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    No, Bruce! You can’t Adopt her.

    This isn’t salt, Cupcake. But I’m going to do a quick drabble of this anyway because it’s an awesome idea.

    The suit was a deep dark red. Darker than it used to be from what they had seen saw from the previous news reports reviewed. Her mask was black. Her eyes a startling blue and her hair a shade just touch short of being as dark as night. The girl looked to be no older than thirteen or fourteen.

    Somehow she had shown up on the scene just before any of the batfamily could and immediately solve the riddles, freed the innocent civilization, dismantle the bomb with rubber duck and a hair pin, dodged the trap, and was now fighting off the Riddler and his men.

    And as they watched her kick the Riddler in the face and then yo-yo away, only to spin around and do it a second time, all the batkids knew they’d have to step in.

    “You can’t adopt her, B-Man,” The Redhood pinched his nose.

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    I haven’t seen a lot of the class touring Arkham fics anymore, so here’s my prompt. Ok more salt and rogue trying to adopt Marinette.

    So the class is touring Arkham. They were walking through the cafeteria or recreation room, their guide was rushing them because the inmates are due to come any minute. Lila slows down and trips Marinette, then she kicks Marinette’s sketchbook across the room. The class leave Marinette behind while she is scrambling for her book. When she looks up she finds two of Gotham’s Rogues in front of her.

    Harley and Ivy weren’t expecting to have anything exciting to happen. There has been gossip about a foreign class touring Arkham, but other than that it’s been pretty quiet. They walked into the recreation room and froze. There is a child there. There is a child by herself there. They immediately went over to her, and they saw shock in her eyes when she saw them.

    “Hey there girlie whatcha doing here by yourself?” Harley asks her gently.

    “Uhm, my class and I are on a tour, but it looks like they forgot me.”

    Harley and Ivy steered her towards an abandoned sofa and sat on either side of her. They soon got her to spill what’s happened. Harley went into ‘therapist’ mode. Marinette didn’t know how long she was talking about her problems, but she soon had her head in Harley’s lap while Harley strokes her hair.

    Once all of the tears have been shed. Marinette showed them her designs. Some based on Gotham architecture, some based on the vigilantes, finally presenting outfits based on them. Ivy and Marinette start talking about making an eco friendly fabric. Harley knoticed what time it is and walks over to the door. She bangs on it a few times to get someone’s attention.

    “What is it?”

    “You know that French tour from earlier?”

    “Yeah what about it?”

    Harley moves enough for him to see Marinette talking passionately with Ivy. “I think that left someone behind.”

    The worker pales drastically. They ran like a bat outta hell to get their superiors. This news ran up the chain of command until it got to Gordon.

    Gordon was having a stressful evening. The Joker recently escaped, there were more muggings this past week than usual, and now he gets a call from Arkham. Only telling him to get over there as fast as possible. Not knowing what he is going up against he called Batman.

    Batman and Red Hood arrived at Arkham. As they approach Gordon to see what’s going on they hear a worker panically describing how he found a French child in the room surrounded by the inmates. Red Hood demands to know which room. Once getting the info they both rush to the room. They were expecting the worse: torturing, beatings, crying. What they were NOT expecting is a small French girl braiding Poison Ivy’s hair while having Harley Quinn braid her own hair.

    “The riddler should be shot and his clothes should be burned, then the ashes have to be scattered at the four corners of the world. The different shade of green on that man is more than in a forest. Like, having a green themed outfit is fine. Wearing it everyday is fine. But what is NOT FINE is whereing every shade of green PLUS purple question marks. It’s like he’s asking to be slapped!” Marinette ranted.

    Red Hood grabbed Batman’s shoulder and pulled him out of the room. He turned fully to Batman, placing both hands on his shoulders, he started shouting. “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADOPT HER! DO YOU HEAR ME! SHE IS TOO PURE AND INNOCENT! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CORRUPT HER!”

    Batman just brushes him off and (glides? Shadow melts? Skulks?) into the room.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt, but may I ask what is going on?”

    Marinette helps in suprise. Spinning around to come face-to-face with the dark knight himself. “Uh-um-I-I-I-“

    “She won a scholarship for her class. They were taking a tour today and left her behind. She said she has been bullied by the class for a while, and there is this one girl lying about everything.” Harley intervened for Marinette.

    “Hmmm, you won the Martha Wayne scholarship?” Marinette nods shyly. Batman kneels down to be eye level with Mari. “What’s your name?”

    Marinette looks at him and smiles brightly. “My name’s Marinette.”

    After being dazzled by her bright, sunshine smile. (Red Hood is in the background being the dramatic ass he is shielding his eyes and yelling “TOO BRIGHT”) Batman then speaks up. “Your class wasn’t supposed to tour Arkham.”

    Marinette freezes. “I’m sorry, what?!”

    “Arkham is far too dangerous to tour. Who decided that the class was to come her.” Batman questioned her as they walked towards the door.

    Before she could answer Harley interrupted. “Oi, Batsy! You can’t adopt her! She is our baby!”

    “That isn’t up to you Harley.” Batman retorted.

    “I told you earlier Bats, you’re not adopting another one” Hood spoke up.

    “B-b-but I already have parents” Marinette informs them.

    “It’s ok sweet pea we adopted you emotionally.” Ivy soothes.

    “Ok let’s go inform Gordon what happened.” Red Hood directs her to the commissioner while Batman stepped away to make a few calls. He then calls Marinette’s parents, and tells them what happened. They give him permission to watch over their daughter.

    By the time he walks back to where Marinette is, both her and Red Hood are ready to go. Hood helps Marinette into the back of the Batmobile, then climbs in next to Batman. Batman then turns to Marinette. “I called Mr. Wayne and informed him of what happened. He told me to bring you to his house, he wants to know what made yours class think you had a to of Arkham.”

    “Thank you Mr. Batman.”

    Marinette gets out of the batmobile and meets Alfred at the door. Batman calls Red Robin. “Red Robin I want you to find out why the class went to Arkham today.”

    “10-4 B”.

    By the time everyone returned from the cave Red Robin had what he needed.

    “So it turns out one of the students made a fake email, under your name and told the teacher that they had a tour that was left off of the schedule. Then sent an email to Arkham to have them expect them.”

    “Who was the student?”

    “A Lila Rossi.”

    “Hmmmm it seems like we will have to keep an eye on the situation.”


    Ok so now it’s a few days later and the class is at Wayne Enterprise taking a tour. When the Riddler suddenly takes them hostage.

    “Which one of you is Marinette?” Riddlers demanded

    The class has no hesitation when pushing Marinette into the him. Marinette quickly regains her balance and squared up to him.

    “What do you want with me.”

    The Riddler gets close to her face in a dramatically scary way. Then quickly backs up and shows off his outfit. “I heard you don’t think I’m stylish.”

    This is all the invitation that Marinete needed. She lays into him. No mercy.

    “Absolutely. It’s worse in person than in the pictures!”

    The Riddler gasps dramatically. “How dare-“

    “Oh I dare. I dare I can redesign your entire wardrobe and make it look 10 times better.”

    As all the hostages are being saved the class tries to leave, only to be stopped by an officer.

