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    Oh yes give me your ass… let me lick and suck your warm soft hole! Your moans are my favorite music!


    It’s funny; it was only a month ago that your colleague was teasing you and calling you names for being openly bi. “Hey fag, want a dick up your pussy?” he might say. Or, “Suck this, princess,” as he grabbed his crotch. So, you did. You sucked it. And the arrogant cunt melted in your hands. Now look at him. Eating out your manhole like it’s his last meal while his hard dick bounces in front of you. You’re not even attracted to him. You just enjoy the satisfaction of owning a homophobe in the gayest way possible.


    You didn't know how your father could have changed in such a short period of time. You first knew something was off when he answered one of your calls drunk in the middle of the day. On a later facetime you realized he had gained a ton of weight, his face fattened like a pig, his jaw having combined with his neck. You knew you had to do something about it when you heard he had lost his job, finally going over for a visit.

    You were shocked to see the state of his house when you entered, trash everywhere, dirty laundry left all over. You found your dad lounging naked in the living room in a daze. He had seriously let himself go, a solid gut surrounded by a fat chest and arms, his body hairy and unkept. You woke him and told him to go put some clothes, letting him lumber off to the bedroom.

    You began picking up underwear from the couch before turning your attention to the reeking month old chinese food left on the table, some fortune cookies left out. You picked them up, seeing one was already open. "Life is a mess, live it!" You rolled your eyes, opening the remaining one.

    "You are what you hold with you"

    As you read it you felt strange buzzing in your mind, like the words were searing the inside your skull. In a moment a wave of dizziness washed over you. You quickly dropped the underwear as the world started to spin. You fell back onto the couch, closing your eyes hoping for the sensation to stop.

    You didn't know how long you had been lying there before your father walked back into the room still naked, claiming he couldn't find any clean underwear. He looked confused, his eyes starting to scan the room until they fell on you. You tried to speak only to find that you couldn't, your limp body completely unresponsive. You didn't know why you couldn't move, your body feeling light and empty, like the slightest breeze could move you.

    The world shook with each step he moved closer. You didn't know what was happening, your body beginning to slip off the couch from the vibrations until you landed on the floor face down, catching the scent of the dusty carpet. You felt his hand around your body as you were suddenly pulled up high, held dangling from his fingertips as he moved you close to his nose.

    You felt his warm humid breath on you as he held you there for a moment, you trying to do anything in your power to scream and get his attention. He didn't hear you, moving you down to draw his feet through you, pulling you up against his legs. The world felt suddenly tight, like you were binding yourself against his hairy body. All your thoughts immediately dissolved, almost as if your mind had suddenly been stretched out into a flat expanse, completely barren and empty. You were being pulled up further, stretched out even more until you were nuzzled right against his groin.

    You got a sense like you had been wrapped around his thick package, his hung balls and cock filling the space inside you as the taste of his shaft filled your thoughts. The air around you flooded with his scent as you felt it passing through you, his musk saturating into the fibers of your being. You felt his hand shove into you, reaching deep into his crack and beginning to scratch. You felt yourself pushed closer and closer into his hole, forced against the soiled valley, the taste of his rank crevice leaving a mark on you.

    Your consciousness had been buried under all the cottony softness, muffling any possible thoughts you could have. You felt yourself pulled along his prickly skin, slowly stretched out by his thick body as he moved around the house looking for you. He finally shrugged, settling down snugly into the couch crushing your thin body under him, his wide ass stretching you out across its width. He continued to get comfortable, forcing you deeper into the cushions with nothing but the company of his damp rear, his body beginning to sweat from the heat radiating from his body.

    You didn't mind. You had no other purpose than to be his soiled underwear for the rest of his life.