Would you partake in a gangbang ? And if so would you take it bareback?

    So here’s the thing, in a perfect world where I know I’m not gonna catch anything, for sure. Gangbangs would be AMAZING. I honestly would love to know how many dicks I can handle, how many times in a row can I get fucked before I actually quit? Those would be some fun limits to explore. 


    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve already cum 3 times (it’s about to be 4 times) to your belly jiggling video on twitter. I bet it would feel incredible to grind into your belly button while cumming 😘

    Wow! That’s a lot of cum inspired by one lil itty bitty clip. I must be reaally hot, huh? 😇


    Happy Halloween my dear followers!!!

    Explore the witch, here @missexplorethewitch or on Twitter!

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    Just wanted to say what a great personality and blog @missexplorethewitch has. I love seeing her pics and reading her post. If you like BBW a must see beauty!


    I was imagining you enjoying every second, smiling and giggling and opening your mouth for it, and maybe having so much fun that you let everyone watch you piss as well. And after everyone’s done pissing they’d take turns facefucking you and cumming in your mouth 💖

    Honestly that sounds so fun! I need to schedule a post-covid get together with all my willing followers and make this happen


    How much of you would you be willing to show in public at a place like a mall? Crop top and booty short or dress with no bras and panties or would you do more or where would you want to show off?

    I basically just live in crop tops, I have worn tiny booty shorts to work before and I am pantiless like 70% of the time. Although I do have to wear some kinda short of something under my dresses though cuz that thigh chub rub is real. However I NEVER go out in public without a bra on.

     But if I had a partner who wanted to see me in a certain outfit out in public, I would be willing to bend to their will