    “Ma’am I’m sorry but you have to stay and give your statements.”

    Bustier was insisting that it was too dangerous for them to stay there. If the police want their statements then they can come to their hotel and get them. The officer motions to the bus driver to not leave. The bus driver is more than happy to stay put. He is sick and tired of this ungrateful class.

    Not too long after, Marinette and the Riddler walk out. The Riddler looks excited about his new clothes. He is so ready he heads straight to Gordon. He asks Gordon if he can have a package delivered to Arkham. Gordon is suspicious until Marinette shows him her designs. Gordon agrees.

    As everyone is giving their statements Lois Lane arrives. Alya is extatic, she thanks Lila for getting her an interview with her idol. Only to turn around and see her idol interviewing Marinette.

    Lois marches towards the girl who seems to be at the center of all this. A small girl standing next to the Riddler. She approaches her and asks for an interview. The girl agrees but apologizes in advance for any miscommunication between them. Lois asks her what happened. Marinette explained how the Riddler came to see if she really didn’t like his clothes and how she ended up redesigning them.

    “But how would he know you didn’t like them?”

    “Maybe Aunt Harley and Aunt Ivy told him?” Marinette shrugs.

    “Wait! As in Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy?! How do you know them?!”

    “Oh we met when my class left me behind in Arkham.” Marinette says nonchalantly.

    Everyone around them freezes.

    Caline quickly comes over and starts telling Lois that “you can’t trust everything she says. We are from France, so she most likely misunderstood you.” She continues to try and pass of Marinette as incompetent, troubled, attention seeking, and being a bad role model for the other students. All of this is caught on camera.

    Bustier then roughly guides Marinette back to the class.

    As Lois is processing this, the officer that stopped the class from leaving came over and explained what the class did. Leaving that same student behind in a hostage situation, then demanding to leave. Lois is horrified.

    Both she and the officer go to Gordon and ask if they can use the body cameras of the officers there in the story.

    Gordon immediately agrees. Once he knows why.

    The story ran that very night.

    One by One

    I absolutely fell in love with @unmaskedagain‘s HBIC Marinette AU, and I thought maybe I should try to write something. Enjoy!


    As soon as the words “We’re not friends anymore,“ were uttered, the entire courtyard went silent.

    Marinette raised an eyebrow. “What?“

    Chloé winced. She could tell Marinette was giving the reporter every chance to take back what she had said, but alas, the death wish had been cast. I said we’re not friends anymore, Marinette!”

    Marinette made a tutting noise and looked back at her lunch. “You’re sure you want this?”

    “Why wouldn’t I? You actually hurt someone, Marinette! You hurt my friend.“ Alya spat, her voice getting softer and softer towards the end.

    “Then I’m sorry, guys,“ Marinette said, her voice emotionless. “but you deserve what comes your way.“ And with that, she stood up and walked away, leaving the dumbfounded group to scramble for the meaning in her last few words.

    “What does she mean what comes our way?“ Alix asked to nobody in particular.

    “How am I supposed to know? I wasn’t even there!“

    Chloé, still watching from afar, shook her head sadly. Under all the pink polka dots and flowers, there was a stone-cold killer.

                                           <>                - 👑 -

    When Marinette just stood up and walked away, Alya was immediately confused. This wasn’t part of the plan!

    They had expected Marinette to do something along the lines of beg for their forgiveness, or shower them in gifts to regain their favor! Not–whatever that was!

    But as soon as they were about to go after her, the bell rang, so they walked back to class, muttering among themselves. But whenever Alya looked at the faces of the other students, all she saw was pity and loathing, with the occasional furtive glances.

    And for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why!

    When they got back to the classroom, they decided to ask the one person who seemed to know–well–anything about their situation. And whyle they weren’t exactly happy with who it was, they had to talk to Chloé.

    “You can’t be serious,“ Chloé said.“You’re that dense?“

    “Hey, if all you’re going to do is mock us, we’ll leave.“ Alya threatened.

    Chloé rolled her eyes. “Fine. The reason everyone hates you now is because you have literal targets on your back. Happy?”

    “What?“ Max spluttered. “That makes no sense! Logically, we haven’t d–“

    “Can it, robo-nerd. You know how in cheerleader movies, there re always the queens of the school?“

    There was a murmuring of aggreement.

    “Yeah, well, it’s not just in the movies, hon. Marinette’s been the head bitch in charge since sixth grade, and I guess she took pity on you and decided to be nice. She did a great job, too,“ Chloé added as an afterthought.

    “But Marinette’s just…Marinette! Shes not like that!” Alya protested.

    “You wanna know why I don’t like Dupain-Cheng? Because I’ve had to compete with her for the top spot for four years. And she’s won every single time.“ She turned on the group with a vicious smirk on her face. “But you…you’ve got it in for yourselves.“

    Chloé flipped her hair and walked out, as it was evident no teacher would be showing up.

    Alya and the rest were confused. On one hand…Marinette. On the other hand, Marinette. What were they to do?

    Apologize? Nah.

                                          <>                 - 👑 -

    Marinette walked into the empty classroom with a cold expression on her face.

    “Dupain-Cheng,“ she heard distinctly, from somewhere inside the dusty area. She flipped on the lights.

    “Quit it, Chlo. You don’t have to pretend to hate me anymore.“ Chloé heaved a sign and flopped onto one of the tables.

    “Good. It was exhausting pretending I was such a tyrant! Have any food to help me regain my energy?“

    Marinette rolled her eyes and tossed a plastic baggie of macarons in Chloé’s direction. They hit her face and she gasped dramatically. “How could this have happened to someone as majestic as I?”

    “So can I have the cookies back?“

    “Not a chance.“ Chloé stuck out her tongue and started munching on the treats, shrugging when Marinette glared at her playfully. What? You gave them to me.“

    Marinette sighed and laid out a map of the school.

    “Here’s the plan. First, we wait for them to think what you said was just a joke.“ She moved a group of variously colored pom-poms across the map, onto where Bustier’s class was.

    “And since we transferred to a different class, they’ll have a false sense of security,“ Chloé finished, catching on. “And once they think they’re in the clear, we pick them off one by one.“

    “Exactly!“ Marinette beamed. “Since we’re saving Lie-la for last, let’s start with the second-worst offender.“

    “Adrien.“ they said simultaneously.

    Marinette pulled a white pom-pom out of the group and placed it next to a pink one and a yellow one. “I’m thinking something involving Chat.”

    “Maybe ‘Ladybug’ makes a public declaration of love for Marinette Dupain-Cheng?“ Chloé suggested, wiggling her eyebrows.

    “No way, Chloé!“

    Chloé made a humph noise and rested her head on the desk. “Then I got nothin’.”

    “No, I was thinking something along the lines of a ‘hey, Chat, do you have that one person that you’ll hate forever and ever? Mine’s Adrien Agreste’ type of scenario.“

    Chloé bolted up. “That just might work!”

    Marinette pulled out a fluffy black pom-pom and a glittery gold one. “And you’re going to be there to witness it.”

