Fan suggestion, story by embarrassed boys:

    It was a pretty dumb dare, in hindsight, but drunk boys do dumb things when they think they can settle a dumb bet.

    “I bet you can’t do a lap of the car starkers before I can start the car and drive off!”

    That was the ridiculous claim, and any sensible person would have agreed it was a stupid wager and that would be that. Of course, in the world of embarrassed boys that didn’t happen, and so our rapidly sobering protagonist saw his chances of winning the bet rapidly dwindling as the car pulled away out of the parking lot, leaving him exposed and vulnerable in the notorious cruising grounds of the city limits.

    Imagine the poor boy’s confusion then when his buddy’s van pulled up and stopped at the entrance.

    “Well, are you staying there all night or are you wanting a ride?”

    He blushed at his tipsy brain for not realizing it had just been a prank and his friend wasn’t really going to leave him there like this. Shyly he made his way over to the vehicle, relieved that this embarrassing anecdote would soon be nothing more than a hazy memory they could laugh about in years to come.

    Only his supposed friend hadn’t quite finished toying with him… as he drew closer the car slowly started to move, pulling out onto the main road…every time he got closer his friend would increase the speed so the safety of the passenger seat was just out of reach… his blood ran cold as his friend leaned out the driver’s window again and yelled:

    “Hey buddy - feel like you’re being taken for a ride yet?”

    Scene courtesy of series Cites (Ep. Elena - Gerard i Àngels - Francesc, 2016)


    Les Quatre Charlots Mousquetaires (André Hunebelle - 1974)

    It’s a real pantsing fest in that french spoof of The Three Musketeers!

    I can’t upload the scene on YouTube because of the copyrights, but you can find the scene right here!

    (Hi again, @dontloseyourpants!)


    Looks like @clumsyfrenchbadguy beat me to this one. Check out his blog and the scene in question!