason to close my mind to their character, symbology, individuality, and any commonality between them and myself. Consciousness, or fictional characters canonically with consciousness, have something innately in common with you. And if someone is kind, and you’re kind, or of someone is malicious and you’re malicious, what the fuck does their skin tone or tits or dick have to do with that commonality? Really


    “imagine actually caring about or thinking about the reality the other gender without having to actually live life in their shoes.”


    This reminds me of the documentary about a feminist that faked being a man during certain period and she got depression because everything they told her, was a lie.


    It’s interesting seeing an admission from a radical feminist that she had no empathy for men, and when she obtained a more universal empathy, she stopped being a feminist.



    Her name was Norah Vincent and her book was Self Made Man. She had a short stint in a mental health facility right after the 18 months she spent as a man because the realities men face gave her depression so badly she wanted to die.

    She came away from the experience with a new view on men. She said it wasn’t men who have privilege in this world, its women.

    I’d also recommend The Red Pill by Casey Jaye. A feminist that went into her film project expecting to show just how awful MRAs were and how easy men had it. She came away renouncing modern feminism and with more than a few friends in the movement.

    Both of these women were sent hate simply for saying men have problems that are just as important as womens.


    Thank you for the reminding me and giving me a recommendation!

    Norah Vincent and Casey Jaye are so damn brave, I think there was this another ex-feminist that invested her time in helping battered man and had to run to other country after a feminist killed her dog


    Erin Pizzey. She opened the first DV shelter for women in Europe but when she said men could also be the victims of DV she was shunned. Then when she said that most DV is reciprocal (both parties contributed almost equally) she was threatened and more or less run out of the continent. She came to the states and settled down but the hate followed her and thats when her dog was killed.

    She still speaks about mens issues and fights for actual equal rights and she still gets threats on her life for her work. She continues to push forward, though, because she said its the right thing to do.

    I’d also recommend Honey Badger Radio. They are full on MRAs and sometimes they can get a bit radicle in the opposite direction of feminism (especially Karen. she…uh…she can get intense), but they still have a lot of good they do and a lot of great resources.


    In other news, it is now not only morally acceptable but the morally correct thing to do to pirate the fuck out of Adobe’s software line.


    Planned Obsolescence gives way to Enforced Obsolescence


    [Laughs as I boot up Clip Studio Paint, which I bought one (1) time]

    Here’s a list of other programs. Keep posting till it’s widely known.



    Good to know these thanks man.


    @captain-planet-official how do we address this


    Like this planeteer!

    Dismantle the system by hand!

    One by one!

    -Captain Planet

    The Manpig Tesla by yoonoso on Instagram.


    Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered that the iconic Dickinsonia fossils are probably not flat sea creatures with ribbed bodies.



    basically, the Ediacaran was the geologic age that came just before the Cambrian, spanning from 635 to 541 Million years ago. it was though that there wasn’t any complex multicellular life at this point, but now we know that’s WRONG and INCORRECT. The discovery of the Ediacaran Biota fossils have proved there was life of some sort even this early in Earth’s history, but it was weird.

    most of the fossils from this time look more like geometric shapes than anything, uh, alive. and a lot of these weird organisms seem to have grown in mathematically-precise patterns! and more than that, they grew by branching fractally. nothing alive today does that! 

    and if that weren’t enough, a lot of these Ediacaran weirdos exhibited tri-radial symmetry, meaning they were symmetrical on three sides instead of just the traditional two used by animals today. again, nothing alive today does that. 

    so to be frank, scientists just flat-out thought these organisms weren’t animals at all, but were instead either an animal precursor or some kind of weird stem-animal cousin. (I like the term Mathimals, myself.) 

    but, uh, according to the article, scientists are now thinking that the Mathimal fossils aren’t of whole organisms, but only of their supporting structures! IF THIS IS TRUE, IT MEANS THAT THE MATHIMALS WERE FAR MORE COMPLEX THAN WE THOUGHT, AND PROBABLY WERE ACTUALLY ANIMALS. which is a shame because it means I can’t use the term Mathimal anymore, but hey I guess you can’t have everything.

    but on the other hand, it means that the great-grandaddy of all animal life on the planet looked something like this

    and I think I’m okay with that.