    𝔄 𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫𝔰' 𝔗𝔥𝔯𝔬𝔫𝔢 𝔭.I


    This is my first ml fic which is based on @unmaskedagain ’s HBIC Marinette au which I was immediately obsessed with, I’m not really a writer so it may be garbage but I tried and I hope you like it. (@saays-bitch asked to be tagged if i posted it, I don’t really know how tumblr works either so )

    “I can’t believe you Marinette! You’ve been bullying Lila when all she’s done is try to be your friend? I’m sorry but I can’t be friends with a bully!”


    “me too!”

    It was a peaceful lunch time where she worked on a few commissions in the classroom to avoid having to listen to Lilas voice before Lilas lackeys which basically consist of the whole class sans one Chloe Bourgeois, the ever so loyal Sabrina and Adrien who is at a photoshoot was being led by Alya as they denounced their friendship 

    Truly, she wondered when they’d take the plunge and disown her. She’d given them so many chances to prove themselves to be good, loyal friends before things had to get ugly. Though it seems that they all didn’t know any better and couldn’t remember how the internet works or that she knew Jagged Stone personally, and don’t even get her started on how Agreste thinks she should handle this situation. 

    It really has been a long year.

    Indeed, a long 15 months.

    Without so much as looking back up from her sketchbook she replied.

    “I see you’ve made your choice.”

    She closed her sketchbook gently before looking back up, her response surprised and confused them. Lila especially.

    “that makes you all my enemies now doesn’t it?”


    Chloe may not like admitting it but she missed the old days.

    The days before Dupain-cheng decided to play nice with the peasants, even if she could rule this school herself this class seems to think otherwise.

    And she will admit that it was impressive how she still had the school under her thumb even as she was playing the resident sweetheart, everyone still remembers what she’s capable of. Everyone except for the now Lila gang.

    Oh, ignorant Lila, who has no clue who she was messing with.

    No one else but Sabrina could see the sheer excitement Chloe felt when she heard that classic, deadly line as they made their way to the classroom. 

    “that makes you all my enemies now doesn’t it?”

    She heard the ladyblogger marching up to Dupain-Cheng,the classroom was silent before they decided to storm in and confront her, causing everyone in the hallway to hear. However the class just seemed more confused and shocked at her tone more than anything, she could even see Lilas pathetic little smirk thinking she’s already won.

    The few students who were around and could hear her sharp tone stared at the classroom in fear. Many already mostly avoided the Akuma class as they saw how they treated her, how they had the audacity to call her jealous. Because of course, no one wanted to be the target of her wrath. No one knew why she decided to change the way she acted that year, perhaps to trap new mice, or to throw her parents off, whatever the reason was everyone was glad there didn’t seem to be a need for another incident. And the love and praise she received from the student body just tripled if that was even possible, people already worshipped her before she decided to play the nice girl after all.

    Chloe may be the mayor’s daughter, Queen B, a lion with money and power to back things up. But Marinette Dupain-cheng?

    She’s the real Queen, an Apex predator.


    Alya was confused after that encounter, a few people who saw her or anyone else from her class would go pale and look at them with clear pity in their eyes before scattering away in a hurry.

    Not only that but after she told off Marinette and broke off their friendship for being a bully she didn’t even seem to care! She just said “okay” and declared they were enemies with the coldest voice she’s ever heard from the blunette and got up and left.

    Marinette has seriously been acting weird ever since Lila joined, first with all the jealousy and now bullying? If this was how she wanted to act then Alya couldn’t be her friend anymore, she’d talked about it with everyone else in the class and they agreed.

    “I hope Marinette won’t bother me anymore, Oh no!”

    “what is it, Lila? There’s nothing wrong right?”

    Lila looked down at her lunch, fingers fidgeting.

    “it’s my fault that you guys aren’t friends with her anymore, isn’t it? Maybe I should just go back to Italy…”

    Her eyes started to water, and everyone immediately spoke up to reassure her.

    “No!no! Lila, it isn’t your fault!”

    “Marinette’s just jealous of you!”

    “Yeah, we won’t let her hurt you so don’t worry!”

    A smile slowly crept onto her face as everyone spoke up.

    “Thanks, guys.”

    Lila’s so humble and nice, Marinette should be more like her.

    “You all should watch out.”

    Ugh, of course, Chloe just has to come over and ruin everything. I look to the right and see obnoxious Chloe and Sabrina behind her.

    “What do you want?” Alix scowled at her.

    “Don’t get things wrong, I don’t like any of you. But I’m not so heartless that I’d leave you to the queen without warning, you peasants had it easy. Absolutely blessed that she decided to play nice as long as you played your parts, but now that you’ve crossed her you could only hope the devil takes you out before she does.”

    Chloe warning them? Something unheard of, but the biggest surprise was her calling someone besides herself a queen.

    “What are you even talking about? Who’s a Queen?” Lila spoke up.

    “and since when did you respect anyone besides ladybug enough to call them that?” Alya crossed her arms, was there some other superhero she didn’t know about? That’d be impossible, she’s the creator of the ladyblog!

    “don’t be fooled by the pink, she’s not playing dolls, she’ll be stalking the halls. She lives off the thrill of the kill, Marinette can smell fear.” Chloe recited like it was a poem.

    “you better learn to respect her before she ruins what you hold dear,” Sabrina followed up with a dark look before she and Chloe turned to leave.

    “Marinette? Ha! What a joke! She couldn’t do anything to us if she even tried, what with all her clumsiness and stammering!” Alya laughed, followed by the rest of the class.

    “wow, Chloe I didn’t know you were a little crazy in the head!”

    Nino crossed his arms and smiled “yeah, we’ll watch out.” his voice was dripping with sarcasm.

    Chloe looked back at them with sympathy, which was quite shocking.

    “Learning the hard way might just get you killed.”


    Adrien always hated missing school, he loves spending time with his friends and it seems like his father made it his personal mission to make sure that was nearly impossible.

    And while he loved his friends, after Lila arrived everyone has been taking sides and being hostile. He had talked with Marinette about ignoring Lila, after all, Lila seriously isn’t hurting anyone with her white lies.

    His father scheduled a photoshoot during lunch, causing him to miss eating with his friends. Though he will admit it was a nice break without Lila latching onto his arm every second of the day.

    “thinking about that sausage hair girl again? Jeez, might as well cataclysm her with all the trouble she has caused.”

    “Plagg we can’t do that, besides she isn’t causing that much trouble.”

    Adrien quickly finishes changing back into his normal clothes before throwing Plagg a piece of camembert and shoving him into the messenger bag to keep him quiet and rushing out to make it to class on time.

    He makes it to the entrance before the bell rings, fortunately, and he spots Chloe and Sabrina standing on the side.

    “Hey, Chloe!”

    Her head snaps up and she immediately starts waving him over, her face screams of concern which is honestly a very rare look for Chloe.

    “School isn’t going to be the same next week, You need to watch your back.”

    She says before he could get another word out.

    Her words worried Adrien, why would he of all people need to watch his back?” 

    “W-what do you mean watch my back, Chloe?” He questioned as concern and maybe a little bit of fear grew,they continued to speak as they started walking through the halls to the class.

    “Lila’s done it, she’s turned them against the Queen and the stupid class might have lumped you with them and now you may or may not be a target.“ she crossed her arms and looked off to the side with clear irritation on her face.

