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2020-11-27 13:10:36

    your take on the on track mv is so interesting to me!! i've always seen the video as being centered around jeongin (yes biased on this) and his experience of feeling like he's been forgotten by his friends and that they're moving on without him -inracha

    Ooh, I've never thought about that at all. The only theory I've seen about Jeongin is the gay love-line, so this is a while new light being shone on the mv.

    I feel like my brain just got a bit bigger 😲

    I’m just gonna give my small take on the On Track mv, because I feel like it

    The mv is filmed from Hyunjin’s point of view mostly, and it feels like its goal is for us to want Hyunjin to end up with the girl - because he clearly likes her. I personally think Minho deserves the girl tho. Like Minho clearly likes the girl too, and personally I think it loooks like the girl like Minho too. I think most people think Hyunjin should get the girl, but Minho’s just doing his thing as well and I think he deserves her just as much