Suicide Effect



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2021-09-14 12:11:44

    If you ever made me feel left out or made me think that I was an insignificance when other people came around and only want to be or talk to me when you aren’t getting the attention you wanted, just know that I’m retreating from your energy cuz it’s draining af. So if you notice me not talking or reacting take it personal

    I try to be patient I try to stay nice, I try to be forgiving, I try to be understanding, I try to not let things get to me, I try to be better than the people that don’t value my worth. But at some point me trying is not enough people get tired of trying. I get tired of trying so hard to be there for others, to put in effort. Cant keep trying to make others happy without a positive outcome that makes me happy too at some point enough is enough