    "Queen? There’s a queen here?”

    “Oh my god I should’ve known you wouldn’t understand with your dick of a father shutting you inside the house all the time.” she rubbed her temples.

    “fair enough but can’t you just tell me?”

    “you really are sheltered Adrikins, Sabrina! Explain the hierarchy!” she snapped her fingers.

    “in our school there’s a place everyone belongs in, and the Queens are the ones at the top! Chloe is one of them! And right now our class is almost at the bottom because of their actions.” she answered with a more or less professional tone.

    “I thought that stuff only existed in movies…” he mumbled.

    “Well, now you know Adrikins! We hold power around here, I ruled this school with her!”

    This time she raises her chin preens with pride.

    His confusion only grew, because since when? All the time he’s been to school and not once did he see anyone" ruling" over anyone at this school, the closest to that is Chloe and even then she hasn’t been so outspoken lately.

    “wait who is it? All this time and I haven’t noticed anyone doing any ruling?”

    Chloe scoffed “she decided to play nice for whatever reason this year, taking the persona of school sweetheart. It’s quite impressive really.”

    “she still rules! You just don’t see it directly!” this time it’s Sabrina who speaks with surprising cheerfulness about this situation.

    “Just tell me who’s this ‘Queen’ Chloe, I’m sure I can handle whatever they pull.” he sighs, he had already experienced his fair share of salty models whose brands chose to replace them with him or something of the sort and decided to try and slander his name.



    Sweet, shy, adorable Marinette? She’s the hard-working class president who always thinks of everyone, she’s selfless and seems like the type of person who wouldn’t even hurt a fly!

    “Ugh I knew you’d react that way, anyone who doesn’t already know does.”

    “Can you blame me? She’s Marinette!”

    He couldn’t imagine Marinette installing fear just by looking at people or ruling the whole school, and he doesn’t even know what happened!

    “Wait, what did Lila do this time?!”

    Chloe looked at him with suspicion.

    “'this time’? So you know she’s been lying this whole time!”

    She raised an accusatory finger to his chest.

    “You thought I believed that she saved Jagged Stones’ non-existent cat from some airplane runway?”

    “Well with you just sitting there letting her spew bullshit as she grabbed your arm, it was questioned.”

    He was slumped, did he really look that pathetic?

    “Anyways, that stupid ladyblogger Cesaire just announced to the whole school that she and the rest of the class aren’t friends with Dupain-cheng anymore.”


    “honestly it was about time since Liar Rossi couldn’t stop lying about Dupain-Cheng bullying her as if she’d even bother with that fake.” Chloe looked down, checking her nails.

    “Anyways, good luck Adrikins!” she gave him a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving him at the front of the class in a strange state of confusion, anger, and shock.




    Her hands were crossed, she raised her head higher.

    "well? What do you have to say?”

    Marinette cleared the seat besides her and patted the surface.

    “We can discuss this during class.”

    “Very well, Sabrina send me a copy of your notes after class.”

    She flipped her ponytail before sitting down and pulling out a pocket mirror and lipstick which she started to apply.

    “I believe you already know what this is about.”

    “hmm… I’m not so sure Dupain-Cheng, how about you remind me again?”

    Chloe looked over at Marinette who still had her hands intertwined in front of her, she remembers how the last conversation regarding this went.

    The plan was for her to play school sweetheart, get Chloe to play her bully for backstory. Have the new class and teachers believe she was shy and reserved, with no real power in the school. That was the year Bustier started teaching their year, and a fresh batch of new kids arrived as well. She could see that Marinette was feeling rather lonely up on her throne, even if she had Chloe and Sabrina by her side. The rest of the school practically worships and fears her, people rarely talked to them. And if they did it was either when they were shutting someone down or people offering to help them, those people weren’t exactly friends.

    Another reason for the change was to snuff out all the snakes, rats, and scoundrels. Of course anyone who knew of their power wouldn’t try to do anything, however, Marinette seems to have a strange hero complex. She’s a fair Queen to her people, a smart one who goes all the lengths and digs the hole the deepest it can go before throwing them in and executing them.

    She was also quite tired, after all she was practically forced on her role.

    “It looks as though we will need to put someone back in their place once more.” marinette finally replies stiffly.

    “Ah ah ah! What else?” Chloe raised her hand to her ear and leaned towards Marinette.

    “You’ll get your whole fashion line dedicated to you by MDC.” she grumbled.

    “That is what I like to hear, Marinette.”

    She popped the lipstick cap back on and turned to face the once dormant Queen.

    “Well, what do we have in mind?”

    She smirked.

    “First order of business,

    We get rid of Bustier. ”


    Lila was honestly surprised with how long it took for this class of sheep to finally leave Mari-brat, with that wannabe reporter who doesn’t even remember the internet exists. One lie about being Ladybugs best friend and everyone immediately believes that she’s an angel who could do no wrong, for a chick spitting the “check your sources” line it’s pretty pathetic. 

    It definitely helps getting the class in her good graces though, Adrien spewed some crap about “playing nice” like she’d actually listen. But he isn’t in the way and everyone already left Marinette after she spat out a bunch of fake promises, they practically believe she shits gold at this point. 

    “Don’t get things wrong, I don’t like any of you. But I’m not so heartless that I’d leave you to the queen without warning, you peasants had it easy. Absolutely blessed that she decided to play nice as long as you played your parts, but now that you’ve crossed her you could only hope the devil takes you out before she does." 

    A Queen? Oh she could use that, if anyone else at this school was as dumb as this class she could use that and climb even higher up the popularity ladder. 

    "What are you even talking about? Who’s a Queen?” act sweet and naive, cover your tracks and no one can blame you. 

    “And since when do you respect anyone enough other than ladybug to call them that?” The tabloid asked, so sure of every decision she’s made so far. 

    “don’t be fooled by the pink, she’s not playing dolls, she’ll be stalking the halls. She lives off the thrill of the kill, Marinette can smell fear.” The mayor’s brat looked straight at her. 

    Wait- this “Queen” is Goody-goody Marinette?! 

    “Marinette? Ha! What a joke! She’s just some bully, couldn’t do anything to us if she even tried, what with all her clumsiness and stammering!” Alya replied before she could react any further. 

    However, she shares Lilas thoughts exactly because Marinette? That pathetic nobody is being called a Queen by this self-centered Daddy’s girl? 

    “Yeah, we’ll watch out.” Nino replied, voice clear with sarcasm and disbelief. 

    She definitely doesn’t have anything to worry about. 


    “I resign as class president." 

    Once Bustier finally came in after lunch she dropped the binder filled with papers, looking like it was about to burst onto the desk before she could say anything. 

    "Wait! Why?" 

    Of course she’d be shocked, her star student resigning and leaving her to do her job like she was paid to do? How sad. 

    "I have better things to do,my brand taking off, more commissions, my parents bakery, lots of different things really." 

    Marinette turned to walk back to her seat. 

    "girl! Why are you so selfish?" 

    Alya stood up and crossed her arms, sneering at her. 

    "Oh just because you can’t do the work? And besides, don’t you think someone else is better fit for the role anyway?” she put on her biggest, sweetest smile. 

