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2021-03-01 00:17:35

    Tian Ya Ke (A Tale of the Wanderers) release character posters of Wen Kexing (Gong Jun) and Zhou Zishu (Zhang Zhehan)

    A BL novel by Priest revolves around the former leader of a special organization that serves under royalty. He wants to leave his past life behind but unintentionally gets involved with the martial world and the Master of Ghost Pavilion, who wanders the world, always looking for a fight.
    Zhou Zi Shu is the leader of “Tian Chuang/Skylight,” an elite organization of gatherers and assassins who serve the Emperor. It’s hard to be recruited as a part of this organization and even more difficult to get out. Three years of bloodshed and remorse make our hero yearn for peace. He leaves the organization and roams the mountains of Jianghu in search of a calm life. But unfortunately, he meets our other lead Wen Ke Xing and gets embroiled in Jianghu’s chaotic e
    Wen Ke Xing is the complete opposite of Zhou Zi Shu. He is the Master of Ghost Pavilion, an unusual place containing cruel and evil humans. Wen Ke Xing is quite temperamental and is tired of being the Master. He also has a liking for pretty people and chances upon Zhou Zi Shu. The storyline follows their journey as they tackle various problems in Jianghu. (psy