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    I’m getting genuinely emotional y’all don’t understand how ISOLATING it can be when cultural dress for most other Asian countries are popular and represented and Filipino clothing barely is, LET ALONE PRE-COLONIAL?!

    I- 🥹

    I hope to find the time and energy to fulfil my dream of making the clothes and dressing like this

    i love being trans i love being nonbinary i love remaking myself in my own image i love the inherent divinity in being transsexual i love myself i love my body i love existing as an act of defiance i love existing as an act of creation i love androgyny i love donning a mantle of femininity or masculinity as i see fit i love expressing myself through fashion i love gender nonconformity i love constructing an anticolonial understanding of gender i love trans people


    i am so happy i managed to get it all done, thank you guys for your suggestions and words of encouragment, and yay to the creators for their canonically queer characters!

    you can view the separate arts by browsing this tag, or on my twitter!

    and if you wanna support a queer artist and view all of these in their bigger, original size, you can buy them on itch!

    💕 happy pride month! 💕


    Hey PLEASE be wary of Dr. Gallagher and spread the word. Rylan (testosteronejew on Twitter) got top surgery from her in August. Here's the thread he wrote about his horrific experience.

    He had severe complications that were completely dismissed by Dr. Gallagher. She kept telling him everything was fine, that it was because of his weight, and made a joke about him "menstruating" as he was bleeding from a torn incision. When he was rushed to the ER weeks later, he had over half a foot of dead tissue removed. He could have died from the infection (that she blatantly denied he had).

    And in Rylan's own words, "My only desire is to keep our community safe. There are so many trustworthy top surgeons in the world. One of them saved my life. Transition is a beautiful process and we deserve safe access to it. I do not regret top surgery. I regret choosing Dr. Gallagher as my surgeon."


    Rylan is also NOT the only one to experience this. I imagine we'll only hear more stories like this due to how popular Dr. Gallagher is.


    This doctor is in Miami, FL, United States. She is apparently very popular on TikTok. Also please note that Rylan’s thread describes the infection and surgery in detail and may be triggering to read for some people.


    "Many species of polychaetes undergo epitoky whereby sexually immature worms transform into pelagic morphs capable of sexual reproduction. After fertilization, they release their gametes through rapid disintegration." worms are out here having insane sex we can't even comprehend


    "what do they mean by disintegrate?" "oh yeah no he fucking disintegrated"