    “Doesn’t Lila over here have way more qualification than little ol’ me? She seems to know how to work with charities and a lot of different people, she has connections and can get us better trips than what I could have!" 

    She clasped her hands together and turned to face Lila.

    "I know you’d be a great class rep! After all your parents are diplomats right? Didn’t you mention that you got into politics lately ,And you do so much for so many people! Like saving Jagged Stones cat! He must owe you!” she could see the brief hatred in those puke green orbs before she carefully controlled her expression to a face of gratefulness and surprise. 

    “Y-you think so?” she replied pitifully. 

    “She’s right! Lila would make the year even better.”

    “I remember when we got to go see the preview of the Ladybug and Chat Noir movie!" 

    "we don’t even know how she did that, but if Marinette could then Lila definitely can!" 

    Everyone started to look at Lila with hope and encouragement, she knows she can’t get out of this now. 

    "Oh um, sure! I’ll run for class rep!”

    Marinette straightened her back. 

    “T-then… since Lila is running is there anyone else who wants to run? Chloe?” Bustier, still in shock at what happened, tried to take control of the classroom again. 

    “Nope, busy.” she replied distracted. 

    “Then Lila is our new class rep!" 

    Everyone clapped and cheered. 

    "Ah, I guess this belongs to you now doesn’t it?” Marinette picked up the close-to-exploding binder and dropped it on Lilas desk. 

    “what’s this?” she asked in the smallest voice Marinette’s ever heard come from the Italian rat. 

    “Oh you know, class rep things like everyone’s birthdays, trips you need to plan, the fundraisers needed, the forms you need to fill to get those trips approved, a list of complaints from our year, the forms dances and parties to get approved, just some examples.”

    She just watched as her face slowly paled even further. 

    “Don’t worry, I know you’ll do great!" 

    Phase one, keep the brat busy.

    jason coming back to gotham and realizing like... a lot of things are named after him. in his memory. i wonder how that feels. and he’s like ok there’s a library, and a community centre, and a hospital wing, but that has to be it, right? but nope there’s a lot more!! because a lot of gotham got rebuilt after the earthquake with help from wayne enterprises lmao

    jason becoming annoyed every time he walks by the park that has a big sign for the jason todd memorial duck pond 😤

    Blog: Spots On 1/3

    Inspired by a post by @vivilakitty: https://vivilakitty.tumblr.com/post/189295836977/okay-playing-on-the-idea-that-ladybug-calls-lila

    All inspiriation goes to @vivilakitty​ and @miraculousl4dybug​!

    Aurore never really set out to create a blog that goes up against the Ladyblog… Okay, that’s a lie. Aurore knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she created “Spots On” with the help of her two friends, which she will not name due to reasons. Those reasons are personal, and she will not disclose them to anyone.

    Aurore hated how Alya portrayed the heroes and how her work is very questionable. To the point it made her wonder how Alya still managed to stay relevant… let alone alive. The Ladyblog is nothing more than a tabloid that spews out anything to get views without fast checking or even bother to ask for Ladybug or Chat Noir’s permission to post their photos or videos.

    It was then, Aurore knew she needed to change things. She just did not know how to do so. To her biggest surprise, it was Marinette and Nino who had approached her about the possibility of her running a blog. When asked why they wanted her to run a blog that will clearly go up against their friend? In Nino’s case, girlfriend!!!

    Ended up that Nino grew exhausted with Alya constantly putting the Ladyblog before their relationship. Even putting the blog over his own feelings time after time again. What caused the relationship to end, was when Nino started to question Lila’s stories and her supposed connections. It didn’t take long after that for Lila to whisper things into Alya’s ear for her to break up with him… and that’s what Alya did. She broke up with him.

    It was right then; Nino knew everything Lila had ever said to everyone is a load of baloney. He had known this fact for a while but never had been able to say anything due to his then girlfriend making her opinions his own. Even though, that is still no excuse especially how Lila’s lies had personally affected Marinette. How he personally should have taken the time to check Lila’s stories for himself. More so after the many times Marinette had warned all of them.

    Aurore doesn’t know what exactly happened between the two after Nino’s apology. All she knows is that the only reason the two are able to move on is due to their long history… and their need to take Lila down and creating a blog where it is actually tells the news that is fast checked.

    Which is where Marinette reason for wanting to create the blog. Fully knowing that Alya has allowed her blog to be nothing but a tabloid filled with lies, hypocrisy and refuses to fast check her stories. Even going as far to say that Alya has already pushed that point even before Lila had arrived into the scene and Lila was simply what broke the camel’s back. That the Ladyblog has become a place that poses more of a danger than anything else.

    Marinette and Nino came up with a solution. Creating a blog that could be endorsed by Ladybug herself… but that’s the problem. If people find out that they were connected to the blog, it could be in ruins before it even take off after finding out how they are connected to the Ladyblog blogger. They needed someone that isn’t afraid to put her name out there to make a change and bring in a fresh change to it all.

    Thus, they approached Aurore. Aurore didn’t hesitate when she agreed to the idea. She… may or may not have thought have dabbled with the idea but never had the know how or the connection to Ladybug to make that idea into reality. Now she has that…

    “I’m surprised Marinette managed to make this interview come true!” Aurore managed to say after leading The Ladybug up towards her room where she set up a place to interview Ladybug. “Not that I ever doubted Marinette in the first place as I know she was the one that got that interview between you and…you know.”

    “Marinette happens to be… a good friend of mine that has helped me in dealing with the Ladyblog…” Ladybug rolled her eyes at the mention of the other blog. “I was of course, hesitant about this interview but Marinette convinced me that you will be truthful when it comes to your interviews and not simply do things to get views.”

    “Of course! I fully understand.” Aurore opened the door that lead into her room. Ladybug looked around to see that Aurore had pushed the majority of her furniture to one side of the room while the other side had the cameras, a computer and lights. All of which pointed at a table that has a white lace cloth over it with a tray with tea and pastries ready to be eaten, along with two lovely chairs. The wall behind the table, the backdrop, is the same pattern of white lace cloth draped around along with a large painting of Paris. Fitting. “I call it, Afternoon Tea. Mainly for one on one interviews while we have tea and some pastries.”

    “I do like tea and pastries.”

    “Do you want to get started?”

    “Of course.”


    “What exactly is your relationship with Chat Noir like?”

    “On my end, strictly professional. I do not want or need any distractions. I do not share the same feelings he has for me and that will not change.”

    “And in your civilian life? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to and I’ll even delete this portion of the footage.”

    “It’s quite fine… there is someone… but right now, we are keeping it professional due to… reasons…”

    “Of course. Now… let’s see…” Papers flutter every were due to the open window that let in a gust of wind. “Sorry about that, this is my first interview.”

    Ladybug chuckled. “It’s quite fine. Take your time.”

    “So… where is i-Here it is! What could you tell me about these photos…?”

    “Oh… Those?”

    It’s clear to anyone that is listening in, that Ladybug is anything but amused. “I never once gave her permission to post any of these. Especially this one…”

    “The kiss? Could you tell us about it? Or would you?”

    “This was what actually happened behind his photo…”

    “One last question… Many of us have watched the latest videos on the Ladyblog. I apologies for bringing it up, I simply wanted your opinion on your… best friend? Lila Rossi?”

