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    Dr. Egon Spengler and Dr. Ray Stantz are very important characters to me for one main reason: they are both autistic-coded.

    Given that both Egon and Ray are the creation of an autistic person, namely Dan Aykroyd himself, it isn't a stretch that these two characters may be an extension of his autistic traits. It's well-known that 'Ghostbusters' came about as a result of Aykroyd's special interest and hyperfixation on the paranormal, but I don't think it's talked about enough that the movie came about solely because of his autism.

    And the thing that makes it 100× better is the fact that Dr. Ray Stantz is a persona that Aykroyd feels portrays that love of the paranormal. To me, Ray depicts the very beauty of autism: he's driven, passionate, somewhat clumsy but full of excitement, and genuine. He's the Ghostbuster that is optimistic about their work - he holds the other boys to account.

    And Dr. Egon Spengler, on the other hand, shows the autistic traits that are perceived as a 'stereotype' of autism: he's intelligent, grounded and reserved. However, unlike other depictions of autistic-coded characters using these stereotypical traits (Sheldon Cooper, I'm looking at you), Egon is not unlikeable or socially-inept. Instead, he's witty, humorous and friendly. He has a strong relationship with his fellow Ghostbusters - particularly Ray (which I find beautiful) - and he is able to pick up the social cues that Janine is attracted to him, while also being able to put up enough of a barrier to bat her attraction elsewhere.

    Both Egon and Ray are portrayed as being completely fixated on their work in science and parapsychology. Unlike Dr. Peter Venkman, they're not distracted by the concept of attraction, nor are they distracted by fear, or uncertainty.

    In addition to this, I like the dynamics between the two of them. I think the genuine admiration between Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd comes across perfectly on screen, but I also think it's really interesting that both Ray and Egon are so close in fiction: they bounce off of one another and are shown to have a closer relationship than the other Ghostbusters, living and working together. Their brains are able to work on the same wavelength because they think the same, they're often shown to finish one another's thought processes and they always understand what the other is saying, even if the other Ghostbusters don't.

    It's not a stretch to think that Aykroyd, as an autistic man, placed his passion into the characters that he designed with his good friend Harold Ramis. Autism was less understood in the 80's, that's no lie, so I think it's wonderful that people like me are able to find a connection in characters written by someone with a mind just like ours.

    Put simply, the portrayal of these characters in both 'Ghostbusters' and 'Ghostbusters II' makes my autistic heart dance (much like the toaster, if you get what I mean). It's subtle and well-written, and I've always found myself drawn to Egon and Ray because I see myself in them.


    From ECHO Magazine, 1960.
    “A hilarious discussion between Salvador Dali and Edward Mulhare (who was touring at the time replacing Rex Harrisson as Henry Higgins in the play My Fair Lady) where Dali suggests a new way of intuitively articulating familiar words to make them more interesting…”


    Pitch: Muppet Lord of the Rings. Miss Piggy as Eowyn. Imagine her just throwing herself at a human man playing Aragorn. Imagine her defeating the Witch-King of Angmar by going “HI-YA!” and karate chopping him.


    Throwing herself at Aragorn

    Then Kermit arrives as Faramir and she just bodily pitches Aragorn offscreen


    So Viggo is the Tolkien human of the cast?

    granted i havent read lotr since i was 13 but the way legolas joins the fellowship always cracks me up, like hes literally a prince but they sent him as a messenger to basically tell the council like "whoopsiedoodles we fucked up and gollum is gone, that's what you get for entrusting him to the party elves of mirkwood you know how we get" and he feels SO bad he joins this super deadly quest like imagine you're thranduil and you're like "hey son can you go to elrond's house and tell him we fucked up royally" and your son is like sure pops can do but then you don't hear from him for like two months so you call elrond like hey e-dog what's good have you seen my son. and elrond is like. well i dont know how to tell you this but he went on a homoerotic voyage to the most dangerous place on earth. id be so mad


    A friend of mine posted this and tagged my old instagram account, asking me to share it. I figured sharing it here where I actually have a following, would be far better.

    Please remember that just because the government is giving into pressure and greed, that doesn’t mean that any of this is getting any better, in a lot of ways it’s getting worse. And even if you yourself aren’t being as heavily affected anymore, there are people and communities that are.

    Stay safe Darling ones, and help others remain safe too.