    “Best friend? Is this the same girl whose hair looks like sausages? She’s anything but a stalker who has it out against me since she first arrived at Paris. She’s been akumatized multiple times and when she’s not doing that, she puts herself in danger whenever an akuma is around pulling us away from the battle. The list only goes on and on… Plus! Doesn’t she comprehend that any sort of connection towards me put herself in danger! That’s why I am not revealing my identity to anyone. The last thing I want is to put my family and the last reaming friends I have in danger!”

    “I fully understand. With Hawkmoth still being a constant danger, who knows what he would do with such information… To confirm, Lila Rossi is not your best friend but a…”

    “A stalker. One I am becoming increasingly terrified of. She fantasizes about being my friend and makes up sceneries about us being friends. The Ladyblogger is now in the same ranks as Lila Rossi as a stalker. Too obsessed with videoing the fights with little to no regards about herself and everyone around her. Then following me around after the attacks to catch me detransform. Far too into finding out who I am. I no longer trust her.”

    Tag List:

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    <>ML Alone: @northernbluetongue @worlds-tiniest-spook-pastry @thequestionablyhuman   @hypnosharkrebeldreamer @mystery-5-5 @shizukiryuu @bloody-no-kissu @nobodyfamousposts @kelelamentia @shaismall @caffeinetheory @falling-electricxangel @miraculousl4dybug @dawnwave16 @a-kpoet @legendaryneckjudgestudent @suzen23smith @slytherinqueen2432 @mermain123​

    From now on im tellin jobs I was General manager at Toys R Us. Who tf they gone call

    That’s actually a wise move that many people do practice. Don’t have enough job experience, but need it to get the job? Put yourself down as having had experience in a position in a company that is no longer in business, especially if it closed years ago. They literally have no way of verifying this (do not do this for chains wherein only the store closed, but not the chain). It’s a good way to fluff up your resume, just make sure you put down a position wherein you used skills you already have.

    For instance, you can say you were a Personal Assistant – typing, data entry, responding to emails, taking phone calls. 

    Or you were an entry level cashier/customer service worker. Retraining is simple at that point.

    Need brief training on that, so that you can say you literally were trained?

    All for free, just sign up with Alison. Takes 2 seconds to login with your google account, and then you can take some open courseware. Open University is another good place to go for good business acumen courses.

  • Typing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Basics of Customer Service
  • Microsoft Word
  • Human Resources Basics
  • Business Writing
  • Basic Business Internet
  • Acting like a Manager
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Basic Hospitality
  • Risk Management
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Food Safety
  • Seriously, Alison is amazing. Most courses are only around an hour or so long, and you can say you have some knowledge or some experience in these things… because you do. 


    when your teacher is trying to teach you how to cast fireball

    +3 to Intellect

    If anybody’s wondering what’s happening here, this clip made it onto Outrageous Acts of Science, and they explained that this teacher was demonstrating the Leidenfrost effect, which is basically when you place a droplet of a liquid on a surface that’s far hotter than its boiling point. The part of the drop touching the hot surface turns into vapor and forms a cushion that the rest of the drop rests on top of, which causes it to skid across the floor so quickly. The substance the teacher uses in the video is liquid methane. But methane has a really low boiling point. Like, about −160 °C low. So once it touches the comparatively hot floor, the Leidenfrost effect comes into play, and it slides across the floor. The issue is though, methane is colorless, so you can’t normally see it. Thankfully (in this demonstration), methane is also very flammable, so he sets it on fire before dumping it onto the floor so you can see it as it moves. Definitely a cooler demonstration of the Leidenfrost effect than dropping a little water in a hot pan. Or hotter, if you like puns.



    My mama said I can’t be in yo class no more

    the aang/sokka friendship is criminally underrated tbh


    some good aang and sokka moments!!!!

  • sokka barely even liked aang or trusted him but he was still about to go sail out and attack a fire nation ship to rescue him
  • aang was all :(( when they visited the southern air temple so sokka played that airball game with him to cheer him up and then got his ass kicked bc sokka cant airbend!!! and aang took complete advantage of that lmao
  • that one scene in book 3 where katara and toph are fighting and refusing to speak to each other and sokkas like I HAVE A GREAT IDEA and writes that fake apology letter and aangs like !!!! OMG UR SO SMART AND CLEVER anD INCREDIBLE!!! but it turns out that theyre both fools bc toph cant write
  • aang goes to sokka whenever he wants advice on How To Hit On Girls bc for whatever reason aang apparently thinks sokka is good with that (he is not) & sokka actually is weirdly supportive and hikes up a mountain just so that aang can pick some flowers
  • not exactly aang/sokka but sokka made/bought an armour for appa so that he’d be protected during the day of the black sun
  • “You’re the idea-guy.”
  • actually their entire interaction during The Drill episode in book 2 where they both came up with the plan to take it down theyre both actually so clever 
  • sokka dressed up as aangs dad once and u know he was really Feeling that role
  • in the ep with bato when katara and sokka were leaving but then sokka was like…. no we cant leave… i miss dad but we Need to be with aang…. i cried a Little bit ngl
  • this Scene
  • image

    im sure im forgetting some good and important scenes so feel free to add!!

  • “katara and I aren’t going to let anything happen to you” from the southern air temple
  • “how about ‘the boomeraang squad’? see, it’s good because it’s got ‘aang in it. boomeraang”
  • aang comforting sokka after the invasion speech
  • image

    also this was cute. they’re good boys


    Also in book 3 when Sokka first names Combustion Man ‘Sparky-sparky-boom-man’ and Aang takes that very serious so he takes the time to scream “IT’S SPARKY-SPARKY-BOOM-MAN!!!” while almost being blown to pieces

  • towards the end of book 2 when sokka and aang are leaving ba sing se and sokka’s like “who’s ready to go on a trip without the girls?” while having aang in a mock-chokehold like that’s such a sibling thing to do i can’t even
  • once again in the southern air temple, when aang finds the room with gyatso and sokka just tells him they should leave and his voice is kinda small and soft and oh god
  • when aang has nightmares before the invasion and tells sokka to practice climbing and sokka actually does, he just groans and bitches all the time
  • in the painted lady, when sokka says the spirit could blow up the factory with its magic and demonstrates how he thinks it’d be like and aang joins in
  • fucking finally a post that recognizes the beautiful growth of the sokkaang friendship


    Harley is a gift from God.

    This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!

    Why did they leave out the best part of this scene?;


    The character development of Harley is probably one of the better things DC has done with their characters.


    That last line :((((

    There is more:


    The fact that she actually had a plausible reason for the muzzle makes this even better.

    superhero comic done right

    For the record while ATLA is an excellent show and Zukos redemption arc was perfectly paced, I would kill to have had Zuko join the Gaang at the end of book two, because the first half of book three would have been the funniest thing on the planet. Like. Just picture it. A bunch of unsupervised teenagers travelling undercover through enemy territory, trying to blend in… and the only people who have even been there before are 1. A guy who hasnt been there in a century, and 2. The former crown prince who has literally never spoken to a fire nation citizen who wasnt nobility, military, or one of his servants.

    Like. Neither of them have any idea what they’re doing, or how normal fire nation citizens act, but they’re pretty sure the other one is wrong. Rest of the gaang knows even less. No adults. Zuko and Aang getting into a shouting debate over the finer points of fire nation culture is a nightly event. They are both so wrong, and so, so awkward

    Zuko, for the fifth and probably not last time: FOR THE LAST TIME, NOBODY USES THE PHRASE ‘FLAMEO HOTMAN’!

    Aang, aware of that fact but in too deep to back out now: OH YEAH? THEN WHAT DO THEY SAY!?

    Zuko, clueless and bluffing: …Something about glory to the Fire Lord?

    Toph, well aware that both are lying through their teeth and have no idea what they’re talking about, and fucking loving every second of this train wreck: Clearly the only solution is for both of you to go into town tomorrow and test your theories out.

    And the side taking, oh my god the side taking from the other three. Katara sides with Aang every single time. Does she honestly believe that the people of the Fire Nation greet each other with ‘Flame on, my em-brother’? Hell no. Would she rather die than say that Zuko’s correct? Yes.

    Sokka usually sides with Zuko, unless he comes up with something astoundingly stupid. Zuko’s thoughts, while usually wrong, sound a lot more plausible then Aangs, and fuck it he’s willing to take a gamble.

    Toph is the closest thing to a neutral party they have, in that she knows damn well they’re all full of shit, and has chosen to instead egg them on to make it worse. She’s an agent of chaos, and this is free nightly entertainment. She’s having the time of her life right now.

    The debate takes a brief pause once they stop going undercover and get to the business of actually saving the world, but holy shit. once things have settled down? it’s back on with a vengeance. Except now Aang and Zuko aren’t the two most wanted people in the Fire Nation, they’re the two most influential people in the world. They are trendsetters. They can make slang become a thing.

    When Zuko first hears the phrase ‘flameo, hotman’ being thrown around casually, it takes a lot of deep breathing exercises to not immediately return to his previous occupation of hunting the Avatar.

    Iroh: I’m so proud of the way you’ve been ruling, nephew. Flameo, hotman!

    Zuko, in tears: How could you say that

    What If - Adrien Rejection in Felix Culpa

    Making this its separate post as well for those who don’t want to have to scroll to the cut to see it.

    Continuation of this.

    (Eyes salt shaker…)

    (Drops a full shaker of salt into the mix)

    She slapped him.

    Marinette had actually—

    “It’s been said that everyone has their limits of how much they can take.” Came a voice, and Adrien turned to see Felix staring down at him with what had to be the coldest he’d ever seen him. “I never thought out of everyone it would be you to push Dupain-Cheng to hers.“

    “I didn’t!” He insisted. “I just…I was just trying to keep the peace.”

    “No, you were trying to maintain complacency. There is a difference. Your assurances of being in her corner ring hollow from the other side of the room.” He closed his eyes and released a breath. “But that’s hardly far from the norm for you.”

    Adrien’s growled in frustration. Of course Felix would jump on him, but he wasn’t in the wrong here! “She was being cruel. There was no reason to try to out Lila when she wasn’t hurting anyone!”

    The older male sighed.

    “I know I’ve called you an idiot before, but that was by no means an invitation to prove me right.”

    That actually got his attention. He looked up at the other in confusion. “Felix?”

    But the other blond simply walked past him without even glancing his way.

    “Do us all a favor, Agreste. If you aren’t going to honor your word, then kindly say nothing.”

    With that, Felix was gone, leaving the confused and ignorant child behind.

    He had someone more important to see to.

    When he found her, she was seated on a park bench, sobbing and unaware of her surroundings. It made for a sorrowful image, and though Felix struggled with emotional interaction, he wanted to intervene.

    And so he approached, slowly and cautiously. Not like she was a scared rabbit who would flee at the first sign of danger, but so she could have the time to regain her bearings and be aware of his approach.

    “Felix? What are you…” She paused, cutting herself off as she realized. “Oh. You saw, didn’t you?”

    “Yes. I was the only one, fortunately.” He had made well sure of that, as his very presence seemed to be enough to deter most people from trying to linger. And he was glad he had, as the last thing anyone needed was for someone to be around and potentially overhear the commotion.

    Marinette nodded in thanks, but didn’t speak.

    Something in him ached as her tears continued to fall.

    “I apologize.” He stated, making her look up at him in surprise. “I want to help you, but I’m not the most…proficient with comfort or emotional support.”

    She wiped away a tear. “Are you going to call me a bully?”


    She gave a small bitter smile. “Then you’re already doing a better job than Adrien.”

    It was a joke, he was sure. But it wasn’t funny. And neither of them felt up to laughing.

    “May I sit with you?”

    She nodded, and he settled next to her. Enough distance to offer her space, but close enough that she could lean on him for comfort if she so chose.

    The two simply sat in silence for a few minutes. He didn’t bother asking if she was okay—that was a stupid question, as clearly she wasn’t. And he wasn’t going to force her to talk just to start up a conversation.

    This…Marinette needed to regain some control. He needed to let her speak at her own time. So he simply sat and waited.

    A silent comfort.

    Until finally…

    “It’s just…this isn’t how I was expecting it to go.”

    He tilted his head, curiously.

    “I knew he might not feel the same. I mean, he’d been calling me his ‘good friend’ since forever. But…for THAT? Just…does he even see what’s going on?”

    “He does seem to have a propensity to blindness.” Felix remarked, dryly.

    She chuckled at that. That may have been some sign of progress.

    “It’s just…what was I supposed to do? Sit there and do nothing? While she insulted me? Insulted my—my family? And everyone just let her. HE even did…”

    Felix still regretted not being present for that particular altercation. By the time he arrived, Adrien was trying to play peacemaker, but only seemed to be playing more into Lila’s hands the further things went. He managed to help bring it to an end, but not before Marinette was left feeling deeply hurt and Lila had another pity party that the class attempted to cater to.

    And still that little fool did nothing.

    He grimaced and looked at his hands, noting the way his fists were clenched.

    “I should have stayed out of it like you have. I should have just let it go. Let Lila lie and manipulate everyone. At least then…” She shook her head. “I was so stupid.”

    He frowned at that. His reasons for his responses were his own. But while he had thought her actions foolish, that didn’t make her wrong.

    “I stayed out of it because I have little attachment to those involved.” He told her. “I’m not close to anyone else in that class, so I can’t say it is of any interest to me if they decide to be particularly stupid.”

    She frowned and looked down. He wasn’t having it though.

    “Marinette,” He said, using her name for once and causing her to glance up at him in surprise. “You spoke up because these are your friends and their wellbeing matters to you. Don’t belittle yourself for caring about others.”

    She stared. Feeling he had her attention, he continued.

    “I stay silent because I don’t believe it’s my responsibility to attempt to save people from their own stupidity. If they are so desperate to allow themselves to be fooled, then it isn’t worth my time or energy to attempt to stop them.”

    He looked to her.

    “But since I’ve met you, you’ve always been someone who would act if you knew something was wrong. You have a sense of righteousness that is…admirable, for all that it may be troublesome at times. You stand up for others. It isn’t wrong to stand up for yourself as well.”

    She shook at that, giving another sob even as she finally start to smile more genuinely.

    “I’m not…good…with this sort of thing.” Felix admitted. “I don’t know the right thing to say or the best way to offer comfort. But I can listen.”

    Marinette bit her lip and looked away, uncertain.

    “Feelings—especially strong ones—need to be acknowledged. I can let you vent. Give you a chance to process them safely.”

    If nothing else, he could do that.

    Fortunately, Marinette seemed to agree. And soon enough, the entire encounter was spilling from her lips. He had been there for part of it, at least. But this gave her a chance to put everything out there for herself, in her own words.

    A chance to speak in a way she may not be able to otherwise.

    And the more he heard, the more he felt that a simple slap was less than Adrien Agreste had deserved

    “He kept saying we were in this together. But we weren’t. It was just me. On my own. Because ‘it’s not like she’s hurting anyone’, right? Like—like she wasn’t still being hurtful. Like she wasn’t hurting me.”

    He nodded, all too aware of the depths of Lila’s attacks. Especially with the way the others were trailing after her, following her every word. What would it take before they would start echoing her statements about Marinette and her family? How many times would they hear it before they would let it cloud the truth and allow such good things to be spoiled?

    “And for him to keep saying he’s on my side only to turn around and defend her? Like SHE is the victim? What am I supposed to think? How am I supposed to believe his claims that he’s with me when he’s standing at her side with everyone else.”

    Out of everything, that had been one of the things he disliked about the other model. How he would try to enforce his silly notion of “peace” between unfriendly parties in a horribly one-sided manner. How often, he wondered, had Agreste lectured a victim while ignoring or even condoning the behavior of their offender? There was little doubt at this point that Marinette had been on the receiving end of that judgmental attitude more than once.

    Agreste was an enabler. Pure and simple.

    “I could accept it if he just didn’t feel the same for me. But for it to be BECAUSE of her? Because trying to stop her from hurting others is somehow worse than what she’s been doing? That’s just…too much.”

    He nodded in agreement. That was what infuriated Felix the most about the situation. He could not begrudge Agreste his feelings, even if he felt his obvious obsession with Ladybug was foolish and pointless. But Agreste had used the situation as a sort of springboard to force his view on Marinette, and completely disregarded her feelings in the process.

    “And what does it say when he knows full well what she’s doing but is admonishing me like I’m the bad guy?” She laughed bitterly before looking up at Felix, eyes teary like she was about to cry once more. “Did you know he called me the bully?”

    He was aware. He had been there for that unfortunate part.

    She shuddered and hugged herself. “He…he even grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. Just to get a promise that would protect HER. He knows what she’s doing. He knows how I feel. Does he just not care?”

    Felix reached out and placed an arm around her, drawing her to him in something akin to a hug.

    “He said he was supporting me, but all he cared about was defending her. He called me the bully when I’m the one she’s been hurting.”

    “You tried to tell him.”

    “I did! I pointed out how it was unfair!” She said, voice raised in anger. “But no! He’s only worried about Lila being akumatized if she feels bad. Doesn’t he even care about how all this is making me feel?”

    “If it’s any consolation,” Felix said, “I believe it may be due to his trust of your strength of will and capability to not be akumatized.”

    She chuckled a little at that, but still bitterly. “Just because I CAN fend off an akuma doesn’t mean I should have to.”

    “No.” He agreed. “You shouldn’t.”

    She hiccuped.

    “It’s not fair.”

    “Unreasonable expectations often are. While it speaks well of you that he sees you as someone who can act better in the face of adversity, it rings hollow when he seems more inclined to force you to meet standards he doesn’t require from anyone else.”

    She sniffled at that, leaning into him and speaking hollowly. “Because if it’s just me, it’s not like it matters, right?”

    He stayed silent. He knew the answer already.

    “I’ve liked Adrien. Like-liked him for a really long time.” She wilted. “But if Adrien is going to do that…say he’s there with me only to turn on me while excusing what she does…then he’s just as much of a liar as she is. He isn’t…he’s not the good person I thought he was.”

    Felix hummed for a moment, thoughtfully.

    “Agreste had every right to reject you.” He finally said, making her look up at him in surprise. “His feelings are his own and he cannot force them. But the way he attempted to use those feelings against you…that was wrong.”

    Felix stared her in the eyes.

    “HE was wrong.”

    She felt her vision go blurry again and she blinked quickly in an attempt to try to stop the tears from forming.

    “He twisted his rejection to make it about you—how you were lacking, and how you needed to change to be agreeable to him. He tried to use his rejection of you to push his own agenda. He tried to pressure your compliance with something that was hurting you—first through his feelings and then through force. That…what he tried to do was emotionally manipulate you. His judgement of you. His calling you a bully when it is clearly the other way around…”

    Marinette gaped.

    “That is what a bully does. That is what he is.”

    “He’s not—”

    “Even if he’s not a bully, he is still at best an enabler. He wishes to keep the status quo so much that he would try to force you to hold to it regardless of its effects on you or anyone else for that matter. That…” He shook his head, unable to find any other way to say it. “That isn’t healthy. That is horribly unhealthy and I think…for all that it may hurt you to hear it, I think you’re better off for this.”

    Her breath hitched at that.

    “I’ve seen the way you’ve been around him. How much you’ve done just to try to talk to him. How much it takes out of you. And…what concerns me is how time and time again, you only seem more miserable for doing so. This is something that time and again only seems to hurt you. And it is something that time and again, he either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.”

    She wanted to argue. Really, she did.

    But how could she argue that? After everything that had just happened. She reached a hand to her arm—wincing at the lingering pain that reminded her of how Adrien had grabbed it in his previous attempt to force his way. Felix took her hand in his own, much to her surprise, before he then released it and instead rested his hand gently on the slowly fading marks.

    “If his priority has been Lila all this time, then it’s safe to assume that she will remain his bigger concern regardless.”

    She winced.

    “And if he is going to prioritize the well being of someone who would willfully harm others over someone more deserving…” Over you,went unsaid, “then you are healthier without him.”

    She let loose the tears she had been trying to hold back and sobbed.

    “But I’m not happier.”

    He hesitated, but finally gave in to the impulse and hugged her fully. She leaned into him fully, accepting the comfort.

    “Not yet.” He admitted, solemn and apologietic, but somehow, it sounded like a promise.

    “Not yet.”

    But soon

    He stayed there and let her cry it out for what felt like hours, but he didn’t begrudge her. And when her tears finally slowed and her breathing calmed, only then did he ease his hold. But he didn’t release her—not fully. Instead, he remained a stable support at her side as he led her home and to the comfort of those who loved her.

    Neither noticed the silent intruder who was the only witness to their discussion. He did nothing but watch and listen, helpless to act in the growing evidence of his own guilt.


    oh geez. your Felix art for one of nobodyfamousposts' ficlet is my favourite thing ever. I legit cried over it. like,,, it's /beautiful/. especially since he's being introduced during the whole lila incident. my boi is going to destroy you liela. god, I loved it so much.

    my expectations are just that they are showing felix just to make adrien look good but i have a fondness of felix from fic works and that fic was such a good one 

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